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AY 2012-2013 TERM 1

Lorelei L. Saren BUSCALC • Class Policies • Course Requirements • Grade Computation .

 There will be a classroom seat plan. Saren • Class Policies  The students are expected to observe standard classroom policies and procedures. Do not place it on your table.  Turn off/ put in silent mode your cellular phones or other communication devices that may disrupt regular classroom discussions and/or examination. . You are expected to be on your assigned seats during the entire class.BUSCALC Lorelei L.  For any reason. seek permission before going out of the room during class.

BUSCALC Lorelei L. • Exams are announced in class. . • The provisions of the Student Handbook on attendance will be strictly observed.  EXAMINATIONS/LONG QUIZZES • The provisions of the Student Handbook on examinations will be strictly observed. Saren • Course Requirements  ATTENDANCE • Prompt and regular attendance in class is encouraged throughout the term. You will be reminded of the coverage and the things to bring during exam.

 TEXTBOOK • Essential Calculus with Business Applications by Leonor Aquino-Ruivivar Leonor and Yvette Fajardo-Lim  LECTURE NOTES • Yahoo group: change in assignments or other verbal information given in the class whether in attendance or not. • Assignments dues for submission will be collected at the beginning of the class period on the date they are due.BUSCALC Lorelei . Saren • Course Requirements  ASSIGNED TASKS • The student is responsible for all assignments.

PAPERS • Use only blue or black inked pens during exams/quizzes. Saren • Course Requirements  SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR • Calculator features of mobile phones may not be used in class. • Bring yellow pad for use during seatwork/ class exercises. . You may use pencil for sketching graphs. • Preferably CASIO fx-95MS/ CASIO fx-350ES/ CASIO fx-570ES PLUS natural display  NOTEBOOK. • Borrowing calculators from seatmate during exam will not be allowed. PENS.BUSCALC Lorelei L.

5% • Participation/Recitation – 1.BUSCALC Lorelei L.5% • Attendance – 0.30% Passing Grade: 60% .65% • Short Quizzes – bonus points  CLASS ACTIVITIES . Saren • Grade Computation  LONG QUIZZES .5% • Assignment – 1.5% • Exercises / Seatwork – 1.5%  FINAL EXAM .

Saren • ASSIGNMENT (Submit next meeting)  INDEX CARD (3 x 5)  Front: • 2x2 ID picture ( upper right hand corner) • Name • Nickname • Student Number • Degree/Course • Contact numbers • email address  Back: • Class schedule • signature .BUSCALC Lorelei L.

Background in math – Grade in Comalge and Busmath and number of times the course/subject was taken – Is this your first time to take Buscalc? – How would you describe your performance in math during the previous terms? What do you think are the reasons why you passed (or failed) math? 2. write about the following: 1.BUSCALC Lorelei L. Write your insights & expectations in this class. Write your plans on how to achieve your goals. Don’t forget!!! •SUBMIT YOUR INDEX CARD NEXT MEETING •BRING YOUR BOOK & CALCULATOR NEXT MEETING . Write your goals for this class [at least 3]. Saren • Use 1 whole sheet – YELLOW PAD  Name / Date/ Signature  In at least 400 words. 3.