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There are quite a number of interesting projects that can be done using “Glow in the Dark” products. Here are a few helpful suggestions that can help you get going (well…you can always let your own creative juices flow!)

Imagine adding those little extras, those little some things, those personal touches to your favorite Halloween masks and decors. Enhance masks and props with glow paint and use black light to give an uncanny feel. You can surprise all by “lighting up” a prop without using a traditional light. Use glow colors such as red for that extra scary effect. You can paint words on walls in a dark room to add to the scene or theme of the occasion .You can also paint glow in the dark murals on the walls and ceilings creating those perfect “fun houses”. Materials needed: Black lights or bulbs, White paint, Photo-luminescent Glow paints, Paint brushes, Large piece of brown paper, Newspaper. Time needed: Under 1 hour. Easy steps: 1. On the wall fix or hang a large sheet of plain paper painted black for more realistic and dramatic effects. 2. Line the floor with old newspapers to protect it from paints which may drip. 3. Make outlines of a haunted house, pumpkins and other Halloween symbols. 4. Apply Glow in the dark paints of different shades. Play around with your imagination. 4. Use UV Black light for an even more “deadly” impact. Hang the finished creation next to a black light in your main party hall or right on the front porch. This adds a fun touch to the Halloween haunted house decor.

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Need an easy but fun project for the kids’ Halloween party? Try this. Create a glowing dot room (a room painted black with multi colored glowing dots all over the walls), hang a black light fixture mounted to the ceiling. You can put somebody in the room completely covered in black with matching dots; make him stand against the wall so that he remains unnoticed. The fun begins when he actually starts moving in the dark making it feel as though the lights/dots are moving. A sure hit formula for everyone from adults to kids. STEP BY STEP GUIDE ON HOW TO CREATE GLOWING DOT ROOMS YOURSELF: • Enhance masks and props with glow paint and use black light to give an uncanny feel. You can surprise all by “lighting up” a prop without using a traditional light. Use glow colors such as red for that extra scary effect. • You can paint words on wall in a dark room to add to the scene or theme of the occasion. You can also paint glow in the dark mural on the walls and ceilings for creating those perfect “fun houses”. Main Structure: You can start with a regular camping canopy which can be easily assembled or disassembled. Walls: Walls can be made out of black opaque sheets like the ones sold in most department and hardware stores. Make sure the sheets are thick and durable. Cut the plastic in the exact dimension of the wall and ceiling. DOTS: You will need 2 packs of those white round circular paper stickers (the ones that are usually used for pricing items in a yard sale). Stick those dots in a random order on the plastic (for the walls) but do not stick dots to the ceiling pieces. DOT PAINTING: You will need glow paints of various colors to cover the sticker with multi-colored paint. Let them dry thoroughly. WALL HANGING: The walls can be easily taped to the canopy with a packaging tape which is strong but which can later be removed. The walls have to be sealed thoroughly so that there is no light peeping in. DOOR: You can make way for entry or exit into and out of your dark room by cutting a slit on one side of the sheet. You can also use techniques such as overlapping plastics to prevent light from sneaking thru the opening. LIGHTING; It only takes a small black light to make the glowing dots glow brilliantly. Make sure to use a battery powered black light or use dark (preferably black) extension cords for power.

This scintillating and awe-inspiring project can be a sure success with the kids. A wall is painted with gloss black paint and then painted with Fast Zinc Glow Powder. Keep a charging light opposite the wall. Now ask the kids to stand in front of the wall and make poses. As your child poses, “flash” the light, and a clear silhouette of the child appears on the wall and remains there for sometime. Here are some tips on making your own silhouette walls: Walls: Depending on whether you want the walls temporary or permanent, a variety of different materials can be used. For permanent walls, use drywall, plywood, or medium density fiberboard. For temporary walls, use canvas tarps, plastic tarps or 6 mil black plastic sold for paint protection or gardening. Paint: Unless you are using a plastic wall, first paint the surface with a sealing primer and let it dry. Next, paint a coat of black gloss paint and let it dry. Repeat coats for evenness in color. Finally, mix your Fast Zinc powder with the cheapest clear paint you can purchase. Just make sure it does not have any UV filters in it. Add only 10% powder to the paint and mix only in small amounts (because you can always mix more if the need be). If you are not happy with the final glow, you can add layers to increase the glow. When you reach the point of satisfaction with the glow level, it is highly suggested that you paint a layer of Clear as a sealer. Source of light: You can choose from a variety of light fixtures of your choice. You can go for a fluorescent fixture or a regular incandescent fixture. The good thing about fluorescent fixtures is that they are more powerful and easier on the eyes, but the bad part is they are slow to turn off and on. Next, you can opt for either a regular white light or a black light. The black light is more expensive, but has the best effect and is easy on the eyes. It has been seen that a typical 6 outlet power strip with an on/off button is a great switch. Main lighting in the room: Glow powder is charged with light. So you need light but just in the right proportion. So, go for a very dim light and place it at an angle slightly behind the walls. In permanent structures, it is suggested to have everything else in the room be painted black except for the glow wall itself.

If you are interested in rocketry, glow paint can be of particular interest. Paint your rockets or parachutes with glow paint for making them visible for night launches. An interesting approach in this is to paint only the nose cone and fins with glow paint for an intriguing effect. Shooting rockets doesn’t have to be rocket science. All you need is a rocket that can be tracked in the air and located after descent. Here’s where glow in the dark paints come handy- it offers this need with low cost, low weight and no requirements for batteries. Moreover, paint based lighting also enhance the scientific level of a rocketry project. TRY OUT THESE SIMPLE STEPS: 1) Start by covering all paper or wood parts with a sealer and possibly a base coat of colored paint. 2) Next, add a thin layer or more of glow in the dark paint until you reach the desired brightness. 3) You can use either a paint brush or air brush for application. 4) You can also try out this new technique called “Glow Dusting”, in which a salt shaker is used to simply dust the powder onto wet paint. 5) It is always suggested to apply a thin sealing layer after the completion of the job.

WHAT LIGHT SOURCE TO USE? It is always suggested that you carry a battery powered black light with you for charging your glow rockets to their brightest. You can use a portable black light which is easily available in stores, is affordable and is powered by AA batteries or a car adapter. Another alternative is a UV flashlight. A popular model is the single LED Photon III UV. Yet another alternative is a light that has 5 UV LED’s which are focused at two separate wavelengths to maximize its effectiveness. It is very portable- about the size of an AA flashlight and therefore easily fits in your pocket.

ADDING YOUR SIGNATURE TOUCH: You can create unique rockets as your hobby and also add your own signature touch by making your own and distinct nose cones and other plastic parts. Create your own unique designs and paint with glow powder which can easily be added to almost all molded plastics.

NO NIGHT LAUNCHES? JUST “DISPLAY”? OK! Have it your way! If you are pursuing this hobby as an art form, glowing rockets would definitely add to the class and flair of your display shelf!

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GLOW IN THE DARK SPIDER WEBS: You can accomplish this fun project (ideal for Halloween) by these simple steps: • • • • • • • • • • Spread Crystal Clear Window color over the Texture panel. Allow to dry flat overnight. Once dry, carefully peel Window Color off the Texture panel. Place the cuttable plastic. Smooth it to remove air bubbles. Place cuttable Plastic Square over pattern and trace with Glow Liquid Leading. Allow to dry. Follow the dotted lines and cut on the web design from the plastic square. Leave about 1/4’ of plastic on edge. Select 1 large and 1 small black nugget from Assorted Glass Nuggets and attach each nugget onto the web design using Crystal Clear Window Color as glue. Using Glow Liquid Leading, make a swirl on back of spider body. Using wire cutters, cut (8) approximately 1” stripes of Craft Wire to create spider legs. Create a blend in each with wire cutters. Place wire legs close to Spider Body and attach to web, using small drops of Crystal Clear Window Color as glue. Using the craft knife, poke a small hole in finished piece to hang with suction cup.