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com October 17, 2010

John Deere India visits Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai

Offer by the company:

Eligibility Salary Profile Offered Location

B.Tech (Mech, Prod, Auto, Manufacturing, Agricultural) B.Tech- 4.0 (Approx.) Graduate Trainee Pune

Placement Process Detail: Procedure Short listing Written test Group Discussion Interview Result Status yes Yes No Yes Available Comment CGPA (> 6.0 + no backlogs) Aptitude + Technical NA 1 round, Tech and HR both 10 student got the offer

Shortlisting: Short listing of CV has been done on basis of CGPA only. Minimum CGPA required was 6.0. This is minimum criteria for appearing for written test.

Written Test: Written test is divided in 3 parts:

verbal. English .. Isochoric) 2. Lead pitch relation in double thread 7. 2 analogies.1) Aptitude (General questions related to math. adiabatic. Current Assets – Current liabilities =?? 5. probability Q etc. 10. 16. 11. cast iron et all) 8. fill in the blanks with prepositions.Which Process has highest Efficiency(isothermal. If Control limits are changed how the mean changes 14. Which contains more items in ABC analysis? 17. A problem on Eccentric Loading of Hollow cylinder. Isobaric. 15. A problem on finding the moment of inertia of flywheel. What is the minimum force to keep the body from sliding down. all of these) 6.There is no friction between mass ‘m’ and surface it’s placed on. How Electro Chemical Machining removes material(mechanical erosion. 1. What are the dimensions of A0 sheet? 3. analogies and basic time distance. A body of mass ‘m’ placed in inclined plane of triangular c.s Now we apply a force P on the Vertical side of triangle. level of toughness is medium) Aptitude had vocabs. Ideal sample size for Control charts 13. What causes movement of dislocation (slip et all) 12. then rest was quantitative aptitude along with logical reasoning. Steering wheel gear used for Trucks? As far as Aptitude was concerned there was 10 questions from English vocabs. Emissivity temperature relation. 4. Some problems on Heat transfer. A problem based on relation between % change in fuel inflow and change in power(or speed) 9.chemical erosion. Hooks chains are made of what material?(wrought iron.

" Interview: Interview was based on technical questions and very few lesser important HR questions. Two inequality Equations on x. The no numbers which have the no 6 in between o and 70.-askance -virtuoso 1.X. The conditions set are -only two people can travel at a time.3<x<4 et all) 7. 14. 2. They try to grill candidates very much on certain technical questions It was mostly TECH HR questions. whats X. 1) Tell me about yourself? . what are values x can take.11075 how much u should subtract to get perfect square? 4. -a guy A can row only if another guy B is with him (sounds gay) Like this and the question is Who should row the boat twice continuously. Technical Questions are varying from basic to in-depth. 8.x+y. (this problem i don remember full data) 11. 10. A problem on Ratio of heights of similar triangles if areas are given. Sides of triangle 13 14 15 . -a gal can’t row the boat hence and forth continuously.. What is the 4th no:. Tough questions were asked from some of student candidates..7. Average of six no is 30.47. x^n-y^n is definitely divisible by (x-y.x>4.23. 2. 9. 6.xy et all) 5.y were given like x+y>5 and x-y>3. PROMISE – how many words can be formed with no two vowels coming together.00004761 ^ 1/2 3.4 people need to cross a river in a boat. What is Circumradius.(x<3. Average of first four is 25 and average of last three is 35.

4) When should u go for forging? 5) What is lapping of engine valves? 6) Properties of engine valve etc. TECH QUESTIONS (PRODUCTION ENGG) 1) Why the rear wheel of tractor is big? 2) Draw OTRQUE CURVES? 3) Properties of crank shaft. con rod etc. ..2) Why Production engineering? Many questions are related to summer training...

SM.Tech (MECH) CTC. Trigonometry. 2009 John Deere visits Thapar University John Deere has recently visited Thapar University and recruited 3 students. Technical test had questions from all core courses of Mechanical engineering like HMT. English (Antonyms and Synonyms) Relative velocity. Only Mechanical engineering students were allowed to sit for the placement process of the John Deere. CAM.Thapar News Network Collegekhabar. . Date of visiting campus: 7th September 2009 Offer by the company: Eligibility Salary Profile Offered Location B. No Bond GET PUNE Placement Process Detail: Procedure Short listing Written test Group Discussion Interview Result Status No Yes Yes Yes Available Comment NA Aptitude + Technical (Core Mech Subject) Yes Tech and HR both 3 students got the offer Other Description: Written test: Aptitude test was quite tough. IC engines.25 LPA .com Sept 9th. Percentage. Questions from the following topics were asked: Series. Vibration etc. Fluid mechanics.3.

Interview: Questions were mainly used to check the concepts related to core engineering subjects. .