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HISTORY  Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner found Cisco in December 1984. By 2000. Cisco was listed in Nasdaq stock exchange In 1993. John T. The Company's market capitalization reached $450 billion. for 4. By 1994. the Company shipped its first product. that of Crescendo Communications. Cisco completed its first acquisition..67 billion. a router for the TCP/IP        protocol suite. a maker of switching equipment. Company acquired StrataCom. Cisco's market capitalization surpassed the $100 billion mark in 1998. Inc. In 1990. 10 years after being found Cisco revenues exceed $1 billion for the first time.  In 1986. In 1996. Chambers from IBM and Wang computers was named CEO in 1995. 4/18/2012 2 .

 Cisco's huge success is owed to their 3-point strategy .  Cisco made a mark in the industry as the first to successfully sell routers that supported multiple protocols and a flexible Internetwork Operating System that allowed software upgrades. Grand junction.Build .PREDECESSORS  Prior to Cisco’s emergence into the networking market were Kalpana.Buy/Acquisition . Crescendo Communications. Ardent communications etc.Partner 4/18/2012 3 .

• Web Conferencing e.g.g. Cisco TelePresence MX Series • Storage: Cisco Small Business NSS300 Series Smart Storage • Digital Video: IPTV • Security e.REVENUE Cisco was known solely as producers of routers but with the Acquisitions of over 100 companies. Strategic alliances and partnering they have been able to diversify in their products and services hereby increasing their revenues. Scansafe web security 4/18/2012 4 .

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 Cisco will focus on five core areas:  Network routing and switching  Business collaboration  Computer system architecture  Video Communication  Cloud computing. 4/18/2012 6 .FUTURE  Despite performing low in recent times. Cisco as assured its stakeholders and customers of getting back on track with renewed energy on their core products.

Home Networking with the Acquisition of Linksys.CISCO’s SLOGAN The slogan “Bring people and Information together to reduce decision times” as progressed very well because they have employed the right technologies i. 4/18/2012 7 . Collaborative workspace using WebEx.e. ● ● ● ● Desktop Virtualization using CISCO VXI CISCO TelePresence.