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Icons: Cisco Products
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Small Hub
3D Cisco Icon Library v2.3—2

All rights reserved.3—3 .Icons: Cisco Products (Cont.) Route/Switch Processor: with and without Si PC with Router-Based Software ATM Switch PC with Software LAN2LAN Switch Cisco CA MGX 8000 Multiservice Switch PXF ASIC Processor Application Velocity System Content Engine Management Engine (ME 1100) © 2008 Cisco Systems. Inc. ISDN Switch Voice Gateway BBSM General Processor Multiswitch Device Switch Processor IP Transport Concentrator Broadband Router ITP ATA SIP Proxy Server Micro Webserver 3D Cisco Icon Library v2.

All rights reserved.) IDS Cisco 6920 RateMux NetSonar Cisco 1000 Edge Label Switch Router Edge Label Switch Router with NetFlow © 2008 Cisco Systems.3—4 . Inc. IP Standard and Older Version (some prefer) Voice-Enabled Access Router or Voice-Enabled Communications Server Router with TDM Cisco Directory Server ADM Program Switch Firewall Services Module Cisco 4310 End Office System Cisco Unity Express Cisco 7505 Cisco 7507 Cisco 7500 (7513) Voice-Enabled Router Multilayer Switch: with and without Text and Subdued Cisco Unity Server 3D Cisco Icon Library v2.Icons: Cisco Products (Cont.

Icons: Cisco Products (Cont.3—5 .) Cisco Centri Firewall Cisco IOS Firewall MGX 8220 MGX 8240 Cisco Security Manager Data Switch Processor. AKA Data Center Switch Data Switch Processor. Reversed Cisco MP © 2008 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved. AKA Data Center Switch. Router with Firewall MGX 8260 PIX Firewall: Right and Left Voice-Enabled ATM Switch Cisco Unified Communications Manager IP Telephony Router Cisco 6705 Access Server DSLAM Cisco 6732 Access Server Cisco 6701 3D Cisco Icon Library v2. Inc.

3—6 . ICM 3D Cisco Icon Library v2.323 CDM (Content Distribution Manager) Access Gateway IAD Router Cisco 15800 Cisco VN 5902 Cisco Storage Router Content Router Content Service Module Content Switch Content Transformation Engine Cisco Unified Presence Server ICS 7750 © 2008 Cisco Systems.) IP DSL Switch VPN Concentrator SSL Terminator Cisco 15200 Cisco VN 2900 CSS 11000 Cisco VN 5900 H.Icons: Cisco Products (Cont. Inc. All rights reserved.

Icons: Cisco Products (Cont. All rights reserved.3—7 . Lightweight Double-Radio Access Point Wireless Connectivity. Different Orientations WLAN Controller 3D Cisco Icon Library v2.) Tablet PC Card Access Point Dual-Mode Access Point Wi-Fi Tag Wireless Transport Wireless Location Appliance Wireless Bridge Wireless Router WiSM Mesh Access Point Lightweight Single-Radio Access Point Scanner EtherClient © 2008 Cisco Systems. Inc.

) SC2200 Signaling Controller IP/TV Content Manager VSC3000 Virtual Switch Controller IP/TV Broadcast Server VSC3000 or SC2200 Host BTS 10200 Softswitch Detector © 2008 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved. Universal Gateway Guard Cisco Carrier Routing System FC Storage Generic Softswitch (Cisco Branded) Generic Softswitch Mobile Access Router IntelliSwitch Stack Service Control 3D Cisco Icon Library v2.3—8 . Inc.Icons: Cisco Products (Cont.

Icons: Cisco Products (Cont. Vault (Half-Full) 3D Cisco Icon Library v2. All rights reserved.3—9 .) Virtual Layer Switch Multilayer Remote Switch Layer 2 Remote Switch UPC Unified Personal Communicator Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business DWDM Filter PMC IP Communicator DWDM Ring DWDM Network Line Multifabric Server Switch Streamer Streamer (Half-Full) Server Switch Vault © 2008 Cisco Systems. Inc.

Icons: Cisco Products (Cont. All rights reserved.3—10 . 3D Cisco Icon Library v2.) System Controller Application Control Engine VSS Update d ASR 1000 Series ACE XML Gateway IPICS Server ACE XML Manager Service Router © 2008 Cisco Systems. Inc.

3—11 .Icons: Cisco Products. Inc. Optical WDM Automatic Protection Switching Optical Fiber Channelized Pipe Concatenated Payload Optical CrossConnect © 2008 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved. ONS 15104 Optical Services Router Cisco 10700 Optical Transport Optical Amplifier Metro 1500 Digital CrossConnect ONS 15540 Wide Area Application Engine Protected Optical Unprotected Optical 3D Cisco Icon Library v2.

