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The Healthcare Quality Certification Board Exam Online Preparatory course details

Aim of the course: This course is designed for healthcare professionals who are seeking certification by the Healthcare quality Certification Board. The course is an intensive review for the comprehensive body of knowledge that is designed according to the content outline of the CPHQ Exam. Who can apply for this course? All medical students, pharmacists, dentists, physiotherapists who are preparing for the CPHQ examination are eligible to join this course. Background and experience in healthcare quality is beneficiary but is NOT a MUST. Instructor: Dr. Engy Abdel Raouf, B.Sc. Pharm, DTQM AUC, CPHQ (Aug 2010) Study resources: 1- The Healthcare Quality Handbook: A Professional Resource and Study Guide by Janet A. Brown is the official text used for this study course.(Please note that this textbook is not included in the course fee). 2- Q-solutions handbook. Learning methods used during the course: A variety of learning methods will be used to ensure full participation during the course. This includes:  Power point presentations .  Sample questions.  Case studies.  Illustrative videos on some topics. Course duration: The course consists of 8 sessions, 3 hours each. Held ONCE a week; from 7:30 to 10:30 pm CT. The next course will start on: Sunday 4th of December 2011. Deliverables:  Q-solutions handbook( soft copy).  Handout for all sessions being discussed at class as softcopy power point presentations (just to follow up with me).  A handout for Quality tools (prepared by me), including about 30 tools questions with their answers.  Illustrative videos on some discussed topics.  Case studies.  20 practice questions per session (total 160Q).  A final assessment exam of about 140 CPHQ questions  I also give you the detailed steps of registering for the CPHQ exam, and of course my own experience in taking the exam.



How can you join this course? Read the details of the course well. Fill in this application form: c3FDOFJBZndHdkE6MQ You'll receive the bank account details on your e-mail. Make a down payment of at least 50% of the course fees (please don't forget to send me a scanned copy of your payment slip) Check your mail for course material and ID. You're done!

Payment: Fees of the course: 1500 LE( or 300 USD for those outside Egypt).  If you are living in Egypt; you'll deposit the money in any branch of NSGB.The account details will be sent to you following your approval of joining the course.  If you are outside Egypt; you'll use Western Union service to make a deposit of the fees amount. Note: payment could take place on two installments! How will i join the session? 1- On the day of the session ,write in a blank internet tab: 2- Enter the ID number in the blank box that appears to you. Note: you'll be supplied by the course ID number following your registration.

It is recommended to prepare the following before attendance:

1- a DSL internet connection (preferred than USB) 2- headphones (or earphones to prevent sound echo) 3- test your microphone 4- notebook and pen 5- start opening the meeting at least 15 minutes before the start of the session; to allow some time for the download of the meeting software. Disclaimer: Attendance to this course provides no guarantee of successful completion of the CPHQ examination. Do you have any questions?! For any further information, please do not hesitate to send an e-mail to or call me directly at (+2)019 918 49 37.