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Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance Management

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Security breaches caused by malware intrusions have made organizations worldwide into inadvertent newsmakers. Companies are also exposed to compliance and productivity risks associated with inappropriate web usage. To protect themselves against internal and external threats that affect the bottom-line, organizations invest in the industry’s leading web security appliance. Cisco® IronPort S-Series web security appliances enforce acceptable use and security policies to reduce non-compliance and regulatory risk and protect against web-based malware. To handle network complexity and high traffic volumes, organizations typically deploy multiple Cisco IronPort S-Series appliances. This creates a critical need to centrally manage policies and provide consolidated reporting data. Cisco IronPort M-Series security management appliances provide a platform to centrally manage policies for multiple Cisco IronPort web security appliances. Additionally, reporting capabilities on the Cisco IronPort S-Series provide insight into the organization. For further analysis, Sawmill for Cisco IronPort web security – a customized third-party analytics tool – allows organizations to centrally analyze and monitor malware threats and web usage. These management features enable organizations to perform complex tasks intuitively and extract the most value out of their web security investment.
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Cisco IronPort email and web security products are high-performance, easy-to-use and technically-innovative solutions, designed to secure organizations of all sizes. Purpose built for security and deployed at the gateway to protect the world’s most important networks, these products enable a powerful perimeter defense.

Leveraging the Cisco Security Intelligence Operations center and global threat correlation makes the Cisco IronPort line of appliances smarter and faster. This advanced technology enables organizations to improve their security and transparently protect users from the latest Internet threats.

. Cisco ICCM also offers role-based access control – enabling administrators to delegate policy administration to other roles within the organization. reporting allows security operations. Cisco ICCM ensures that acceptable use and security policies are enforced uniformly across the organization. Decryption Policies and Custom URL categories). Should these roles not fulfill an organization’s needs. The new Configuration History Log feature generates logs whenever a change is committed. each log file contains a snapshot of the configuration which can be used to restore policy and other configuration settings in case of an unexpected failure. or a subset of. web policy M-Series appliances is provided by Cisco’s powerful IronPort administrator. Cisco IronPort S-Series Cisco IronPort S-Series Cisco IronPort S-Series Policies NOT editable by Delegated Administrator Policies editable by Delegated Administrator Cisco IronPort M-Series Consistent policy application across geographic boundaries Delegated administration simplifies policy management Cisco ICCM offers the following features for centralized policy management: • gUI-based policy definition and deployment simplifies the task of creating web security policies and eliminates the complexity of writing scripts. This provides an extra level of granularity in policy definition and deployment. agement appliance and apply them to multiple Cisco IronPort S-Series appliances. Administrators can backup their web security policies using the Cisco IronPort M-Series to safeguard against device. preventing any breaches. Cisco IronPort web security appliances and monitor the deployed policies from a single page view. network operations. ICCM. URL filtering administrator and administrator Centralized Configuration Manager (ICCM). system or network failures. Using Cisco role. administrators can centrally define all of their web the administrator can also create custom user roles for security policies from a single Cisco IronPort security mangreater flexibility. • Configuration History Logs allow organizations to comply with governance requirements by keeping track of who made policy and configuration changes via a log file that is generated whenever a change is committed. These policies can be pushed to all. which allows a Cisco IronPort S-Series administrator to easily migrate to the Cisco IronPort M-Series appliance for centralized policy management. This allows organizations to know who made a configuration change in order to satisfy compliance and governance requirements. Access Policies. To simplify security administration. Custom user roles based on LDAP • Delegated administration enables the management of a subset of policies by other administrators who have readwrite access to specific policies. The gUI is very similar to the Cisco IronPort web security appliance menu (including Identities.Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance Management PA g e 2 f e at u r e s • Role-based access control offers flexible pre-built Centralized policy configuration on the Cisco IronPort administrator roles including web administrator.