All rights reserved. Inc. Cisco ASA 5500 Secure Server Secure Endpoints (PC and Laptop) NAC Appliance CS-MARS (Cisco and Subdued Color Schemes) SSC 3D Cisco Icon Library v2.Icons: Security Secure Switch (Cisco and Subdued Color Schemes) Secure Router (Cisco and Subdued Color Schemes) Secure Catalyst Switch (Cisco and Subdued Color Schemes) Security Management (Cisco and Generic Color Schemes) © 2008 Cisco Systems.3—12 .

All rights reserved. Cluster Controller/3174 (desktop model. Inc.3—13 . not used much) IBM Mini (AS400) Cluster Controller/ 3274 or 3174 (most common type) 3D Cisco Icon Library v2.Icons: IBM IBM Mainframe IBM Mainframe with FEP FEP (Front-End Processor) © 2008 Cisco Systems.

White PBX (small) MUX PBX/ Switch Hub: Gray and Blue Network Cloud.Icons: WAN DSU/CSU (add text in PowerPoint) WAN Network Cloud. Dark Distributed Director Network Cloud. 3D Cisco Icon Library v2.3—14 . Standard Color DPT Ring NAT © 2008 Cisco Systems. Gold Local Director Network Cloud. Inc. All rights reserved.

3—15 . Monitor Web Cluster LAN2LAN Repeater PDA Intelligence Engine 2100 Series 3D Cisco Icon Library v2. Inc. All rights reserved.Icons: LAN Workstation (Sun) Printer ATM/FastGb EtherSwitch Web Server PC Laptop HP Mini Web Browser Mac File/ Application Server SuperComputer Terminal Mini or VAX/VMS with DECnet © 2008 Cisco Systems.

Line size should be 2 ¼ to 3 points with no shadow.3—16 . Token Rings: with and without Text and Subdued Line: Serial FDDI Rings: with and without Text. 3D Cisco Icon Library v2. Vertical and Horizontal FDDI Line: Circuit-Switched FDDI Line: Ethernet © 2008 Cisco Systems.Icons: Media and Network Lines Token Ring Use red or black network lines with no shadows. Inc. All rights reserved.

3—17 . and Blue House: Regular and Blue Telecommuter House: Color and Subdued Home Office Medium Building: Regular. and Blue © 2008 Cisco Systems. and Blue MDU 3D Cisco Icon Library v2. Subdued. Inc. All rights reserved. Subdued. Headquarters: Regular.Icons: Buildings Government University Small Business Branch Office: Regular. Subdued.

CiscoWorks 3D Cisco Icon Library v2.3—18 . All rights reserved. Various Colors Man Woman Running Man: Color and Subdued © 2008 Cisco Systems. Symbol Man.Icons: People Symbol Woman. Inc. Various Colors Running Woman End-User Male: Left and Right End-User Female: Left and Right End User.

Icons: Multimedia/Voice/Phone Phone Camera PC/Video PhoneAppliance Camera PC/Video Fax/ Phone Phone Feature Cell Phone Set-Top Box (STB) BBFW Television BBFW Media Speaker Pager Microphone Class 4/5 Switch Headphones Hoot and Holler Phone Phone Polycom Turret Phone 2 Fax Phone Ethernet IP Phone © 2008 Cisco Systems. Mobile Access Phone 3D Cisco Icon Library v2.3—19 . All rights reserved. Inc.

Icons: TelePresence CTS-100 TP MCU CTS-200 Cisco TelePresence Manager CTS-300 CTS-Codec Primary CTS-Codec Secondary © 2008 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved.3—20 . Inc. 3D Cisco Icon Library v2.

3D Cisco Icon Library v2. Vertical. Relational PAD Car Modem Diskette (3.Icons: Miscellaneous Firewall: Horizontal.3—21 . RPS Key Host MAU Lock and Key Database. Inc. and Subdued File Cabinet Satellite Dish Satellite Lock Breakout Box UPS. All rights reserved.5-Inch Floppy) BBS (Bulletin Board System) Contact Center Truck © 2008 Cisco Systems.

3—22 .) Ne w Ne w Ne w Clock Ne w Shield Ne w Ne w Encoder Ne w DCM Wireless Modem/ Wireless Gateway Modem Set-top Ne w Decoder Ne w SDTV QAM Netcrypt © 2008 Cisco Systems. Inc. All rights reserved.Icons: Miscellaneous (Cont. Ne w VQE Ne w HDTV 3D Cisco Icon Library v2.

3—23 .Icons: Miscellaneous (Cont.) Ne w Ne w Ne w Ne w Ne w Ne w Cisco Unified Contact Center Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Ne w Cisco WAAS Mobile Client Cisco WAAS Mobile Server Customer Voice Portal Email and Web Interaction Manager Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management © 2008 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved. Inc. 3D Cisco Icon Library v2.