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BUS 131A Case Analysis Crib Sheet

Where are you in the Product Life Cycle?
Introduction Growth Maturity Decline

What are the components of each player's Value Chain?
Direct Value Addition Indirect Value Addition

What can be added via Value Networks?
3rd party suppliers Competitors Who else?

Where are you in the Technology Adoption Life Cycle?
Technophiles Visionaries Pragmatists Conservatives Laggards

Who is in each player's Buying Center?
R&D Management Legal Finance Production Marketing Customer Service Shipping Who else?

Where are you in the Boston Consulting Group Growth/Share Matrix?
Star Question Mark Cash Cow Dog

Who are the Principal Players? Suppliers
Customers End Users Competitors in industry Competitors outside of industry Regulators (SEC) Industry & Standards Groups Who else?

What is each player's Company Culture?
Risk Takers? Management by Objective? Entrepreneurial? Bureaucratic? Company Goals? What does company reward? Corporate Value Image? Ignighters for value image? What else?

What are the results of each player's SWOT Analysis?
Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats

What are each player's Needs?
Personal: Fast Info, Design Help, Easy Maintenance, Recognition Company: Clear Info, Appropriate Design, User Friendly, Effective Solution

What is each player's Market Concept?
Production Product Selling Marketing Social Marketing

What is "ideal" in the mind of consumer?
What else?

Personal Sales. Sales Promotions) What is the Purchase Type? New task Modified re-buy Routine repurchase Market Environment What is the Total Offering? Core Product Economic Utility Design Assistance Application Assistance Service Replacements Value Image What is each player's World View? Market Environment? Market Segmentation? Customer Needs? Company Goals? What is the Market Structure? Geography Number of Sellers Number of Buyers What is the Product? Raw Material Component Part Capitol Item Supply Service Technical Complexity? Customized? . Public Relations.Who has Market Ownership? Share of market? Share of mind? Share of heart? Part of Evoked Set? Investment to achieve it? What is Demand? Derived From? Elasticity? Volatility? Continuity? What is the Sales Channel? Direct Sales Industrial Distributors & Dealers Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) Users/End Users (E/U) Government Agencies Institutions Who are interested Publics? Financial publics Press Public Interest Groups Internal publics (employees) What is the Competitive Environment? Monopoly Oligopoly Differentiated Oligopoly Pure Competition Monopolistic Competition What are each player's 4 P's? Product Price Place (Form. Time. Possession) Promotion (Advertising. Place.