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Icons: Cisco Products

RouterColor and subdued NetFlow Router Server with PC Router SoftwareBased Router on File Server 100BaseT Hub

Router w/Silicon Switch
Protocol Translator

Workgroup Director

CDDI/ FDDI Concentrator
PC Adapter Card



CiscoWorks Workstation

PC Router Card


Multilayer Switch, with and without Text and Subdued
Si Si

Terminal Server Comm Server

Cisco Hub

Workgroup Switch Color/Subdued

ATM Router

Cisco 1000

Small Hub (10BaseT Hub)

ATM Tag Switch Router


Cisco Systems Confidential

Presentation_ID Cisco Systems Confidential 2 .

Left.Icons: Cisco Products (Cont. Down Tag Router Switch MultiSwitch Device NetFlow/ ATM Router PC with Software Presentation_ID Cisco Systems Confidential 3 . Up.) Si Route/Switch Processor with and without Si IP Standard and Old (Some Prefer) PC with RouterBased Software ATM Switch (Color and Subdued) LAN2LAN Switch MicroWeb Server ChannelAttached Router ISDN Switch VIP Switch Processor Cisco 3800 (Right.

Icons: IBM IBM Mainframe Cluster Controller/3174 (Desktop Model. Not Used Much) IBM Mini (AS400) IBM Mainframe with FEP FEP (Front End Processor) Cluster Controller/ 3274 or3174 (Most Common Type) Presentation_ID Cisco Systems Confidential 4 .

Standard Color Presentation_ID Cisco Systems Confidential 5 . White PBX/ Switch Hub Gray and Blue PBX (Small) PIX Right and Left Local Director Network Cloud.Icons: WAN DSU/CSU (Add Text in Powerpoint) WAN Network Cloud. Dark Distributed Director NAT Network Cloud. Gold MUX Network Cloud.

Icons: LAN WWW Cluster Workstation (Sun) Printer ATM/FastGb Etherswitch Laptop PC HP Mini WWW Server File Server Supercomputer Mac Monitor LAN2LAN Repeater Terminal Mini or VAX/VMS with DECnet Cisco Systems Confidential Newton Presentation_ID 6 .

with and without Text and Subdued Line: Serial (Use Thicker where There Is Space) FDDI Rings.Icons: Media Token Ring Token Rings. Vertical and Horizontal FDDI Line: Circuit-Switched (Use Thicker where There Is Space) FDDI Line: Ethernet (Use Thicker where There Is Space) Presentation_ID Cisco Systems Confidential 7 . with and without Text.

and Blue University UNIVERSIT Y House. Subdued. and Blue Medium Building. Subdued. Regular. Regular. Regular. and Blue Presentation_ID Cisco Systems Confidential 8 . Regular and Blue Small Business Telecommuter House (Color and Subdued) Home Office Branch Office.Icons: Buildings Government Headquarters. Subdued.

Left and Right Running Man (Color and Subdued) Presentation_ID Running Woman End User. Left and Right End User Female. Various Colors Symbol Man. CiscoWorks Cisco Systems Confidential 9 . Various Colors Man Woman End User Male.Icons: People Symbol Woman.

Icons: Multimedia/Voice/Phone Phone Phone Ethernet Camera PC/Video Microphone Phone 2 Phone Polycom Camera PC/Video Speaker Phone-Appliance Phone Feature Pager Fax/ Phone Headphones Cell Phone Fax Presentation_ID Cisco Systems Confidential 10 .

Relational Modem BBS (Bulletin Board System) Presentation_ID Cisco Systems Confidential 11 .5" Floppy) Satellite Dish Satellite Breakout Box Key Lock and Key Host PAD MAU Database. Horizontal and Vertical.Icons: Miscellaneous Firewall. Subdued Lock Diskette (3.

and the White Logos Below on Darker Ones) The Cisco IOS Logo that Includes the Arrow On the Left Is Not Used in Presentations and Should Be Replaced with this One.Logos: Cisco and Cisco IOS Cisco Corporate and Cisco IOS Logos In Two Sizes (Corporate Only) and Colors (Use the Colored Logos Above on Lighter Backgrounds. Presentation_ID Cisco Systems Confidential 12 .