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Passport21 to Entrepreneurship Learning Objectives

Last updated February 28, 2011

Passport21 to Entrepreneurship
Students who complete the case studies will gain an understanding of how the business world operates and will be able to complete the following tasks: Case Study Charging for Expertise Learning Objectives
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Identify skills that have value in the marketplace Explain the social, legal, and ethical responsibilities of an entrepreneur Describe the ways in which a business receives income Describe the basic elements of a customer sales presentation Organize important business records Explain tools that businesses use to grow Define common business terminology Identify and research a business opportunity Explain the decision making process Practice the decision making process Work as part of a business team Prepare a simplified business plan Define common marketing terminology Explain variances in sales and cost forecasting Identify frequently used marketing and communication tools Analyze research results Explain the change process Prepare a simplified growth plan Use social media as a research, marketing, and sales tool Transfer skills acquired through previous employment or education to new employment opportunities Identify steps involved in establishing a consulting business Fund and operate a consulting business Identify how broadband applications can be used in business Define a business problem Identify, evaluate, and choose eBusiness solutions Prepare an implementation plan Evaluate the business using business metrics Define the role of a contractor Explain how a contractor builds relationships with other businesses Define these relationships using contracts Determine where to find companies that are looking for contractors Explain how to contact potential customers

Starting an Internet Café

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Making a Business Successful

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Taking the Initiative

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Enabling an eBusiness

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Providing Outsource Services

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Building a Contracting Business

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Define the role of a contractor Review current business commitments and resources Identify needed resources Define a business structure to organize and optimize resources Develop ways to communicate within the business structure Explain the importance of good financial management Recognize expansion opportunities

Cisco Packet Tracer Activities
Students who use the Cisco Packet Tracer activities will be challenged to apply and practice their technical skills enabling them to complete the following tasks: Challenges
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Learning Objectives
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Perform tasks related to Broadband installations in customer locations.

Enable a broadband solution to replace a costly legacy serial connection.
Secure a WLAN before adding it into an existing LAN.

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Install a customer site router to connect to DSL and provide secure wireless Upgrade a customer serial connection to use a new broadband connection with a VPN Install a managed single router solution including voice and high-speed Internet Troubleshoot a wireless network Troubleshoot a teleworker network problem

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