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Business functional areas



    Human Marketing and recourses sales operations Business functional Administration areas Customer services Research and development Finances .

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rude to customers. Thorpe park have a head of each union and they meet up once or twice a week to make sure everything is running okay. firing and keeping staff or because they cant afford to pay for staff anymore. 2 mployee organisations and unions: joining and organisation to get something done. 2 Ô. maternity leave etc« Thorpe park have to make their park in tact so their employees are happy with their working conditions. smoking on site or just not doing their job. pay. Thorpe would give you promoting from jobs with small responsibilities to bigger more important responsibilities. Making sure employees can work safely without injury or hazard. hours or work. Thorpe park make staff sign a contract so they get what they deserve. and working with unions who are there to protect employee rights and requests. wages. Thorpe park would fire people because they were late all the time. eg: a rides mechanic would have to go on a mechanical course before they start their job. 2 Training development and promotions: learning to do something new either inside or outside the work environment and getting rewarded for hard work allowing them to take up a higher position for more money. 2 ealth and safety: making your working conditions and safe and germ free.   2 ecruitment and dismissal and retention: hiring . Thorpe park staff are sent on a training course before they start their job to make sure they are hiring them for the right job. They keep the job fun so their employees stay working with them. problems and other things the boss might need to know. Thorpe park advertise jobs on their website. holidays. 2 orking conditions: giving you everything you need at work. Thorpe park have to make sure their park is safe for workers and customers in case of an emergency. Sick pay. Thorpe park have meetings once a week so they can update their other employees and bosses on news.

their team.   2 Team Building 2 irst Aid at ork 2 Seasonal Team Leader 2 Time Management 2 Briefing orkshops 2 Train the Trainer 2 ommunication orkshops 2 Motivate to etain orkshops 2 Thrilling Service orkshops ( efresher on customer service) 2 All the training that is carried out at T  A  is done with the individual. the business and our guests in mind. .

2btaining capital and rescores. a   2oncerned with money and future plans. who reports on how many guests have come into the park and how much they have spent in comparison to the budget. 2A management account is where you find out how much profit. Thorpe park will have their employees meet up with their managers so they can plan things they are going to do and check account balances so they get permission to spend their money on certain things. . oger obbledick controls the sales ledger. revenue or loss there is. The ledgers team under the control of Shelagh Leslie. 2reparing accounts. inance director kelie perciy-quinell is responsible for the strategic financial direction of both Thorpe park and hessington world of adventures and zoo. Thorpe park have to pay a large amount of money to the government and they have to keep a record so they know exactly how much they have paid. reporting to her is ussell sturges. eg: money for expansion or to pay for resources such as equipment and materials. 2reparing wages and salaries is how much you get paid. 2 nland revenue is where you work out how much tax you owe the government. 2An invoice is something that a company will send you if they want to be paid. e makes sure that we invoice all our trade clients and that they pay us what we are owed. achel lord analyses the costs of the business alongside harlene ssex. Like a demand for payment. if they know how much money they got they can make future plans. finance accounts for share holders and inland revenue. who organises the finance team¶s. management accounts. eg: invoices. makes sure that Thorpe ark as a business gets paid and that it pays all its bills on time.



2 Storing and checking the stock of raw materials. Thorpe park only make things that the are going to use or sell inside the park. 2 rdering (often buying) stocks of raw materials from approved suppliers. . 2 acking and storing the final products before distribution. g: Thorpe park will send out engineers to check all their rides are working correctly and if they aren't fix them. 2 hecking the quality of the product through the production process. eg: Thorpe park will have people going round the park running tests on the machines and making sure if they are not working properly that they fix them quickly. g: Thorpe park will hire builders to make and assemble their new rides. eg: Thorpe park will have meetings to tell their managers that they need them to order new stock if they are running low on something. 2 roducing and assembling the finished product. Also making sure that if they are building things that they have all the things they need and that making it is running smoothly. g: Thorpe park will have meetings to discuss if machines are working right and if there has been an absence in their employee schedules. 2 hecking production is running on schedule and resolving delays or problems. 2 lanning production schedules to maximise machine capacity and staff levels. g: Thorpe park would order the materials the need to make a new ride or they might order the food and tickets they sell inside the park.

