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HRPO  2307.

 WB     Organizational  Behavior   Spring  2011

"Being  an  effective  organizational   citizen  and  leader  is  the  most   important  professional  undertaking   you  can  challenge  yourself  with."  -­‐   Leigh  L.  Thompson

Instructor:       Connie  Nichols E-­‐mail: Office:       Sedate  Hall  208 Phone:       432-­‐335-­‐6521

Instructor's  Comments:      As  a  member  of  an  organization  you  want  to  be  effective.  This  course   will  help  prepare  you  to  make  smart  choices  for  yourself  and  for  your  organization.  Be  sure  to   read  and  follow  the  course  instructions  found  below.  In  order  to  successfully  complete  this   course,  you  should  allow  plenty  of  time  to  do  the  assignments.  The  assignments  are  not   designed  to  be  done  quickly.  I  would  suggest  setting  aside  several  hours  each  week  to   specifically  work  on  this  course.  Please  feel  free  to  contact  me  at  any  time   during  the  semester  with  questions,  comments,  or  other  issues  regarding  this  course.  I  look   forward  to  hearing  from  you. Course Description (Catalog Description): HRPO  2307  Organizational  Behavior  (52.1003)  3   Credit  hours.  The  analysis  and  application  of  organizational  theory,  group  dynamics,  motivation   theory,  leadership  concepts,  and  the  integration  of  interdisciplinary  concepts  from  the  behavioral   sciences.  Lab  fee  required.  (SCANS  5,  6,  7,  9,  11)  Prerequisite:  None. Required Text: Organizational  Behavior  Today  by  Leigh  L.  Thompson,  2008,  Pearson/Prentice   Hall,  ISBN  978-­‐0-­‐13-­‐185811-­‐4    This  book  can  be  purchased  from  the  Odessa  College  Bookstore  or   from  various  online  sources. Class Website: Instructor's Office Hours: Course Learning Outcomes : Upon  successful  completion  of  this  course,  should  will  be   prepared  to • • • • • explain  organizational  theory  as  it  relates  to  management  practices,  employee  relations,   and  structure  of  the  organization  to  fit  its  environment  and  operation analyze  leadership  styles  and  determine  their  effectiveness  in  employee  situations identify  methods  in  resolving  organizational  problems describe  the  impact  of  corporate  culture  and  atmosphere  on  employee  behavior analyze  and  discuss  team  dynamics,  team  building  strategies  and  cultural  diversity

Course Expectations: This  is  a  college  level  course  and  you  will,  therefore,  be  expected  to   uphold  established  college  standards  as  outlined  in  the  most  recent  Odessa  College  catalog.    Your   final  grade  will  be  based  upon  a  combination  of  the  following  factors: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Timeliness  of  lesson  submissions     Ability  to  relate  and  apply  the  concepts  discussed  in  the  course     Scores  on  exams,  projects,  and  other  assignments     Attendance  of  a  minimum  of  4  community  leadership  meetings     Score  on  final  exam  

The  instructor's  office  hours  and  phone  number  are  listed  above.    Please  do  not  hesitate  to  utilize   this  time  to  discuss  any  course-­‐related  topic.

