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Deliver The Connected Life

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Cisco Cable Mission

To be your partner in transforming your network and your business from today’s service provider to tomorrow’s experience provider so you can deliver the connected life to your customers

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Inc. .Today’s Discussion Connected Your Customers Life At Home At Work On the Move A connected life joins you to the human network Experience Your Providers Company Experience providers deliver the connected life Your Network Cisco IP NGN powers the experience provider 3 © 2007 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved. 4 .Consumer Offer: Passive Consumer Becomes a Producer Watch Navigate Broadcast TV Video On Demand Participate Community Services Produce Create/Remix Content User to Provider Dynamic Provider to User Dynamic Experience Empower Transact Interact Personalization of Content & Sharing Complete Customization Broadcast One Service Fits All Menu. Network Response Time © 2007 Cisco Systems. Inc.

Any Time Network 13242_12_2006 © 2007 Cisco Systems.The Connected Life Any Content. Inc. 2006 Cisco Confidential 5 . Anywhere. All rights reserved.

Publish… Broadcast TV TV on the Move Communicate Collaborate Connect TelePresence Industry Specific Applications New Opportunities Bring New Infrastructure Challenges © 2007 Cisco Systems. unify and improve professional communications and collaboration Unified Communications On-Demand Video Web 2.0: Experience Paradigm Shift Changing Business Models Consumer Personalize content on-demand from any source to any device Business Personalize.0 Video Social Networking Search. Download. 6 . All rights reserved.Video 2. Inc. Broadcast.

Inc. All rights reserved. program DVR for tonight Make wait time productive Schedule a meeting Conference face-to-face Conduct a Telepresence meeting © 2007 Cisco Systems. 7 .A Day in The Connected Life Personalized Content Watch shows on demand. answer video call on TV Find Kids’ GPS location on TV Download the latest music Work from home Watch TV on the train.

All rights reserved. 8 .The Connected Life Subscriber Rewards Greater scope of experiences Greater personalization The Human Network Greater quality of experience A connected life joins you to the human network © 2007 Cisco Systems. Inc.

Inc. .Today’s Discussion The Connected Life At Home At Work On the Move A connected life joins you to the human network Your Company Your Network 9 © 2007 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved.

Inc. Net Neutrality.Franchising. 7/07. 10 . Telco.State of the Cable Industry Competition Increasing Across all Services Satellite. and Internet Delivered Media Need differentiated products and services Technical Complexity Escalating Challenging to keep pace with technological changes Affects ability to execute growth strategy Challenges with Voice Success Ability to scale and manage growth Heightened customer expectations for reliability Regulatory Issues Increasing Affects all services. A la Carte Impacts all aspects of the business and the network Source: SEC Filings © 2007 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved.

All rights reserved. 11 . Inc.Market Inflection Point: The Experience Provider A company that integrates internal and external innovations to create a consumer experience © 2007 Cisco Systems.

Inc. All rights reserved. 12 .The Experience Provider Content Community Usability Source: Forrester Research © 2007 Cisco Systems.

Elements of an Experience Provider Content • Many devices (TV. Inc. All rights reserved. Phones) • New producers (End users too) • Many sources (Not all controlled) • The Human Network • Social Networking • Blogosphere • Simple user interfaces • Consistent UI for all devices • Cross-screen compatibility Community Usability The Experience Provider Delivers The Connected Life © 2007 Cisco Systems. PC. 13 .

14 . Inc. All rights reserved.The Experience Provider Benefits to MSO Greater service opportunities Welcome to the human network Greater customer relevance Greater customer loyalty © 2007 Cisco Systems.

.Today’s Discussion Connected Life At Home At Work On the Move A connected life joins you to the human network Experience Provider Experience providers deliver the connected life Your Network 15 © 2007 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved. Inc.

