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Competitor Review

Avaya Small Business Unified Communications
features very intuitive and simple. The system also supports autoprovisioning for Cisco IP phones. Ease of configuration can help save partners and customers time and money. • Ease of use: Emphasize that Cisco SBCS is very easy for customers to use, with IP phones with large display screens that provide user prompts, along with simple voice prompts for voicemail and a variety of smart applications for PC integration. Cisco makes it simple for customers to get maximum value with minimal technical expertise. Breadth of networking solutions: Explain that Cisco provides a vast array of data networking solutions that have been preintegrated with the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Series for Small Business (UC 500 Series) to meet the specific needs of small businesses and teleworkers. Customers benefit from one comprehensive solution from Cisco, and save time by working with more than one vendor.

Contents • Setting the Cisco value proposition • Why Cisco over Avaya? • Points to make when selling against Avaya • Defensive points to Avaya’s strengths • Avaya go-to-market analysis SETTING THE CISCO VALUE PROPOSITION

• • Comprehensive solution: Explain that the Cisco® Smart Business Communications System (SBCS) provides small businesses with a tightly integrated and tightly tested communications platform for small businesses, providing voice, data, voicemail, automated attendant, video, security, wireless capabilities, and integration with third-party applications. Great performance and reliability: Emphasize that Cisco SBCS customers get the simplicity and ease of use that small businesses require without sacrificing the performance and reliability associated with the Cisco brand. Integrated solution that eliminates the complexity of troubleshooting: Explain that the Cisco SBCS integrated solution eliminates the added costs and management complexity of multiple servers and systems. With a single solution for data, voice, wireless, video, security, and applications, it is less complicated to troubleshoot than with a multi-vendor solution, as Cisco can take responsibility for resolving support challenges. Competitive pricing: Emphasize that Cisco SBCS pricing is very competitive with the pricing of other similar players. Introduce the new TCO tool. In addition, Cisco’s Small Business Pro Service gives small businesses three years of same-day or next-business-day replacement, product updates, and support from Cisco’s certified small business support team at an industry-leading price. Higher value with advanced features: Cisco delivers excellent value with no additional licensing costs for IP phones or advanced features such as the Remote Teleworker application, Microsoft integration, click to dial, Cisco WebEx™ and integration, presence management, and single number reach (SNR), as well as integrated Smart Business Productivity Applications such as TimeCardView and integration with additional applications such as Allscripts and Mitchell1. Newer trunking types that save customers money: Emphasize that customers can potentially reduce expenses while increasing their use of telecommunications network features such as direct inward dialing (DID) through network convergence with Cisco SBCS integrated Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking. In addition, the savings gained by using SIP trunking rather than time-division multiplexing (TDM)/T1 lines can be redirected to pay for needed equipment over approximately 18 months. Intuitive configuration: Explain that Cisco makes it easy to configure all components of the Cisco SBCS. Systems come with a basic configuration, and the recently updated Cisco Configuration Assistant makes customizing the configuration of basic and advanced

• Comprehensive unified communications solution: Explain that Cisco SBCS provides small businesses with a tightly integrated and thoroughly tested communications platform for small businesses and integrates with existing desktop applications. Avaya lacks integrated Wi-Fi and Power over Ethernet (PoE) hardware and charges extra for basic integrated security and third-party/ desktop application integration. Avaya does not provide a singlevendor solution, potentially leading to higher cost and greater complexity. • High performance and reliability: Emphasize that Cisco SBCS offers the simplicity and ease of use that small businesses and their teleworkers require without sacrificing the performance and reliability associated with the Cisco brand. IP Office does not share the code base with Avaya Aura Communication Manager. Emphasize that the Cisco SBCS architecture, just like that of Cisco’s renowned routers, has no moving parts (except for cooling fans). For storage, compact flash is used, which offers longer reliability and reduced costs. • Competitive pricing: Emphasize that Cisco SBCS pricing is very competitive compared with Avaya’s, especially when you consider the extra cost of licensing automated attendant, meet-me and ad hoc group conferencing, single number reach, and application integration with desktop applications. Plus, many Avaya customers use Cisco or some other company for data switching. Introduce the new TCO tool.

