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AY 2012-2013 TERM 1

Lorelei L. Saren BUSCALC • Class Policies • Course Requirements • Grade Computation .

 Turn off/ put in silent mode your cellular phones or other communication devices that may disrupt regular classroom discussions and/or examination. You are expected to be on your assigned seats during the entire class.BUSCALC Lorelei L. seek permission before going out of the room during class.  There will be a classroom seat plan. Do not place it on your table. . Saren • Class Policies  The students are expected to observe standard classroom policies and procedures.  For any reason.

You will be reminded of the coverage and the things to bring during exam. • The provisions of the Student Handbook on attendance will be strictly observed.  EXAMINATIONS/LONG QUIZZES • The provisions of the Student Handbook on examinations will be strictly observed. Saren • Course Requirements  ATTENDANCE • Prompt and regular attendance in class is encouraged throughout the term. . • Exams are announced in class.BUSCALC Lorelei L.

 TEXTBOOK • Essential Calculus with Business Applications by Leonor Aquino-Ruivivar Leonor and Yvette Fajardo-Lim  LECTURE NOTES • Yahoo group: .yahoo. Saren • Course Requirements  ASSIGNED TASKS • The student is responsible for all assignments. • Assignments dues for submission will be collected at the beginning of the class period on the date they are due. change in assignments or other verbal information given in the class whether in attendance or not.BUSCALC Lorelei L.

• Preferably CASIO fx-95MS/ CASIO fx-350ES/ CASIO fx-570ES PLUS natural display  NOTEBOOK. • Borrowing calculators from seatmate during exam will not be allowed. Saren • Course Requirements  SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR • Calculator features of mobile phones may not be used in class.BUSCALC Lorelei L. PENS. PAPERS • Use only blue or black inked pens during exams/quizzes. You may use pencil for sketching graphs. • Bring yellow pad for use during seatwork/ class exercises. .

Saren • Grade Computation  LONG QUIZZES .BUSCALC Lorelei L.5% • Exercises / Seatwork – 1.5% • Attendance – 0.5% • Assignment – 1.30% Passing Grade: 60% .5%  FINAL EXAM .5% • Participation/Recitation – 1.65% • Short Quizzes – bonus points  CLASS ACTIVITIES .

Saren • ASSIGNMENT (Submit next meeting)  INDEX CARD (3 x 5)  Front: • 2x2 ID picture ( upper right hand corner) • Name • Nickname • Student Number • Degree/Course • Contact numbers • email address  Back: • Class schedule • signature .BUSCALC Lorelei L.

Don’t forget!!! •SUBMIT YOUR INDEX CARD NEXT MEETING •BRING YOUR BOOK & CALCULATOR NEXT MEETING . Saren • Use 1 whole sheet – YELLOW PAD  Name / Date/ Signature  In at least 400 words. Write your plans on how to achieve your goals. 3. Background in math – Grade in Comalge and Busmath and number of times the course/subject was taken – Is this your first time to take Buscalc? – How would you describe your performance in math during the previous terms? What do you think are the reasons why you passed (or failed) math? 2. Write your insights & expectations in this class. write about the following: 1.BUSCALC Lorelei L. Write your goals for this class [at least 3].