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Customer service in retail


Swapna Pradhan


It is designed.The Concept of Customer Service “ Customer service is a task. mail or automated processes.H. that involves interactions with customers in person or by telecommunications. performed and communicated with two goals in mind: operational productivity and customer satisfaction” Source: Designing & Managing the Customer Service Function. C. other than proactive selling.Lovelock 12/30/2012 Swapna Pradhan 2 .

• Customer Service • Customer Satisfaction 12/30/2012 Swapna Pradhan 3 .

Customer Service as a part of Retail Strategy • The concept of value • Value Improvement • Value Extension 12/30/2012 Swapna Pradhan 4 .

Ron Zemke & Dick Schaff 12/30/2012 Swapna Pradhan 5 .Principles of distinctive service 1. Recognize and reward accomplishment Source: The Service Edge. Identify key customers. train and empower employees to work for the customer 5. Set standards and measure performance 4. Select. Define superior service and establish a service strategy 3. listen and respond to them 2.

Measuring the gaps in service • The Knowledge Gap • The Standards Gap • The Delivery Gap • The Communications Gap 12/30/2012 Swapna Pradhan 6 .

Gathering Customer Information & Encouraging Loyalty Loyalty Programmes 12/30/2012 Swapna Pradhan 7 .

Loyalty Strategies • Pull Loyalty Strategies • Pure Loyalty Strategies • Push Loyalty Strategies • Purchase Loyalty Strategies • Purge Loyalty Strategies 12/30/2012 Swapna Pradhan 8 .

Value 4. Simplicity 3. Visibility 2. Trust 12/30/2012 Swapna Pradhan 9 .Characteristics of a good loyalty programme 1.

Customer Relationship Management A process of collecting information about customers and aligning and remodeling the organisation strategy to meet the customer’s demand 12/30/2012 Swapna Pradhan 10 .

How CRM benefits the retailer Customer needs Product choice Access Support Value Retailer traditionally provides Range selection Channel choice CRM benefits customer by enabling… Tailored range Consistent experience Enhanced service Information Scale efficiencies Customer defined “Value” 12/30/2012 Swapna Pradhan 11 .

it DOES NOT mean 1:1 marketing to them all 12/30/2012 Swapna Pradhan 12 . . .Number of Custome rs Instore PoS Value per custo mer Targeted Direct Mail Added value services Advertising Merchandising Tailored cross learning based relationship Most Valuable Segments Lower Value Segments Growable Segments .

The Role of Personal Selling • The Retail Sales Person plays a vital role in his interaction with the customer by being : • A source of information • A fashion or value counselor • A public relations representative • A mover of stock • A seller of merchandise 12/30/2012 Swapna Pradhan 13 .

The Retail Selling Process • Acquiring Product/ Merchandise Knowledge • Studying the Customer • Approaching the Customer • Presenting the Merchandise • Overcoming Resistance • Suggestive Selling • Closing the Sale 12/30/2012 Swapna Pradhan 14 .