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HP Certified Professional

HP Quality Center 9.2 Software HP0-M15
Exam Preparation Guide

Purpose of the exam prep guide
The intent of this guide is to set expectations about the content and the context of the exam and to help candidates prepare for the HP Quality Center 9.2 Software exam. In this guide, you will find recommended HP training courses, reference and study material help you achieve a successful passing score. Studies conducted by HP and Prometric show that a combination of course attendance and self-study maximizes the likelihood of passing the exam on the first attempt.

This exam is intended for technical implementers who will work on Quality Center for test management and repository.

Certification requirements
This HP Quality Center 9.2 Software exam is the core requirement to be certified as an Accredited Integration Specialist in HP Quality Center v9.


no prerequisites

Exam details
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Number of items: 90 Item types: multiple choice Time commitment: 3 hours Percentage Required to Pass Exam: 70 percent Reference Material: No on-line or hard copy reference material will be allowed at the testing site.


1 – Overview of Quality Center components 2 – Quality Center interface. Instructor-Led Training Use the information in this guide and the practical experience you have gained to determine your need for the instructor-led training.merctraining. HP strongly recommends that you attend the classes. Title Using Quality Center Quality Center 9.merctraining. and thoroughly review all course material and documents before taking the exam. participate in class labs. even if you believe you have sufficient on-the-job However.cfm?RegionID=All&sitepic k=US v http://www. You must also gain the practical experience outlined in this guide You are not required to take the courses listed in this How to Enroll Registration: v http://www. The exam measures your understanding of these areas. Use this outline to guide your study and to check your readiness for the exam.cfm?RegionID=All&sitepic k=AU 2 .merctraining.Test execution 8 – Defect tracking Recommended Training and Study References This section lists training courses and documents that can help you acquire a majority of the knowledge and skills needed to pass the exam.2 Software Exam Preparation Guide Exam content The following topics represent the specific areas of content covered in the exam.cfm?RegionID=All&sitepic k=UK v http://www. elements and functions 3 – Working with releases 4 – Working with requirements 5 – Working with data 6 – Test planning 7 .

select a host group for the local machine c.pdf&sitepick=AU Additional Study Reference: We also recommend reading the available data sheets for Quality Center v9. Test Plan d.2 Software Exam Preparation Guide Study Summary: v http://www. Releases The PDF files are located at: https://h10078.pdf&sitepick=US v http://www. Cycle to&cp=1-11-15-24^1131_4000_100__ Sample Exam Items: How do you run an automated test concurrently on multiple remote hosts in a test set? View button b.HP Quality Center 9. run the test locally b.merctraining. add multiple instances of the test to the test set Which button or menu will allow you to view additional fields in the Defects Grid? a. select multiple hosts for the automated test d.pdf&sitepick=UK v http://www. Select Columns button d.cfm?code=4119&file=QC92UsingOutline-01A.merctraining. Select>View menu Which module allows you to view coverage by cycle? a. Requirements 3 Favorites>View menu c.

HP Quality Center 9. 4 .2 Software Exam Preparation Guide Conclusion HP wishes you success in the HP Certified Professional Program and in passing the exam for which you are preparing.