Getting the price before you decide to go. 2 rganising sales promotions. Make sure it looks great. Answering phone calls. Advertising . 2 romoting products and services through a variety of promotional methods. Thorpe park use a survey to find out what people like about their park and what they could improve on. g: five pounds off with your next visit to the park. . food and other things.      2 arry out market research to obtain feedback on potential and existing products and / or services. 2 btaining and updating a profile of existing customers to target advertising and promotions appropriately. on the back of the ticket. Thorpe park use tv. 2 reparing quotations and estimates for customers. Making the leaflets and catalogues to send and / or give out. radio. eg: tv. press. Selling tickets. direct mail. billboards. posters and online. exhibitions. They go to their managers to make a change or suggestion. online and face to face. They take your personal details so they can send you mail and emails on new offers and adverts. and exhibitions. online. 2 esigning. sponsorships. 2 roducing and distributing publicity materials such as catalogues and brochures. 2 Selling the product on the phone. trade shows. talks. radio. 2 Analysing market research responses and advertising senior managers of research and implications. 2 esponding to customer services. updating and promoting the company website so it is always up to date.

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colossus. it looks at what customers are willing to pay at certain times in certain situations. AS. off peek. V iscounts . V eak and off peak pricing.people go to Thorpe park for the thrilling rides. schools.if customers recognise a brand they might trust and buy it.Thorpe park as a brand looks to attract ³Thrill seekers´. students. 2 To make a product different. stealth. big group and families.for school trips only Thorpe park offer peek and off peek pricing. The price is set to be fairly similar to avoid price war between these organisations. shockwave and many others. .    2 roduct: 2 To help recognition.Thorpe park is influenced by rivals when setting prices (eg: Alton towers and hessington). g. A¶s. V rice: V ompetition based pricing. g.Thorpe park look at what is going on in the market while setting their prices. eg: saw. eak- higher prices when the park is busy. 2 To create brand loyalty.lower prices to encourage more visitors.if people go to Thorpe park once and enjoy it they are most likely to go again 2 To develop a brand image.Thorpe park offer discounts on their normal prices. Large groups. this is a brand image they have created. V Market orientated pricing.

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Large workforce available. V ersonal selling. train). area to expand if needed. V romotion : V Advertising ± this involves the publishing. Money off vouchers. .direct mail. V lace : Thorpe park is located on the outskirts south west of London close junction 12 on M25.used to encourage people to buy products. V irect Marketing. aim to get a short term boost in sales. good transport link (roads. V The location has many benefits for thorpe park . posters sale over the phone. t is one of the most common promotional techniques. internet. TV. magazines and public transport. display and broadcasting of information about products and services. V They give the media information ( press release) that is then portrayed to the public. 2. V This can be TV. this is face to face selling.send letters to people through the post. V Sales promotions. radio. iscounts.Thorpe park use special selling at specific events. large customer base. ompetitions.  romotions and ombination offers ( Thorpe park and anchor butter).involves sending information to customer homes 1. xample: right nights. V ublic relations. air. newspaper both local and national.Thorpe park wants a good image with the public.selling scary masks and glow sticks.telemarketing. g.

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 2 The initial stage involves looking at the current and future needs of both customers and suppliers . Thorpe park does this by running online surveys on their website to see what their customers think they should do about something . asking for their views and perhaps carrying out independent market research. 2 ð.getting their feedback.



ommunity relationship. Landscape construction and maintenance. Site maintenance excluding the ride areas. Thorpe park consider to develop things like evelopment and future your product or service and assess whether such changes are realistic . 2 . Lockers. New land construction.


Thorpe park make sure each ride is safe and making sure that people enjoy it. and assess whether they would be commercially viable. 2 .

