Cisco Systems

BN002 - IT Business Management presentation


Tariq Clarke
Tanya O’Reilly
Chris Robinson

weaknesses.Aim and content of presentation • History • Products. services and technologies • Financial wealth • What makes them unique • Strengths. threats (SWOT) • Main competitors • Business strategy . opportunities.

25 years ago • Data networks have slowly expanded and been repurposed • Cisco Systems Inc. is an American multinational technology company • Develop data networking equipment and internet infrastructure technologies .Introduction – About Cisco • A world without the Internet 20 .

San Jose. CA • Multi-protocol router invented to deal with disparate local area protocols • Current CEO Charles H. “Chuck” Robbins .History Overview • Name “Cisco” is derived from the city name San Francisco • Founded in 1984 by Husband and wife Len Bosack and Sandy Lerner • HQ still located to this day 170 West Tasman Drive.

“Chuck” Robbins appointed CEO server.History Timeline • 1984 Cisco is Founded • 1986 Released first product AGS Router (supported TCP/IP) • 1990 Cisco goes public. one of most successful products. claims voice will be a free service on data networks • 1999 Launch catalyst 6500 enterprise Ethernet switch most important product since its first router • 2004 Introduces ISR for branch offices. sold 7.5 million units in 5 years • 2008 Launches Nexus 7000 data center switch • 2009 Unified computing system (UCS) combining virtualization and storage access • 2013 Awarded 10.000th patent • 2015 Charles H. switching . • 1994 Buys inventors of Ethernet switching company Kalpana • 1995 John Chambers became CEO • 1999 Invest in VOIP. Valuation $224 million • 1993 Buys Crescendo Com Ethernet Switching company.

and ecosystem partners” .Cisco corporate overview and resources | the network.Mission Statement “Shape the future of the internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers. 2015 . employees. investors.

Products & Services • Cisco have several products from routers to switches • They do not supply Services Directly • ISR's and Catalyst Switches most Popular in Universities • Cisco’s 2960 series of Catalyst switches are very popular in enterprise markets & branch office networks .

Router & Switches .


Fortune 500. (2015) .35 • Ranked 60th largest company and 15th most valuable brand • Ranked 214th in the Fortune Global 500 based on annual revenue .Financial Ranking (Worldwide) • Cisco Systems Market Cap was $139 Billion in the 4rt quarter • 1st quarter 2016 it was capped at near $133 Billion • Average share price $26.


What makes Cisco Unique? .

•Graduates with Cisco certification are more attractive to IT companies •Sectors such as Government & Military prefer Cisco certified technicians.What makes Cisco Unique? •Cisco Networking Academy •Offer a variety of networking qualifications. .

What makes Cisco Unique? • Leading Market Share • Keep a minimum market share of 40% • Will move out of set market if share is below 20% .

•Invest in new & innovative technology. .What makes Cisco Unique? •Early Success in emerging markets •Expanding investment to China & India.

• High reliance on outside vendors to sell products • Hires employees only with a Cisco certification • Only focused on networking market OPPORTUNITY THREATS • Data Mining • Cloud Computing • Data Intensive Applications • • • • Major competitors / producers The lack of physical infrastructure The lack of initiative Hackers .SWOT STRENGTHS WEAKNESS • Longevity and Innovation • Cisco Academy and training program • Partner employment of Cisco-qualified personnel • Partnerships with global / local companies • Large financial backing • Dominance of the enterprise networking market • Acquirement of rival companies and resources  • Hybrid cloud networks and security • High pricing compared to competitors • Limited consumer products with more emphasis on the business sector.

Who are Cisco’s key competitors • Cisco’s competitors are many. but we will look at the top 5 in our perspective and they are as follows: o Juniper o Alcatel-Lucent o HP o Aruba o Polycom. .

• The company Cisco itself is oriented towards high end companies rather than individuals. • They sell huge amounts of smart networking gear to giant broadband providers. cellular carriers and massive telecoms. .Target Market • Cisco’s target market is mainly aimed towards the enterprise segment of the networking industry.


Leaders or Followers?...Leaders! • Always at the cutting edge of data networking o Technologies o Infrastructure o Current demands • Cisco Academy qualifications • Incentive for partners a factor when buying Cisco equipment or employing staf .

• Even with so much competition. • Cisco's academy is unique. • They have a wide range of products and services. . they still manage to stay ahead of the curve.• Cisco continue to shape the future of Internet connectivity.

Questions .

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