provides a rich set of pre-built reports for in-depth web usage and security threat analysis across all Cisco IronPort S-Series appliances in the organization. Similarly. which specific websites were visited and when? • Why is a particular user’s bandwidth usage soaring and which websites is that individual visiting? • Is the organization in compliance with various regulatory requirements? This valuable insight limits the liabilities of an organization and keeps costs associated with worker productivity and malware threats in check. Sawmill for Cisco IronPort. In addition. helps power the Cisco IronPort M-Series appliance. Cisco IronPort S-Series appliances feature a rich set of reports that allow organizations to visualize security and web usage trends on the appliance itself. Powerful drilldown capabilities enable security operators to track which machines are prone to malware attacks. and refine their acceptable use and security policies. helps organizations answer important questions such as: • Who visited unacceptable URL categories? • Within each URL category. starting with the Cisco IronPort S-Series web security appliances. a robust hardware platform. tracking. Cisco IronPort S-Series Security and Web Activity Summary report . which may result in attacks. robustness and scalability capable of handling the needs of all enterprises. Cisco IronPort technology offers a complete reporting solution.Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance Management PA g e 3 f e at u r e s ( C o n t i n u e d ) human resources and compliance staff to gain deep understanding of the security and compliance threats facing their organizations. a customized third-party analytics tool. any acceptable use policy violations can be tracked down to an individual IP or authenticated user.. based on Cisco’s industryleading IronPort AsyncOS operating system. Security report for a specific Cisco IronPort S-Series appliance Sawmill for Cisco IronPort. This allows organizations to monitor situations that would expose them to liabilities. threat analysis and troubleshooting tasks. Top ‘N’ reports summarize information on the web traffic and security threats seen on the appliance. Cisco IronPort AsyncOS delivers performance. Companies can even identify risky user behavior. Actionable and insightful reports allow organizations to perform trending. powerful drilldown reports – as well as the ability to search for a specific client – allow organizations to see specific threats on specific clients as well as associated web usage activity. Powerful filters allow organizations to focus on the subject of interest.

. Suggested for organizations with multiple gateway security appliances and thousands of users. Cisco ironport m1060 Cisco ironport m660 Cisco ironport m160 Consolidated management appliance designed to meet the needs of the most demanding networks in the world. administrative overhead. Designed for organizations with multiple gateway security appliances and less than 2. f e at u r e ava i l a b i l i t y m at r i x Feature Interactive Drill-Down Reporting Acceptable Use Policy and Malware Reporting Centralized Policy Administration Role-Based Access Control Delegated Administration Policy Configuration Backup and Restore Available On Cisco IronPort S-Series* Cisco IronPort S-Series* Cisco IronPort M-Series Cisco IronPort M-Series Cisco IronPort M-Series Cisco IronPort M-Series * Fine-grained analysis and centralized reporting available via Sawmill for Cisco IronPort. but also helps appliances. business usage metrics. role-based access control organizations respond to governance and compliance and delegated administration features increase flexibility and requirements. This powerful tool assists with business productivity optimization by fine tuning web usage policies. administrators can use the Cisco The Configuration History Log feature on the Cisco IronPort IronPort M-Series for centralized policy management and M-Series can be used to create a trail of all configuration configuration updates for a group of Cisco IronPort S-Series changes. productivity loss metrics and web usage trends. gain organizational insight Powerful reporting gives CXOs visibility into web usage – including URL browsing history.Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance Management PA g e 4 benefits simplify administration Cisco IronPort security respond to governance and Compliance requirements management appliances simplify overall deployment of The centralized reporting and tracking features allow orgaCisco IronPort web security appliances. web security and security management product lines address issues faced by organizations ranging from small businesses to the global 2000. The newly-introduced. produCt line The Cisco IronPort email security. To reduce nizations to keep tight control of acceptable use policies.000 users. granularity for policy definition and deployment. This not only reduces liability.

