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Click To Edit Doing Femto Right: Master Title Style Replicating WiFi’s Success with Femto

Ritesh Bansal Kumar
Solution Architect Worldwide Service Provider Mobility Center of Excellence

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All rights reserved.Successful Wireless Technology Successful Technology High Data Speeds and Capacity Ubiquity Cheap Wi-Fi Femto Strengths Full Mobility with Macro Reliable and Secure Power Efficiency Licensed Spectrum Management of User Experience Enables Managed Environment* Wi-Fi + Femto = Unbeatable Combination MWC-2010 Presentation © 2010 Cisco Systems. Cisco Confidential 2 . Inc.

Femto Positioning Complements Macro • Improved Coverage for users • Cost Efficient Backhaul Model • Willingness to pay and how much? Personalized Experience • New Revenue Streams • Creates stickiness. © 2010 Cisco Systems. Inc. Service bundling • User willing to pay premium MWC-2010 Presentation Balance Femto Positioning to both sides of the equation. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 3 .

Femto Drives Communication Convergence Home Enterprise Macro Hotzone MWC-2010 Presentation © 2010 Cisco Systems. Cisco Confidential  Context Aware Services  Auto-provisioning and Centralized Management  RF Interference and Self-Healing  Policy and Security  Varied Home Network Environment 4 . Inc. All rights reserved.

Gaming: Real-time. Home Remote. Integrated with Wi-Fi. Set-top box. seamless coverage with wide area • Ecosystem Collaboration: Efficiencies to bring price down. Visitor Experience • Managed SMB: Additional revenue stream • Open APIs: Let people innovate • Density increase with LTE: Coverage solution with smaller cell-size • Focused areas: Cruise. Inc. Home Remote Control by working with low power devices • Ecosystem: Smart devices. secure • Enterprise Experience: Integrated Workforce Experience. Scale Reap the Benefit – Economies of Scale MWC-2010 Presentation © 2010 Cisco Systems.Operators have Unique Differentiators to Make Femto More Successful Killer (Technology) Application Consumer Value – What is missing today? Enterprise Follow the Money • Thoughts: • End-user Presence • Simplified home networking • Home Machine-2-Machine. Inter-operability • Usage Expansion: E.. All rights reserved. DSL. Emergency • Framework Exists: Support on all phones.g. Cisco Confidential Pervasive Devices and Clients 5 .

This requires an architecture play integrating existing network. Using Femto to focus on user experience will provide operators with key differentiation. MWC-2010 Presentation © 2010 Cisco Systems. Inc. enterprise. devices and content. Cisco is leveraging its strengths in all these areas to enable operators to offer unified user experience.Summary Operator with combined strategy for licensed and unlicensed spectrum will have most optimum cost. home. All rights reserved. Cisco Confidential 6 . MWC-2010 Presentation © 2010 Cisco Systems. Inc. Cisco Confidential 7 .More on Cisco SP Mobility @ http://www. All rights reserved.

trends and buzz Webcasts Discussions Polls Blogs Social Media News Demos Online Collaboration Resear ch 8 www.myciscocommunity. All rights reserved.Join the Cisco Service Provider Mobility Community  Collaborate and communicate with Mobility industry leaders  Find answers to business and technology questions  Participate in user-driven discussions and learn from peers and experts worldwide  Share unfiltered opinions and perspectives  Stay up-to-date on the latest industry MWC-2010 Presentation © 2010 Cisco Systems. Cisco Confidential . Inc.

html © 2010 Cisco Systems. Inc.Mobility Is Not Just Mobile… … Its about Experience MWC-2010 Presentation  Cisco Mobile Solutions for Service Provider 9 ment_solution. Cisco Confidential .cisco. All rights reserved.