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Solution Overview

The Cisco HealthPresence Solution: Expand the Boundaries of Healthcare
What You Will Learn
The Cisco HealthPresence™ solution is a communication and collaboration platform that lets patients interact with doctors who may be hundreds of miles away within a clinical setting. It is an integrated solution that helps healthcare providers, enterprise organizations, and retailers:

• Make healthcare more affordable • Make healthcare more accessible • Increase the efficiency of care delivery • Increase the availability and flow of medical information

Challenges in Healthcare
Today’s healthcare providers are having to deal with several important issues, including rapidly increasing patient loads, a widespread shortage of qualified medical professionals, and the rising cost of providing care.

• Increasing patient loads: Populations around the world continue to grow and people are, on average,
living longer lives. According to the BBC news agency, researchers predict that more than half of babies now born in the United Kingdom and other wealthy nations will live to be 100 years old. The patient load is increasing, with more patients requiring regular or ongoing treatment. Emergency rooms (ERs) are overcrowded. The uninsured typically use ERs as their primary source of healthcare, and research shows that insured patients are using ERs because it’s inconvenient to see their regular care provider.

• Shortage of medical professionals: The Journal of the American Medical Association reports a steady
decline in the number of U.S. medical-student graduates choosing primary care, and the research group Frost & Sullivan estimates that the ratio of healthcare staff per U.S. citizen is lower than the required amount by more than 40 percent. Staff demands are expected to triple over the next 25 years, with the crisis peaking between 2010 and 2020. For people living in remote or rural areas, far away from specialists, the shortage of medical professionals can be a particularly pressing issue, as specialists may be located hundreds of miles away.

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advanced audio. Designed for use by an attendant who is a licensed healthcare professional. except it was on campus and more convenient. delivers a true-to-life experience between the patient and the provider. manufacturing facilities. take advantage of government stimulus funding. This can lead to a healthier workforce and fewer health-related absences. An Integrated Solution The Cisco HealthPresence solution combines Cisco TelePresence. especially for those who live far away from their caregiver and have to travel for treatment. This document is Cisco Public Information. they’re more likely to happen. and when routine checks are more accessible.San Jose Trial Patient Enterprise Benefits Large corporate sites. Retailers can also use the Cisco HealthPresence solution to provide care in nursing homes. and the uninsured access to a physician. Healthcare and Public Sector Benefits Healthcare providers of all types. especially in the United States. healthcare spending in 2007 accounted for between 9 and 10 percent of GDP in most European countries with nationalized healthcare systems. remote. Retail Benefits Drugstores and other retailers already provide limited healthcare services such as cholesterol checks and diabetes screening. and it lowers healthcare costs by making delivery more streamlined. the cost of receiving care is also going up. Retailers can give the “worried well. healthcare costs are accounting for an increasing portion of gross domestic product (GDP). © 2009 Cisco Systems. as well as government agencies and educational institutions. With an onsite clinic. Inc. and it can be used to redirect unnecessary ED and ER visits to low-cost clinics.” the underinsured. The diagnostics were much faster and the quality of consultation experience was better than what I’d expected. It can be configured to support many locations and uses presence and skill-based routing to connect patients to the most appropriate expert. and medical devices from third-party vendors that gather and transmit physiological data. and helps improve lives by making it easier to access care. and can then provide patients with the prescription drugs and medical supplies they need. the Cisco HealthPresence solution combines high-definition video. and other large-scale operations can establish onsite healthcare services based on the Cisco HealthPresence solution to help lower healthcare costs and reduce absenteeism. For patients. so it can help care providers. using periodic remote visits to renew prescriptions or check on elderly patients who have chronic illnesses without requiring them to travel. “I found the Cisco HealthPresence visit wasn’t any different from a visit to my regular family physician. Costs are predicted to continue to increase worldwide. and patients can be easily referred to other doctors and specialists. It can be used as the foundation for an advanced telehealth network. employees don’t need to take a day off to travel to routine appointments. The Cisco HealthPresence solution creates a dynamic environment for patient care. and rural areas. The Cisco HealthPresence solution lets care providers make better use of scarce resources and reduce the use of ambulance and helicopter transportation. Cisco Session Management Application. Doctors can diagnose and treat distant patients without traveling. Using the Cisco HealthPresence solution. and in the United States it accounted for 16 percent of GDP.” —Shashi Kiran. and network-transmitted medical data to create an environment similar to what people experience when they visit their doctor or health specialist. Cisco® Vitals Software. Page 2 of 3 . According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development. The Cisco HealthPresence Solution Using the network as a platform. Care can be extended to underserved. it extends the reach of providers and specialists. these services can expand to include more sophisticated wellness and healthcare services. and a single specialist can treat many more patients. It increases productivity by using scarce resources more efficiently.Solution Overview • Rising cost of providing care: In countries around the world. All rights reserved. can address many issues with the Cisco HealthPresence solution.

the IronPort logo. IronPort. Singapore Europe Headquarters Cisco Systems International BV Amsterdam. Cisco Capital. CA Asia Pacific Headquarters Cisco Systems (USA) Pte. • Cisco Vitals Software is used for session management data. phone numbers. PowerTV. and continue to transform care and the care experience. Cisco Nurse Connect. MeetingPlace Chime Sound. Spectrum Expert. MGX. Cisco Unity. Healthcare providers can see the data immediately and can view a patient’s history in tandem with instrument readings. Together. temperature. Inc. Cisco Unified Computing System. leading the local and remote participants to feel that they are there “in person. Cisco Advanced Services help make networks. EtherSwitch. Cisco TelePresence. CCENT. and Americas Headquarters Cisco Systems. and to help view electronic medical records (EMR). iPhone. with intelligent routing and management. Cisco Store. San Jose. The Medical Grade Network The Cisco HealthPresence solution builds on the Cisco Medical Grade Network framework. Explorer. • The integrated medical devices include a high-resolution general-examination camera. (0910R) © 2009 Cisco Systems. pulse rate. PCNow. Cisco Press. and Access Registrar. LightStream. Continuum. This framework empowers healthcare organizations to map their clinical and business requirements to technology solutions for improved • Cisco Session Management Application provides interoperability with Cisco Unified Communications. Prisma. and the people who use them work better together. Cisco Lumin. Cisco Systems Capital. GainMaker. Changing the Way We Work. and optimization services to help increase business value and return on investment. a telephonic stethoscope. Cisco is helping to bring about a future in which healthcare stakeholders across the continuum of care can respond to patients more efficiently. Collaboration Without Limitation. Cisco:Financed (Stylized). availability. and Welcome to the Human Network are trademarks. Laser Link. security. IOS. Catalyst. Flip Channels. Cisco StadiumVision. combined with leading technologies that improve the cost of healthcare services and make them easier to access. Flip Gift Card. All rights reserved. PowerVu. Addresses. StackWise. and audio from the medical devices to be intelligently routed across the network. Play. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. CCIE. Flip Video (Design). CCDE. Flip Video. Cisco Nexus. It manages the session between the patient and the doctor. PowerTV (Design). Cisco StackPower. DCE. EtherFast. Networking Academy. and the WebEx logo are registered trademarks of Cisco Systems. expand innovative healthcare initiatives. SenderBase. Ltd. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries.” Integrating high-definition video and advanced audio. Cisco Eos. CCNA. MeetingPlace. allowing the data. the Cisco Systems logo. WebEx. CCDA. Cisco SensorBase. ROSA. Cisco provides fixed-price planning. contact your Cisco representative or visit: http://www. Event Center. AllTouch. Cisco Pulse. CCIP. Flip Ultra. Flipshare (Design). PIX. C22-566925-00 11/09 . transmission of medical data. which is optimized for healthcare environments and provides a foundation for connecting healthcare technologies. and flexibility. and One Million Acts of Green are service marks. All other trademarks mentioned in this document or website are the property of their respective owners. Cisco IOS. Bringing the Meeting To You. and a vital signs monitor for blood pressure. productivity. Inc. Networkers. Flip for Good. an ear/nose/throat (ENT) scope. Live. CCVP. Through our vision and innovative network technologies. Flip Mino. CCSI. it helps deliver a positive user experience with low latency and high reliability. the applications used by the Cisco HealthPresence solution. Follow Me Browsing. Aironet. Cisco WebEx. Cisco IronPort. The Netherlands Cisco has more than 200 offices worldwide. the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert logo. because it uses Microsoft Outlook calendar for scheduling. Cisco HealthPresence consistently has approval ratings above 90 percent. AsyncOS. Why Cisco? Cisco has a global presence anchored by teams of professionals who can address the necessary culture and clinical process changes. Instant Broadband. iLYNX. In pilot programs. PowerKEY. video. Using a Lifecycle Services approach. This document is Cisco Public Information. The system supports one-touch dialing and. the Cisco logo. design. CCNP. PowerPanels. and fax numbers are listed on the Cisco Website at www. CCSP. ProConnect. CCDP. Cisco HealthPresence. Cisco.Solution Overview • Cisco TelePresence enables a realistic face-to-face experience. Cisco Capital (Design).cisco. and pulse oximetry. Learn More Today To learn more about the Cisco HealthPresence solution and how it can extend the boundaries of healthcare. Cisco Systems. these devices generate data that help the healthcare provider examine the patient. is easy for most people to operate. Inc. SMARTnet.