IronPort. centralized reporting and centralized tracking. ScriptShare. MeetingPlace Chime Sound. and Welcome to the Human Network are trademarks. battery-backed 256MB cache 1x2 Dual Core Intel Xeon 500 gB RAID 1. IOS. Cisco IronPort S-Series appliances are the industry’s most comprehensive secure web gateway – providing best-in-class protection against webborne malware threats such as viruses. gigaDrive.8 TB RAID 10. Inc. For additional information. CCeNT. americas headquarters Cisco Systems. iPhone. battery-backed 256MB cache Interfaces ethernet Fiber Web Interface 2x4 (Quad Cores) Intel Xeon 1.ironport. Offering the benefits of Cisco’s industry-leading IronPort AsyncOS platform. Spectrum expert. event Center. FormShare. San Jose. Singapore europe headquarters Cisco Systems International BV Amsterdam. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Cisco and any other company. CCNP. Catalyst. The Netherlands Cisco has more than 200 offices worldwide. Addresses. PCNow. The Cisco IronPort M-Series security management appliance. Cisco Nexus. the IronPort logo. 100/240 volts Processor. RJ-45 Yes gUI-based (HTTP or HTTPS) 3xgigabit NICs. call 650-989-6530 or visit us on the web at www.5” (h) x 17. the Cisco Systems logo. etherFast.5” (d) 750 watts. Collaboration Without Limitation. SMARTnet. Inc. 2U rack height 3. Network Registrar. while also ensuring enterprise-class performance. All other trademarks mentioned in this document or website are the property of their respective owners. Aironet. the Cisco Certified Internetwork expert logo. SenderBase. StackWise. etherSwitch. Cisco StadiumVision. Cisco Press. Cisco. Cisco offers a free “Try Before You Buy” evaluation of the Cisco IronPort M-Series security management appliance.5” (h) x 17. 100/240 volts Cisco ironport m660 19” Rack-Mountable. and the Webex logo are registered trademarks of Cisco Systems. combined with Sawmill for Cisco IronPort. The Fastest Way to Increase Your Internet Quotient.5” (w) x 21. CCIe. these appliances simplify administrative overhead and allow organizations to respond to governance and compliance requirements. Networking Academy. CCDe. MediaTone. PIX. Cisco Unity. summary The best place to control and protect against the risks posed by web traffic is right at the gateway. Cisco Systems. and Learn and Cisco Store are service marks. CCSP. and/or its affiliates in the United States and certain other countries. Networkers. Bringing the Meeting To You. iQuick Study. MeetingPlace.5” (d) 345 watts. CCIP. CCDP. HomeLink. PowerPanels. Changing the Way We Work. Memory. Internet Quotient. Cisco Systems Capital. Trojans and botnets. AsyncOS. Live. battery-backed 256MB cache 3xgigabit NICs. DCe. Ltd.75” (h) x 17.5” (w) x 29. provides a comprehensive platform for centralized management. (0809R) P/N 435-0250-1 5/09 . and Disks CPUs 2x4 (Quad Cores) Intel Xeon Disk Space 3 TB RAID RAID 10. CCNA. 2U rack height 3. Fast Step. Cisco Lumin. Cisco Webex.5” (w) x 29. LightStream. Cisco TelePresence. RJ-45 No gUI-based (HTTP or HTTPS) Compatibility: Interfaces with all Cisco IronPort gateway security appliances. 100/240 volts Cisco ironport m160 19” Rack-Mountable. and Access Registrar. C o n ta C t u s Through a global sales force and reseller Follow Me Browsing. MgX. Cisco eos. Linksys. Cisco IOS. Play. Webex. the Cisco logo. and fax numbers are listed on the Cisco website at www. CA asia pacific headquarters Cisco Systems (USA) Pte. ProConnect. spyware. RJ-45 No gUI-based (HTTP or HTTPS) 2xgigabit NICs. phone numbers.Cisco IronPort Web Security Appliance Management PA g e 5 t e C h n i C a l s p e C i f i C at i o n s Cisco ironport m1060 Chassis Form Factor Dimensions Power Supplies 19” Rack-Mountable.5” (d) 750 watts. TransPath. 1U rack height 1.