”Peace of mind” service: Explain that Cisco’s Small Business Pro Service gives small businesses three years of same-day or nextbusiness-day replacement, product updates, and support from Cisco’s certified small business support team at an industry-leading price. In addition, Cisco’s use of specialized partners helps ensure that customers receive the best services in the industry.

Cisco Confidential Information-For Partner Use Only-Do Not Distribute. ©2010 Current Analysis, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Customers and partners may be concerned about the future of Avaya/Nortel products. • Avaya forces a multivendor solution: IP Office lacks switching or PoE functionality. Cisco has a very strong and long history of financial stability and is an ideal long-term partner for small businesses. routers. digital. or IP telephone used may require adding cards in the IP Office Control or Expansion Unit while making other cards obsolete. IP Office Standard Edition does not support voice networking (H. In addition. Avaya IP Office is incompatible with Avaya one-X SIP desk phones. Cisco stands behind the Cisco SBCS with an investment protection strategy. such as remote VPN phones. • Avaya lags behind Cisco in terms of features: The recent release of IP Office 500 delivers features including desktop and third-party integration. When using Cisco Unified Communications and networking hardware. ©2010 Current Analysis. Customers should question the level of commitment to IP Office during this time. including Cisco TimeCard View. Single Number Reach. helping them to save time and money. • Seamless operation of most phone models: Cisco customers can deploy any Cisco handset and UC Small Business application on the Cisco SBCS. video streaming can enable doorentry technologies. CCC. all these features come standard with no incremental licensing or special key codes—voicemail. Inc. and routers. Finally. • • » » POINTS TO MAKE WHEN SELLING AGAINST AVAYA • Features may cost extra with IP Office: Many Avaya features may require an extra license or additional cards. and third-party business applications such as Allscripts and Mitchell1. and all will work as SIP phones with Cisco’s other voice systems. these are all in question. as licensing is included. or Conference Center). customers get everything needed with the Cisco SBCS includes industry-leading features such as voicemail. Most phones are completely compatible.323. Each component has been fully tested and preconfigured to work smoothly together. many analog or IP phones works together seamlessly. are included at no charge. Many Avaya solutions run on Cisco networking infrastructure. meet-me conferencing. Cisco WebEx™. meaning that customers are purchasing switching equipment from another vendor. Avaya customers will likely use another vendor’s security appliances. H.• Intuitive configuration: Explain that SBCS comes with a basic configuration. With Cisco SBCS. this is not an issue. and there are no additional charges for different types of Cisco IP Phones used. switches. integrated messaging. Cisco has deeper resources than Avaya does for R&D and customer support. SIP trunks. Cisco makes it easy to retain the existing investment in phones and equipment while upgrading to other Cisco Unified Communications products. For example. support. • Avaya may be distracted with the Nortel acquisition. and that Cisco Configuration Assistant makes it simpler to configure basic and advanced features. Additional channels can then be licensed in increments of four. Cisco will continue to be a leader. and security appliances. and situations in which the UC 500 is behind an SBCS supported router/ security device. In addition. With multiple vendors come difficulties in guaranteeing quality of service (QoS) and the complexity of troubleshooting when there is a problem. video monitoring. As a business’s needs grow. IP Office customers may also pay more for VPNs and firewalls. With Avaya. Customers can apply much of the value of their UC 500 systems to another Cisco system. Several integrated Smart Business Productivity Applications.currentanalysis. automated attendant. The system also supports autoprovisioning for voice and data. www. Works smoothly out of the box: Explain that the Cisco SBCS is a part of the preintegrated and tested Cisco Small Business Pro Series of switches. It is more complicated to troubleshoot in a multivendor solution as opposed to a single vendor solution taking responsibility for resolving support challenges. Simplified configuration in complex deployments: Cisco Configuration Assistant can easily configure the Cisco UC 500 Series for a variety of deployment needs. Cisco stands behind the Cisco SBCS and has a strong roadmap of new features. Cisco Confidential Information-For Partner Use Only-Do Not Distribute. and automated attendant. channel programs. and making management and maintenance much easier. With 2 . meet-me and ad hoc conferencing. and integration with desktop applications. Combined with physical security capabilities (such as electronic door release). With the acquisition. All Rights Reserved. With Cisco. including: » Highly secure remote connectivity: The Cisco UC 500 Series can establish a SSL-VPN connection from SPA525G IP phones directly over any Internet connection for highly secure remote communications.0 comes with several valuable new capabilities. using Cisco’s investment protection strategy. Teleworkers can plug in phones at home and get a highly secure dial tone. Video monitoring: The Cisco UC 500 Series can stream video from Cisco PVC2300 and WVC2300 IP video cameras to Cisco SPA 525G IP phones for easy-to-use video monitoring. Avaya IP Office hardware architecture means that changes in trunking or the type of analog. saving partners and customers time and money. either the partner or the customer may need to set up the system. and even such basic features as dial by name in voicemail. QSIG. and SCN capabilities are not enabled by default in IP Office 500 running Professional Edition. with new features that will help small businesses further develop their productivity. Customers can also connect remote offices and work from anywhere over a broadband connection. An additional license is required to enable this capability with four simultaneous networking channels (there is no channel limit for QSIG). potentially affecting IP Office R&D and support: Avaya may be pulled away from its customers as it works to integrate the two companies. and upgrade paths. costing additional time and money Explain that Cisco SBCS 2. and Cisco WebEx PhoneConnect.323 or SCN) or advanced applications (such as Voicemail Pro. as well as application integration with Salesforce. failover.

Avaya is putting much of its marketing focus on its Aura solutions portfolio for enterprises. new business incentive programs to help drive growth. including the Remote Teleworker application. Current Analysis view: A new price list was clearly needed. and only time will tell whether the company has got it right or will have to overhaul its program yet again. Cisco response: Cisco now supports up to 104 IP clients with the Cisco SBCS. ©2010 Current Analysis. In addition. This comprehensive approach enables partners to AVAYA GO-TO-MARKET ANALYSIS Marketing Strategy and Tactics • Avaya is consistently recognized as a global leader by industry and technology experts. Current Analysis view: Cisco is often considered the global leader by industry and technology experts. Inc. These wizards reduce installation time. Current Analysis view: Avaya’s lack of roadmap/product commitment may prohibit implementation of an effective partner program. integration. • Partnering Strategy and Tactics • Avaya recently announced a new worldwide channel program called Avaya Connect. inbound/ outbound dial plans. contact center. including Cisco Unified Communications Manager. The reality is that when Avaya Partner phones are used on the IP Office platform.or 60-month lease. Avaya may also say that many features require using the command-line interface (CLI) and that it takes more time for partners to get Cisco SBCS systems up and running. contact center agent. The Avaya IP Office 500 platform can scale incrementally to more than 384 phones in a simple. The new program transitions from using postsales rebates to providing point-of-sale credits. Cisco WebEx and Salesforce. • Avaya has recently simplified its IP Office product line and organized offerings around various integration. mobile worker. and executive. issues could arise on the part of Avaya and Nortel partners from both the new program and the integration strategy. The 7900 Series phones can be used with other Cisco Unified Communications platforms. Avaya Connect streamlines the new partner application process to allow completion in less than two hours. Cisco SBCS default configurations provide telephony setup wizards for 3 . modular expansion. presence management. and hunt group. www. click to dial. Confusion and Cisco Confidential Information-For Partner Use Only-Do Not Distribute. offering investment protection. Cisco offers many different phone options. as well as business schedules.currentanalysis. and funding to help improve vendor and partner consideration. and could cause much confusion for partners. worldwide contact center. and single number reach. • Avaya has trimmed its pricing model into a single. IP addressing with data. • The new Avaya Connect training model saves partners both time and money while improving their ability to build technical skills in Avaya solutions and services by shifting from productbased training to solutions-based training focused on unified communications. with both the Cisco SPA 500 Series IP Phones and the Cisco Unified IP Phones 7900 Series. market coverage. The SPA 500 Series can be reused for hosted SIP environments. Competitor claim: Cisco lacks the advanced features necessary for many small businesses. Business Edition. and closure rates. Cisco response: Cisco SBCS offers a host of advanced features. but there are many more elements that go into a world-class channel program like Cisco’s. • Cisco response: The potential to save money by reusing handsets seems compelling. global price list to make it easier for customers and partners to understand. Avaya is rationalizing its many IP phone lines. and faster