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Changes to the IAAP Certification Program

Effective November 2011

One Rating
IAAP has moved from a two rating system to a one rating system, with areas of specialty. The one rating is our Certified Administrative Professional, or CAP. We are also offering specialties, starting with Organizational Management, which will be followed by others in the future. Effective this week, all active CPS ratings will be changed to CAP, and all active CAP ratings will be changed to CAP with the Organizational Management specialty, CAP-OM. You don't need to do anything to your IAAP record; we will be making the changes automatically. Active ratings include individuals who have recertified as required every five years. In the case of CPS holders who certified prior to January 1988, your rating is considered active and will be changed. Your certification status has nothing to do with your status as an active member of IAAP. For candidates who tested in November 2011, any appropriate changes to your records will be made automatically after exam results are available in December.

IAAP's certification program is changing effective November 2011. First announced in July 2010, these are exciting changes for IAAP and for our certification program. Our goal, as always, is to maintain a valid and current professional certification program that is marketable to the business community.


All CAP holders are required to recertify. This is based on the date of your initial rating, or when you last recertified. Passing the Organizational Management exam does not change your

CAP-OM Replacement certificates are available. The cost is $15 per certificate. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing for replacement certificates. and Canada.S. or Canada. To order a replacement certificate or plaque if you are within the U. If you have additional questions about recertification. If you already have a CAP certificate or plaque. or an additional $80 for courier service. IAAP Certification Department     . add an additional $25 for air mail. if you choose to purchase one. please complete and submit this form with payment. For those living outside the U. Those who previously held a CPS rating will need to recertify five years after they either attained their rating or last recertified. The cost is $40 if mailed to a US address.recertification date. CAP Susan Jones. or $45 if mailed to a Canadian address. you do not need to order a new one. please complete and submit this form with payment. or you can contact us at certification@iaaphq.S. These changes do not impact your recertification deadline. For those outside the U. If you have questions about the change to your personal certification record.S. please refer to the Recertification Application. Those who had both the CPS and CAP rating will be expected to recertify five years after they attained or recertified their CAP. Proper Usage Examples of the only proper usage of the CAP rating and Organizational Management specialty are:   Pat Masters. and 6-8 weeks for plaques. Thank you. as this is a specialty exam and not a certification. CAP plaques are also available.