Danica Verma M.

Subject Teacher
Core Subject Description

 The subject covers various contemporary arts
practices of the region where the school is located. It
aims to provide students with an appreciation of a
broad range of styles in the various disciplines with
consideration on their elements and principles, and
engage them to an integrative approach in studying
arts. Through this subject, students will broaden and
acquire the necessary creative tools that open
opportunities in pursuing their individual career
goals and aspirations.

 Identifies various contemporary art forms and their
practices from the various regions.


 The name of the activity today is ArtistAKami.
Group the students into their choice of Art (example,
music, dance,theatre,literature,drawing/painting).
After you have group yourselves you will present
something to represent the choice of art you belong
What is Art?

According to Aristotle a greek philosopher
humans have instinct for imitation and
harmony, he described that these instincts are
“lying deep in our nature”.
Human beings are the “most imitative of
living creatures”.
Art then is defined as a human pursuit to
imitate life and the world into something
pleasing or beautiful.

 The subject and medium are two important elements
of an artwork that allow a person to experience life,
the world and it’s beauty.
Picture (Drawing,Painting,Printmaking
and Photography)

 This is a two-dimensional image of various subjects
ranging from real-life images to the visually abstract.
It may be created using different media such as
chalk, charcoal, graphite, ink, oilpaint and


 Sculpture is a three-dimensional artwork that may be
created using stone, marble, wood and concrete.


 Architecture is structures that meant to be used as
shelter. The art of architecture relies on the design
and purpose of the structure.


 Music is the art form that appeals to the sense of
hearing. Music is composed by combining notes into


 Literature is the art form of language through the
combined use of words, creating meaning and


 Theatre is the art form of performance. Dramatic
texts are portrayed on stage by actors and actresses
and are enhanced by props, lights and sounds.


 Cinema is the art form a technological translation of
theater. In films, special effects are utilized to
enhance the storytelling.


 Dance is the art of the human form. The body is
used, mobilized and choreographed in a specific
time, form and space.

Philippine Art as

 Many scholars debate on the identity of art produced
by Filipinos. This speculation on the “Filipino-
ness”of works by Filipino artists is caused by our
colonial history and migrant reality. The plethora of
influences brought by the Spaniards, Americans and
other Asian countries has become part of our
identity that is evident in our art: Spanish-inspired
architecture, American-influenced poetry and music
and so on. The migrant reality of globalization also
shaped Philippine art.

 Leo Benesa, a Filipino poet, essayist and art critic
said that there is certain characteristic of Filipino art;
he said “the idea was that the depiction of scenes of
everyday life and the surroundings without
idealizing them was closed in spirit to the Filipino
soul and native soil”. Benesa describes Amorsolo’s
works as the “most expressive of the ethos of the
race and the predominantly agricultural

 In the case of Philippine literature in English, where
language casts doubt on the “Filipino-ness” of the
literary work, many regarded the works written in
Filipino or other regional languages more Filipino
than those written in English. But as Filipinos
become learned in, adapt at, and even a master in the
use of the English language, literary works,
regardless of languages is truly Filipino.

 As times are quickly changing, brought about by the
advancement in information technology and
communication, the identity of the Filipino in the
arts is one that is constantly struggling and evolving.
In the songs of Gloc-9 or the dance steps of the
Jabbawockeez, Filipino artists try to bring the
nation’s experience and talent in the global arena.