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Cisco Online Exam Guide

How to Register, Start, and Access a Cisco Online Exam
Lifecycle Services and SMB Exams The process for registering and taking a Cisco online exam is different from the process for registering and taking a Cisco proctored exam. This document provides instructions for registering, accessing, and taking Cisco online exams. Section 1 of this document presents an overview of the necessary steps and the information you will need for getting started on registering and taking Cisco online exams. Section 2 goes into more details around how to find and submit the information necessary to complete registration and begin taking Cisco online exams. In Section 2, each step is accompanied by a screenshot. Before You Get Started
You will need: 1) Credit card or voucher information 2) All online exams are available in English. SMB exams are also available in a) Japanese b) Polish c) Russian d) Korean e) Portuguese f) French g) Italian h) Chinese i) Spanish j) German


please read all the details of the main page. Typically. Note: Online exam registration will be through this Webpage only. a CSCO ID is found on a score report from a previous exam. take. scheduling. a) Once at the Pearson VUE Online Testing Site. and taking Cisco online exams. Note: A CSCO ID is not a CCO ID.Section 1: Overview of Necessary Steps 1) Go to the Cisco Online Testing Site: http://www. and resume all Cisco online exams. Section 2: Step-by-Step Instruction First: click on “Enter Testing Site” in Step to proceed with registering. You have a CSCO ID if you have previously obtained a Cisco certification or have taken a Cisco proctored or online exam.testrac. Registration is not available by phone or through the vendor’s main Website. especially the information about disabling popup blockers on your browser application. under Register an Exam. (Figure 1) Figure 1 2 . you may register for all Cisco online exams. as well as access. click www. 3) After reading all necessary information. 2) Please read all the details on the Cisco Online Testing Site. You must disable any popup blockers before a) At this site. including the frequently asked questions.pearsonvue.

Cisco Online Exam Guide 1) Candidates that have a Cisco Certification ID (CSCO ID) but do not have a TesTrac ID and PIN: a) To obtain your TesTrac ID and PIN. Figure 2 3 . not the number 0 (zero). b) Enter your last name and CSCO ID in the appropriate fields and click “Submit” (Figure 3). click the link “Look up your TesTrac ID and PIN” (Figure 2). Note: The last character in your CSCO ID is the letter O.

click “Register”. d) Proceed to Step 3. or print.Figure 3 c) Important: Please make note of. Figure 4 4 . This is at the bottom of the page (Figure 4). your TesTrac ID and PIN before returning to the main page (Figure 6). 2) Candidates who do not have a CSCO ID: Once on the testing site.

Figure 5 d) Important: Please make a note of. your TesTrac ID and PIN before returning to the main page.Cisco Online Exam Guide a) Fill out all required fields. b) Agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box (Figure 5) c) To submit your information. Proceed to Step 3 (Figure 6). The required fields are in yellow (Figure 5). 5 . click “Complete registration request” at the bottom of the page (Figure 5). or print.

Figure 6 3) Candidates who have a TesTrac ID and PIN: a) To register for an exam. click “Sign in” at the bottom of the page (Figure 7).: Figure 7 6 .

View past exam attempts and scores. 7 . Complete an exam that you started previously.Cisco Online Exam Guide b) Enter your TesTrac ID and PIN in the appropriate fields. Check the box to agree to the terms and conditions. You can do the following (Figure 9): i) ii) iii) iv) v) vi) Take an exam you have already purchased. Purchase an exam. View your TesTrac personal information. Click “Sign in” at the bottom center of the page (Figure 8). Figure 8 You are now on the Test Center main page. View or print an exam receipt from an exam previously purchased.

please select “Voucher” in the ‘Payment Method’ box and enter the voucher number (Figure 11) b) You may now start your exam i) 8 . a) Choose the exam that you wish to take and click in the title. You will then be brought to the payment screen Enter your credit card details and your CVV number in the “Security number” box.Figure 9 Note: If you would like to take your exam in a language other than English. please change your selection in “Exam Group” box shown in the upper right-hand corner. This is the three or four-digit code found on the reverse of your credit card. or on the front of an American Express card (Figure 10) ii) If you have been given a voucher number.

You may also print a receipt or a score from the Dashboard (Figure 9) 9 .Cisco Online Exam Guide Figure 10 Figure 11 Note: If you need to restart your exam. please log back into the online site and you will see your incomplete exam listed under “In-progress exams and assessments” on the Dashboard (Figure 9).

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