for partners to develop quotes. • The new Avaya Connect program includes a number of financial enhancements and benefits for channel partners. but IP Office is not compatible with Avaya one-X SIP desk phones. users’ phones. many IP Office features are not available. Avaya Connect has only recently been launched. call blasts. VLANs. and maintenance. including advanced features for contact centers or multitenant sites.DEFENSIVE POINTS TO AVAYA’S STRENGTHS • Competitor claim: Cisco SBCS is more difficult to configure than Avaya IP Office. or to choose the affordable SPA 500 Series. which reduces processing time to seconds. to say the least. receptionist. In addition. All Rights Reserved. including tiered global discounts. Business customers who require more may upgrade to Cisco Unified Communications Manager (Enterprise. Competitor claim: Cisco’s SBCS cannot scale beyond 64 handsets. automated attendant. • Competitor claim: Unlike Avaya IP Office. Microsoft integration. and enterprise messaging and audio conferencing. Current Analysis view: Customers and partners should question future investment in IP Office products. • Current Avaya promotions include 0% financing on IP Office on a 36. as well as integrated Smart Business Productivity Applications such as TimeCardView and integration with additional applications such as Allscripts and Mitchell1. choosing Cisco means that existing handsets cannot be redeployed. and small and midsized business solution lifecycles—from design to sales. enabling customers to deploy other Cisco Unified Communications solutions. Business Edition or Express (using Skinny Client Control Protocol [SCCP] or SIP). and has achieved worldwide leadership positions in unified communications and telephony systems. including power user. • Cisco response: This claim is not true. Current Analysis view: Trying to implement this program during a major acquisition may be difficult. or Express). operational globally in February 2010. IP Office does not fit into Aura and does not benefit from this marketing.

including systems integrators. Contents created or collected by Current Analysis under contract with Cisco Systems. not less so. Avaya’s channel success is questionable.better meet customers’ ongoing needs. Consequently. Inc. service providers. Avaya has more than 4000 global channel partners. Inc. All Rights Reserved. Current Analysis view: Partners should identify what may have been lost or dropped in the training and certification tracks. not less detailed. significantly reducing the time and complexity needed to achieve credentials. Avaya partners may not be receiving enough granular detail to service and support Avaya products effectively.currentanalysis. Current Analysis view: Avaya is taking on a huge effort in revamping its channels at the same time as a major acquisition that will redefine what it can bring to market. One can argue that the IP communications world is getting more complex. Under the new scheme. ©2010 Current Analysis. value-added resellers. Information is based on North American research. Cisco Confidential Information-For Partner Use Only-Do Not Distribute. Until a product and portfolio roadmap is established and clearly articulated to partners. Specific details may vary by country. and continue to monitor these changes to see how this consolidation will affect partner training and customer support. and business partners that provide sales and service support. The new training program has been streamlined from nearly 97 learning and certification tracks to 13 solution-based tracks. partner training needs are actually for more detailed 4 . www.