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the landscape and the way it looks . they must also look at things they can improve things that it already does. queuing. build land because its on an island. mprove lockers. customer service and ride safety etc« . like food serving.  that will benefit customers. rides and areas around rides.


2 Storing and retrieving paper and electronic records. They will also reply to them also fax¶s and emails will be replied to. replying to letters and sorting mail into categories. 2 urchasing supplies of office stationary and equipment. 2 Sending and receiving messages by telephone. 2 Making arrangements for events. Thorpe park don¶t really sell much outside the park. Thorpe park will have a main office where they keep records of things like dates they get rides and when they break down so they can run a scheduled check on them. and may need calculations done in spreadsheet and may need to make presentations on oweroint. fax and email. 2 ollecting. 2 Making travel arrangements. They use their website to get out the word of new events and sales. like sending out letters. Thorpe park will have managers that will need things wrote out on word. 2 esponding promptly on enquiries. f Thorpe park have a visitor they will make sure the visitors have a visitors and that they can get through the barriers for free on their way in. Thorpe park will have an office where they answer their phones and take messages for the managers. Thorpe park have a bus going from certain places taking passengers straight to the park. They will only need stationary for meetings and assessments of the rides and stuff. 2 esearching information. such as interviews or sales conferences. Thorpe park will have many things to reply to such as invoices. . Thorpe park will need to research new things such as new rides then they will have to check if they can afford to pay for them and if they have the room to present them in the park. distributing and dispatching the mail. Thorpe park will have a department that will handle all their mail. Thorpe parks office will purchase a certain amount of stationary to last them. such as oweroint. Thorpe will need to arrange meetings for the head of each department so they can update others on new ideas and queries. for things such as school visits and staff meetings. 2 reparing documents using word processing. spreadsheet and presentation packages. 2 Making arrangements for visitors. bills and just general mail. this is also a way of them making a little bit of extra money. 2 rganising meetings and preparing meeting documents.

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and other information customers may need while inside the park such as where there are first aid kits. including replacing damaged goods. 2 ealing with customer complaints according to company procedures. etc. Thorpe park each year will order some spare parts so if something breaks they can replace it as soon as possible but if it does come to them running low on things they will have to order the parts in from a company and wait for them to get delivered. arranging for repairs or for spare parts top be obtained and fitted. long queues and noise to people who live around Thorpe park. 2 roviding after-sales service. 2 Solving customer problems. 2 using customer feedback to improve customer services and satisfaction. Thorpe park have an office where any customers that have any problems can go to seek advice. Thorpe park will help their customers if they have a complaint but if it is none of their business or is too personal Thorpe park will have no choice but to escort them from the park. Thorpe park have a research team so that they can think of ideas to resolve customer complaints such as lost property.  2 Answering customer enquiries about products and services. Thorpe park have boards inside the park with maps. they have their own mechanics that run weekly checks on their machines and repair them. 2 roviding specialist information and advice to meet customer needs. Thorpe park will take a record of all the complaints and make notes of how they resolved it so that they can use them as help for the future. 2 Analysing records of customer complaints to resolve problem areas. But love larissa very much . toilets and information offices . Thorpe park have an office where they will have an information kiosk so that people can come and ask questions.

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The Merlin entertainments group encourages all staff members to consider the following rules when dealing with customers.  2 Thorpe park is part of the Merlin entertainments group. 2   .

 the key to successful Merlin entertainments group attraction 2 a .

 are lasting and our visitors will remember the impression you give. 2 .


 you are part of the show. 2     . your presence can bring the attractions µalive¶.

2 a $ $  you are in the entertainment business show that you enjoy your job. 2 !" # know the park and be ready to answer questions.   you are on the show look the part to meet our visitors. 2 .

2 ð.  for unexpected emergencies and know how to handle the situation.

2 %  is everyone's problem so take pride in your site. .  Ô take the initiative. 2    work together and use your talents to your best. make suggestions to make your attraction even better.