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So it makes sense to go through 2 National Dailies everyday for 2-3 hours & jot down important news items.

You can go through ¦ ¢ The Hindu ¢ The Times of India ¢ The Economic Times (If possible) 2. You should make your mathematics, reasoning & mental ability side strong .For this you can begin with :¢ Quick math for Bank PO Exam by M Tyra ¢ Quantitative Aptitude & Reasoning by R S Agarwal ¢ Simple Aptitude & Mental ability books for Bank PO 3. Prepare one optional very well & General Studies. These two things you must be very strong. As the pattern of Prelims & Mains is not clear at this point. 4. Common books to be read in the initial days which will be important always :¢ Modern India by Bipan Chandra NCERT ¢ India Year Book ¢ Manorama Year Book ¢ NCERT 11th & 12th standard books on History, Geography & Economics ¢ General Science book of CBSE or NCERT 9th & 10th standard ¢ TMH General Studies Guide (Especially General Knowledge & General Mental Ability area will be helpful.) ¢ Our Constitution by Subhash Kashyap ¢ Our Parliament by Subhash Kashyap ( Optional ) 5. Listen to All India Radio bulletins from 2 PM to 2.30 PM & 9 PM to 9.30 PM very well. Also listen to NDTV news bulletins & programmes like Big Fight, We The People, BBC World so that your General Knowledge expands. 6. Lucent s General Knowledge will also help in this aspect. 7. Any Guide book on RBI Grade B Exam will also shed light on the situation based question & questions testing your decision making ability. 8. Solve the Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning questions that come out in magazines like General Knowledge Today, Pratiyogita Darpan etc. 9. Read some basic economic book like :¢ Indian Economy : Problems & Prospects by Uma Kapila OR ¢ Indian Economy by Dutta, Sundharam ( Tougher & better ) 10. Develop the skill to solve mathematical & reasoning problems faster. It comes with practice. So the sooner you start practicing, the better your chances of clearing CSAT in 2011 will be ¦

Bakshi India's Struggle for Independence.Bipan Chandra Geography of India .Subhash Kashyap An Introduction to the Constitution Of India .Basu Constitution of India .R.M.P.Dutt and Sundaram Indian Economy .Books           Our Constitution .Khullar Certificate Physical and Human Geography .D.Majid Hussain NCERT Textbooks Journals    Yojana Kurukshetra World Focus Newspapers    The Hindu The Times of India The Economic Times Magazines  Frontline Other Books     India Year Book Economic Survey of India Manorama Year Book Oxford India Atlas Books for Paper 2 .Mishra and Puri Human Geography .D.D.Goh Cheng Leong Indian Economy. .Oxford University Press Read more: http://www.R S Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations .Abhijit Guha The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude .Nishit K Sinha High School English Grammar and Composition .     Quantitative Aptitude .Wren and Martin Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary .