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Take Assessment - ESwitching Final Exam - CCNA Exploration: LAN inalámbrica y conmutada (Version 4.0)
Time Remaining: 01:04:05 Showing 1 of 4 1 Next> Page: GO <Prev When an access point is placed near the outside wall of a building, which implementation design procedure should be used? Disable SSID cloaking. Lower the encryption level. Decrease the power setting. Disable MAC address filtering. Modify the Network Mode to Wireless-G. What is the purpose of the Spanning Tree algorithm? It propagates VLAN configurations to other switches. It restricts broadcast packets to a single VLAN. It segments a network into multiple broadcast domains. It prevents loops in a switched network with redundant paths.



Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator is planning five additional VLANs to be shared throughout the VTP domain on S3. What action should the administrator take before creating the additional VLANs? Create the VLANs on a switch in VTP server mode and allow them to propogate to the other switches in the domain. Modify the configuration revision to 10 to support the additional VLANs. Enable the VTP pruning mode in order to create the VLANs on S3. Enable the VTP v2 mode. 4

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04/10/2011 07:58 p.m.

Cisco Networking Academy http://assessment.shtml Refer to the exhibit. 10.netacad. What is the maximum number of VLANs that can be deleted from the Switch as it is configured? zero four five eight nine 5 Refer to the exhibit. Each switch is configured to participate in STP for VLANs 1. and 30. . Which switch will become the root for VLAN 20? A 2 de 5 04/10/2011 07:58 p.

3 and 802.5 and 802.16 802. What can be determined from the configuration of this wireless device? This configuration is commonly found in an ad hoc network.m.11G? (Choose two.16 7 Refer to the exhibit.netacad.11 802.11n WAN protocol.shtml B C D 6 A wireless LAN access point will convert traffic between which two frame encapsulation types? 802.11n standard over the IEEE 802. All wireless devices that are connected to this access point must have the SSID of Academy.) requires less equipment provides improved range permits increased data rates has a single-input and a single-output needs no hardware upgrade for compatibility In which mode is a VTP switch operating if it has been configured to only forward VTP advertisements? client root server transparent 9 10 3 de 5 04/10/2011 07:58 p.Cisco Networking Academy http://assessment.11 802. 8 What are two benefits of the IEEE 802. .3 and 802. Any wireless clients that are attached to this access point must be connected using the 802.1 and Any wireless clients that are attached to this access point would have the same IP address and SSID.

The router will forward the packet out interface FastEthernet 0/1. and privilege level credentials for authentication. 11 Refer to the exhibit.65 and a destination address of 192. The router will forward the packet out interface FastEthernet 0/1.2 and interface FastEthernet 0/ Networking Academy http://assessment. password. It will clear the contents of the running configuration file. It will clear the contents of the VLAN database. The users will be authenticated by a separate server that is explicitly configured to handle user authentication. What will be the outcome of the command? It will clear the contents of the MAC table. How will the configuration affect users who manage the switch over HTTP? The users will not require any additional authentication.shtml Refer to the exhibit. The router will forward the packet out interface FastEthernet 0/ It will clear the contents of the startup configuration file.2.3.m. The users will be required to use the switch enable password for authentication. 12 A network administrator issued the erase nvram: command on a switch. .161. The router will forward the packet out interface FastEthernet 0/1. Router RA receives a packet with a source address of 192. The users will be required to use the login username. 4 de 5 04/10/2011 07:58 p.netacad. What will the router do with this packet? The router will drop the packet.

but the command history buffer is still available. .shtml 13 Company policy requires disabling the command history buffer on network devices. Inc. Privacy Statement and Trademarks 5 de 5 04/10/2011 07:58 p. 14 Which stackable switch feature allows for interconnection of multiple switches and will provide a cost effective solution for networks that require high bandwidth and high availability? modular line cards special backplane port dedicated gigabyte line ports aggregated FastEthernet ports 15 Which dynamic trunking protocol mode should be configured on switch interfaces that connect to host devices? auto trunk access dynamic nonegotiate Showing 1 of 4 Next> Page: GO <Prev All contents copyright 1992-2011 Cisco Systems.m. An administrator enters terminal no history size at the command prompt on a Cisco Catalyst switch and receives no error messages back. The size parameter reset the default buffer size but did not disable access to the What is the problem? The command contained a syntax error. not a switch. The command history can only be disabled on a router.Cisco Networking Academy http://assessment.netacad. The Cisco IOS version does not support disabling the command history buffer.