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Submitted In partial fulfillment of the requirements of the degree of Diploma in Computer Science & Engg.

By Dinesh Kr. Gautam Balendra Tiwari Laxman Kr. Maurya Vinay Kr. Yadav

Department of Computer Science & Information Technology Bakshi Polytechnic , Mujar , Machhalishahar , Jaunpur (U.P.)

but not the least. of CS & IT. We take opportunity to express our deep sense of obligation and gratitude of tireless help given by our guide “M--------------------------. In-charge/ H.D. INSTITUTE OF INTEGRAL TECHNOLOGY. Dept. for his suggestion and guidance. support . written material . of CS & IT.ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We should be our pleasure to begin this project report with sincere gratitude to all those who have played an indispensable role in the accomplishment of the work by providing their willing guidance and help. we thank all those who have been linked with this project either directly or indirectly. Of Computer Science and Information Technology. system and software.O.” who gave valuable guidance of this project “ONLINE EXAMINATION ”. Foremost. We would like to thanks” Department of CSE/IT. . guidance and suggestion in providing us all the necessary support in terms of books. LUCKNOW” . of CS/IT & “------------” Project Coordinator for help and encouragement. and “----------------” .for giving us the opportunity to work on such a live project and provide all the necessary data and resources. -----. we express profound gratitude to our project guide-----. for his help. In this very real sense.-----------(Lecturer). who has given his valuable time to encourage us and suggested us time to time in completetion of our project. At last. We are also grateful to honorable----------. this work would not have been possible without his shaping ideas. Dept.Dept. Again. We wish to acknowledge the contributions of our project inchage. we are highly indebted to our project guide----------.

Place……… Sandeep kr. Dubey Sushma Maurya Deepak singh Sujeet Rai CANDIDATE’S DECLERATION We. Mujar .P. Deepak singh (4323553027). Sujeet Rai (4323553027). Hereby declare that the work entitled. Jaiswal Ashish kr.Date………. Dubey Sushma Maurya Deepak singh Sujeet Rai . Sandeep kr. “Online Examination” is our own work done under the supervision of -----. Place……… Sandeep kr.(U.). students of ------------(2010-11). Ashish kr. Dubey (4323553027). Bakshi Polytechnic . Machhalishahar. Sushma Maurya (4323553027). of Computer Science and Information Technology. Jaiswal Ashish kr. Jaiswal (4323553027). Date………. Dept.

CERTIFICATE This is to certify that this project report entitled “On Line Examination” submitted by Ashish kr. Deepak singh (4323553027). Machhalishahar . have been carried out under my supervision.(U.Jaunpur. Mujar . Mujar . Sujeet Rai (4323553027).Jaunpur.P. Of Computer Science. Jaiswal (4323553027). (Mr.(2010-11) . students of ------------. ) Supervisor Dept. Sushma Maurya (4323553027). Bakshi Polytechnic. Dubey (4323553027).Machhalishahar . Sandeep kr.) . Bakshi Polytechnic. Branch Of Computer Science.

CERTIFICATE FROM THE EXTERNAL EXAMINER The candidates --------------. Date………... Place……. Examiner .have appeared for the viva-voca of their work on “Online Examination” and demonstrated the work done by them..

Abstract This project named Online examination is very useful for the pre . To the pre –exercise of online exam . • • • To make an interaction with online exam before taking that To easily understand the online exam environment . In this project we are also use the concept of time boundation that will also helpful during the online examination .It will provide a platform that one can familiar with the Online Examination environment . The aim here to develop this project to a person can intract with online examination environment before taking their original examination conducted by various running organization . This project discuss techniques for the Online Examination . To provide user with easy to use this software. . With this project a person that is going to take the Online Examination they can easily practice about Online Examination and can develop their confidence .This project is very accurate. Some of the following basic processing functions are : • exam. It will beneficial for those person that are going to take the Online Examination .exercise of Online Examination . robust and automatic that resolve a very critical task .


Table of Content Acknowledgement Candidate’s Declaration 1 2 Certificate Certificate for External Examiner Abstract Content Experimental Results Hardware and Software Requirement: Conclusion Future Scope .

20 GHz . Hardware and Software Requirement: 1> • Hardware Used: Processor : Pentium(R) Dual-Core 2.Experimental Results The experiments have been carried out on various sets of reference and ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

0 MS Access .• • • • RAM : HDD : Monitor : Printer : 2 GB 160 GB 15”Color Monitor hp Color Laserjet 4600 2> • • • • Software Used: Operating System: Package : Plateform : Database : MS Windows XP Professional Microsoft Office 2003 Visual Basic 6.

It will helpful to them and in a short period they can familiar with online examination environment . in a short duration they can get the expertisation in online exam. Anyone can use this project thus such types it is also economically feasible for a user. . This project represent a blueprint for the online exam that one can better know the term and condition of online exam before.CONCLUSION We have develop this project for a special purpose to support that candidate who will going to take the online exam. time boundation ie you have 45 second to complete a question . contain various feature like objective type of question . Our project is free of cost that a user will not have to pay any type of cost.