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NETWOrk SErvICES / enhanced mpls network / fully meshed, self-healing / 24-365 monitoring & support / access the cloud

/ £100m infrastructure / widest connectivity / 98% uk population reach / nhs n3 accreditation / challenge us /

WHY CHOOSE INTECHNOLOGY? 20 year track record supporting the commercial & public sectors / intechnology combines exceptional account management with professional it engineering* / *source / mcdonald’s restaurants uk / .

maximise return and deliver longterm value. hosted virtual servers. the next layer adds 98% uk population reach and further resilience via managed links into tier 1 network providers. it’s an expert resource that you can count on to carry the load. the final layer in our ‘enhanced mpls‘ network is an ongoing ‘hands and eyes’ support service. from glasgow and edinburgh in the north to london and reading in the south. thereafter we provide the widest choice of connectivity to this network (including ethernet. if you only want a basic vpn. but the complexities of convergence. on such foundations are built robust. not just a vpn but the access point – at a time that suits you – to start the journey into cloud computing and migrate to fully managed pay-as-you-go services including data backup. . and they should offer complementary ‘value-add’ services that sweat the network asset – to do more with less. partnerships that can transform performance. the drive for extra capacity & capability and the pressure on cost control demand a new standard of network provision – from a new breed of provider. by building your solution around our network ring we’ll give you a future-proofed conduit (for use if and when the time is right for you) to the uk’s most complete suite of pay-as-you-go managed voice and data services. and will help you forge a commercial relationship that is based on responsiveness. guarantee budget predictability. hosted ip telephony and unified communications. suppliers should be committed to the spirit of partnership and collaboration. integrity and trust.A NEW BREED OF PROVIDER / the enterprise network is the strong. OUR NETWORK PROPOSITION / today’s customer has a non-negotiable checklist: their network offering must leverage the very best infrastructure. that’s fine too. provided by our team of experienced network engineers who monitor your network’s performance 24 /365 from our state-of-the-art network operations centre. our network is so much more than a piece of wire. it’s a no nonsense blueprint for success. at intechnology our network is the conduit to value-add services. adsl and leased lines as well as 3g wireless backup solutions) but again are highly selective in our choice of partner and only engage with the leading vendors. enhance productivity and help build agility. dynamic partnerships. our ‘enhanced mpls’ network service meets a fundamental business need – that your network must be much more than ‘just a piece of wire’. rugged backbone of every modern business. but we can give you so much more. designed with you in mind to save on cost. that’s fine. More than a piece of wire if you only want site-to-site connectivity. the first layer is our own high speed. The ultimate connectivity our multi-million pound ‘enhanced mpls‘ network is a carefully engineered composite of best-of-breed technology. high bandwidth fibre network ring which runs through the spine of the uk. and it underpins the design of intechnology’s next generation ‘enhanced mpls‘ networking proposition.

every day. we’ll work with you to scope your requirements and help you think through your network strategy. ethernet. our service is not a ‘wires-only’ service. 5 Benefit from the widest choice of connectivity 8 Rely on value and values our access /connectivity choices are amongst the broadest and best in the industry: adsl. 4 Tap into multiple services from a single circuit our network is a carefully planned and well engineered hybrid. for example. we’ll provide the best possible implementation and migration service. a seamless conduit to cloud based computing: a benefit-rich pool of fully managed.000 network connections and have an enviable record of technology firsts. it’s so much more. 2 Connect to our own end-to-end network virtual servers to hosted ip telephony and unified communications solutions designed to save on cost – huge cost in some cases – but importantly also deliver competitive advantage and business agility. we developed one of the uk’s first business isps (planet online). tested and operational we’ll provide ongoing ‘hands and eyes’ support 24/365 from our state-ofthe-art network operations centre. our core network is fully meshed. and one of the first corporate hosted ip telephony services (‘unity’). our systems provide assurance that agreed services are being monitored end-to-end. it comprises our own end-to-end next generation fibre network ring with fully managed links into tier 1 carriers to guarantee our customers the widest coverage. by experienced engineers using the latest monitoring software and fault isolation tools to ensure the best restoration service possible. while our customer reporting portal provides our customers with total visibility of key network and service performance metrics. we’ll always strive to give you the best advice and we’ll work hard to uphold the traditional values of honesty and integrity in all we do together. we currently manage more than 20. our multi-million pound ‘enhanced mpls’ network is a carefully engineered composite of best-of-breed technology. copper (leased line and efm). at a time that’s right for them. it’s monitored 24 hours a day. along with capacity planning. we are a trusted partner to more than 800 commercial and public sector organisations and one of the very few managed service providers that are accredited to supply secure n3 connections to the nhs. pay-as-you-go services embracing everything from data backup and hosted 7 Call on advanced support systems and a customer reporting portal our management systems provide both proactive and reactive monitoring. trending and network performance. fibre. it’s not just about providing a great solution and the right technology. it’s about building an enduring relationship in which you can have confidence that we’ll always put your best interests first. our customers get the double benefit of rock solid vpn plus.999% network availability over the last 3 years and our high availability promise is backed up by solid slas. we’ll provide a full network design service. the best resilience and the highest performance standards. fttc. our core focus remains the optimisation of managed network services and the rolling upgrade to our £100m support infrastructure. for us. selfhealing and automatically re-routes traffic in the event of a fibre break. we are also the service partner of choice to the academic sector via Janet and we are endorsed by the mod. one of the first consumer isps (freeserve).YOUR NETWORK SERVICES / 1 Profit from our proven track record 3 Enjoy a fully managed service 6 Look forward to guaranteed reliability intechnology has been providing managed network services for more than 20 years. however. in connecting to our network. we have achieved 99. and when the solution is in. a highly experienced sales and support team helps customers define their requirements – and choose with confidence. .

com All content correct at time of going to press. great performance and complete reliability from intechnology’s ‘enhanced mpls’. mark hall / divisional director / network services / Call: 0800 983 2522 email: challenge@intechnology. managed unified communications and managed data services. next generation network? we offer a layered composite of tier 1 network technology.FREE SPEND & STRATEGY REVIEW: 0800 983 2522 / 9 Join our network – the enabler welcome to our cloud. CHALLENGE US / network services is just one of the value-adding propositions within our managed services portfolio. our own nationwide fibre Visit: www. build agility and increase productivity put us to the test and ask for a FREE Spend & Strategy Review.intechnology. ET ERN INT CE VOI s M bp 100ss Circuit ce Ac R P/D VPN CK U URE BA C MS COM IFIED UN ES ES RV C ERVIIC N3 S E N3 S SE Your ‘Enhanced MPLS’ advantage why wait to take advantage of 98% uk population reach. to learn more about how we could help you cut cost. multiple connectivity options and unrivalled service support from our dedicated 24 /365 network operations centre. our 24/365 monitored next generation network with its embedded data centres is the conduit to our layered managed services – managed ip voice. .

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