 C’s.    The   assignments  must  be  completed  and  turned  in  by  the  due  date.  Thus  the  actual  grade  will  not   be  known  with  certainty  until  after  the  semester  is  dropping  a  class  or  receiving  an  incomplete  can  be  found  in   the  current  Odessa  College  Catalog.  80%.  Grades  will  be  returned  to  you  by   e-­‐mail  along  with  instructor's  comments  regarding  your  work. 2. Score  on  final  exam   The  instructor's  office  hours  and  phone  number  are  listed  above.  70%.  and  Grading  Policy:     1.    Lessons  more  than  two  weeks  late  may  not  be  accepted  for   grading  without  prior  permission  from  the  instructor.  and  D’s  are  based  on  a  90%. There  are  multiple  assignments  associated  with  this  course  as  well  as  a  Final  Exam.  you  will   need  to: 1.  Points  will  be  deducted  for  each  day  the  assignment  is   late. Information  regarding  withdrawals.    At  the  end  of  the  semester  these  projected  cutoff  points  will  be  adjusted  (i.     All  assignments  have  due  dates. Management  students  are  encouraged  to  make  an  appointment  with  Connie  Nichols  or  Sue  Jones   to  discuss  both  academic  and  career  goals  toward  the  end  of  each  long  semester.  raised   or  lowered)  in  order  to  reflect  the  overall  performance  of  the  class. Multiple  Choice  &  True/False  Questions Essay/Short  Answer  Questions   Community  Leadership  Meetings   Final  Exam 40%   40%     10%   10%   The  projected  cutoff  point  for  A’s.   Students  are  required  to  attend  a  minimum  of  4  community  leadership  meetings  during   each  semester.   Student  will  receive  an  updated  grade  sheet  weekly  along  with  the  graded  lesson  and  any   comments  or  suggestions  regarding  the  work  submitted. 3.  and  60%. Departmental  and  Instructor  Course  Requirements. Student  E-­‐mail:    If  you  have  not  already  accessed  your  Odessa  College  Student  E-­‐mail. 2.    Please  do  not  hesitate  to  utilize   this  time  to  discuss  any  course-­‐related  topic.  and  instructions.  please   follow  the  link  to  set  up  your  account:    http://odessa. Management  students  should  be  aware  that  a  grade  of  a  “C”  or  better  is  necessary  to  meet  the   degree  or  certificate  requirements.    Student  should  contact  instructor  regarding  late  assignments  and   make  arrangements  to  submit  late  work.      All  assignments  or   correspondence  will  be  submitted  using  your  Odessa  College  email.   respectively.     Submitting  Lessons  -­‐  Follow  these  steps  to  successfully  complete  this  course:  Read  all  six  steps!   The  Course  Lesson  are  available  to  view  and/or  print  from  this  website.  Evaluation  Methods.  Check  the  calendar  page  located  on  the  instructor's  website  for  a  list  of   organizations.  For  each  lesson. 4.  B’s. .  meeting  dates  and  times.    Each  Lesson  will  have  two  assignments  associated  with  a  particular  chapter  in  the  book  and   your  grade  will  be  a  compilation  of  the  following  categories: 1.5.e. Read  the  assigned  chapter  or  chapters  and  turn  in  the  entire  lessons  by  the  due  date  to   avoid  being  penalized.

   Office  phone:    432-­‐335-­‐6521        Email   address:    cnichols@odessa.       5.  Tell  me  a  story.  please  call  or  email  me.    This  helps  me  determine  if  you  are   understanding  the  topic  and  developing  critical  thinking  skills  needed  to  be  successful  in   today's  workplace.   3. Make  sure  you  put  your  name  and  course  number  in  the  body  of  the  e-­‐mail.  please  use  complete  sentences  and   include  an  example  from  your  own .    Prepare  an  answer  sheet  for  each  lesson.   Sample  Answer  Sheet 4.    You  can  attach  your  answer  sheet  to  an  email   to  me  or  you  can  type  your  answer  sheet  in  the  body  of  the  email. Please  use  an  answer  sheet.    Points  will  be  deducted  for  not  providing  examples. If  you  have  any  questions. When  answering  the  essay  or  discussion  questions.  explaining  and  defining  all  text  book  terms  and   providing  details  and  specifics.       6.