All rights reserved. Inc.Transformation: Characteristics of an Ideal Network 100’s SD & HD Channels Ubiquitous Rich Content Reliable Cable Next-Generation Network Connectionless High Bandwidth Secure © 2007 Cisco Systems. 16 .

2006 Cisco Confidential 17 . Inc.IP NGN Principles Rapid Creation of New Services Differentiation for Cable Operators Value in the Network Expense Reduction 13242_12_2006 © 2007 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved.

FMC. 18 . Inc. SEF. Identity. Coax Cable Network Convergence Eliminate Network Layers to Increase OPEX/CAPEX Efficiencies Cisco IP NGN Powers the Experience Provider © 2007 Cisco Systems. Optical Repeaters. DVR. Premise. Servers. Nodes. Access. Directory. Local/LD Operations Integration of New Billable Services Drives Broadband Revenues Systems IMS. Gateway Amps. Authentication Service Convergence Service Continuity Across Networks Improves Customer Loyalty Network Infrastructure Plant/ Optics Core. All rights reserved. Voice Mail. Gaming Email. Cache. Policy.Cisco IP NGN Architecture Devices Application Convergence Applications VoD. Metro. Web. Proxy.

Cisco IP NGN Architecture Corporate/Partner Systems & Peering Emerging Next Generation Cable Infrastructure Multi-Service Head End Access & Edge Connected Home/Life Linksys Home Router Advertising App/Nav Services DPI/SCE PCMM ERM Security Reporting CDS XoD (Web) CDS XoD (TV) BTS (Voice) Operations Care IT/Billing Content Peering Federated Identity Syndicated Services Broadcast/Contribution VoIP/Mobile Peering QAM RFGW CDS Vault XoD Manager Distribution CDS Manager Workflow Entitlement SA STB or DVR SDV/PCMM DNCS/SRM City/Region TV/Web Encoder Headend & DCM Streamer Array Business/PEG Country/Trans-national IP Peering Access Partners Inter-MSO Fabric CRS-1 CRS-1 Regional Network 7600 CMTS M-CMTS DOCSIS 3.X ISR Router λ Core Backbone Multi-Service Metro-Optical Ethernet Wireless* D-PON* FTTx/EOC* Call Manager © 2007 Cisco Systems. All rights reserved. 19 . Inc.

support aligned to requirements Implement Implement the IPTV Solution Deploy the solution and help with market roll-out © 2007 Cisco Systems. 20 .Cisco and Scientific Atlanta Services Coordinated Planning and Strategy Make sound financial and strategic decisions Prepare Operational Excellence Assure video quality of experience Assess Video Readiness Optimize Plan Maintain IPTV Network Health Break Fix Preventative Maintenance Cisco Lifecycle Services Operate Design Can your network support video services? Design the IPTV Solution Products. All rights reserved. services. Inc.

Processes and Integration © 2007 Cisco Systems. 21 . All rights reserved. Inc. Tools.Investment Focus Areas Advancing the Cisco IP NGN IP-NGN Quad-Play Network Content and Network Security Flexible Content Delivery Voice and Mobility Solutions Bandwidth Optimization Solutions “Connected Life” Home Networking Targeted Advertising Insertion Open Software Systems & Applications Network Operator Systems.Transformation .

22 . and Efficient IP Infrastructures for Lower TCO Accelerate Demand by Connecting Subscribers to MSO Services © 2007 Cisco Systems. Faster Time to Market Build Networks Accelerate Demand Optimize Business Provide Domain Expertise to Support Business and Network Transitions and Improve Operational Efficiencies Intelligent. Extensible. Inc. All rights reserved.Cisco Systems The Complete Transformation Partner Deploy Services Layer Existing and New Services for Revenue and Profit Growth.

Inc. All rights reserved. Powered by Cisco Connected Life At Home At Work On the Move A connected life joins you to the human network Experience Providers Experience providers deliver the connected life Cisco IP NGN powers the experience provider © 2007 Cisco Systems. 23 .Join the Human Network Delivered by Experience Providers.

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