   Contact  the  Commission  on   Colleges  at  1866  Southern  Lane.    You  may  also  call  the  Office  of  Disability  Services  at  335-­‐6861  to  request  assistance  and   accommodations.   K  -­‐  knowledge  and   E  -­‐  efforts   T  -­‐  toward   I  -­‐  intentionally   N-­‐  navigating   G  -­‐  gains   Learning  Contract:    Each  student  is  expected  to  make  a  commitment  to  learn.  please  contact  me  to  discuss  your   concerns.  and  leadership.  __________________  I.  Example  below: On  this  day.  academic  dishonesty. Odessa  College  is  accredited  by  the  Commission  on  Colleges  of  the  Southern  Association  of   Colleges  and  Schools  to  award  associate  degrees  and  certificates.     .  Georgia  30033-­‐4097  or  call  404-­‐679-­‐4500  for  questions   about  the  accreditation  of  Odessa  College.   instructors  in  the  Management  Department  of  Odessa  College: • • • • • • • • • M  -­‐  managing   A  -­‐  all   R  -­‐  resources.  201  W.    Please  do  not  slide  under  the  door.How  to  Submit  work  if  your  computer  crashes:    If  your  computer  goes  down.  decision  making. Department  Web  site:    http://www.   special  accommodations.  you  are  still   responsible  to  have  the  Lessons  go  me  by  the  due  date.  Decatur.    To  help  students  understand  this   broad  based  concept.    The  management   program  is  not  intended  to  serve  as  preparatory  work  toward  a  baccalaureate  degree  although   courses  are  transferable  to  several  colleges  and  universities.  and  the  American  with  Disabilities  Act  of  1990. Special  Needs:    Odessa  College  complies  with  Section  504  of  the  Vocational  Rehabilitation  Act  of   1973.  you  should  leave  it  in  the  box  in   the  hall.  self-­‐management.   Information  regarding  student  support  services.   you  can   • • Deliver  it  to  my  office:    SH  208.odessa.    If  you  have  any  special  needs  or  issues   pertaining  to  your  access  to  and  participation  in  this  class.    If  I  am  not  in  my  office.  the  following  acronym  has  been  created  by  Sue  Jones  and  Connie  Nichols.  ________________________  commit  to  learn.  communication.   Objective  of  the  Management  Department:    The  primary  object  of  the  management  program  is  to   prepare  each  student  for  employment  by  providing  skills  training  in  critical  thinking.    Students  planning  to  pursue  a  four-­‐ year  degree  should  consult  the  upper  level  institution  of  their  choice  regarding  transferability  of   courses.  TX    79764.  Odessa.  Odessa  College.  problem   solving.  disciplinary  actions.  University.  Students  with  disabilities  are  expected  to  carry  out  their  obligations  in   completing  coursework  required  of  all  students.  or  students'  and  instructors'  right  to  academic  freedom  can  be  found  in   the  Odessa  College  Student   Management  Department  Philosophy:    Marketing  is  the  core  of  all  business  practices  -­‐  from  the   mom  and  pop  neighborhood  store  to  Fortune  500  companies.   Mail  it  to  me:    Connie  Nichols.    If  you  cannot  email  me  your  assignment.

Campus Closed Last Day to Drop: Thursday. April 4. and Personal Development Final Essay Holidays: January 17.Campus Closed Graduation: May 13.  Georgia  30033-­‐4097  or  call  404-­‐679-­‐4500  for  questions   about  the  accreditation  of  Odessa  College..      General  inquiries  about  Odessa  College. 2011 Due Date 2/01 2/08 2/15 3/01 3/08 3/22 3/29 4/05 4/12 4/19 5/03 . 2011 April 22 Good Friday . 2011 Martin Luther King Day .   educational  programs.    Contact  the  Commission  on   Colleges  at  1866  Southern  Lane.  financial  aid. Lesson Due Dates Spring 2011 Lesson Number Lesson 1 Lesson 2 Lesson 3 Lesson 4 Lesson 5 Lesson 6 Lesson 7 Lesson 8 Lesson 9 Lesson 10 Final Title Chapter 1 The Person and the Organization Chapter 2 The Understanding People and Their Behavior Chapter 3 Ethics and Values and Chapter 4 Communication Chapter 5 Power and Influence in Organizations and 6 Relationships and Social Networks Chapter 7 Decision Making and Chapter 8 Conflict Management and Negotiation Chapter 9 Leading and Managing Teams and Chapter 10 Leadership Chapter 11 Organizational Change Chapter 12 Fairness and Justice and Chapter 13 Diversity and Culture Chapter 14 The Virtual Workplace Chapter 15 Life.Colleges  and  Schools  to  award  associate  degrees  and  certificates.  should  be  addressed  directly  to  the  College  and  not  to  the   Commission’s  office.  etc.Campus Closed March 14-20 Spring Break . Learning.  Decatur.  such  as  admission  requirements.