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Jeffrey A. Spiker 6732 Ballantrae Place Dublin, Ohio 43016 Phone: 614-787-7997 jeffreyspiker@gmail.

com Dear Members of the Selection Committee: As a highly accomplished sales and marketing professional who has been promoted through the ranks, I have a valuable background that encompasses financial risk management and finance program sales/marketing roles. Within each of these I have successfully spearheaded department launches, developed and expanded business, and managed key relationships. Currently I serve in the Special Assets Group for Commercial Finance with BMW Group Financial Services. I coordinate the development of a new group that determines and responds to very high-risk (multimillion dollar) commercial finance relationships and related customer issues resulting from financially strained dealers. This has been a very demanding and multi-disciplined position requiring strong business skills. An overview of the major contributions I have made in this role include the following: * Successfully reduced actual losses to 33% ($26.7 million) of the $82 million projected loss provisions/reserves. * Maximized sale of assets and minimized losses through effective collaboration with internal and external legal counsel, bankruptcy courts and trustees. * Saved company $800,000; managed 12-month project enhancing communications addressing processes and controls relative to consumer issues with challenging dealers. * Collected additional dollars and avoided more than $500,000 in legal and liquidation costs. * Enhanced management of high risk relationships with modification of 6 separate policies. My prior roles included substantial leadership positions and contributions within the company's ranks while broadening my range of skills. These skills involved key areas such as managing sales and logistics operations, oversight of program planning and implementation and coordinating and guiding groups in sales/marketing strategies within a fast-paced and highly competitive metropolitan market. A quantifiable breakdown of my early career history and contributions that I made include the following: Vehicle Sales & Logistics Manager * Guided program to dispersal of $30+ million annually in bonuses to dealers, ultimately resulting in dealers purchasing over $1.8 billion annually in off-lease vehicle inventory (consistent with program contract). * Reduced average loss per unit from $7,500 in 2008 to $2,500 by

mid-2009. * Completed 160 hour Six Sigma Black Belt course; executed 2 projects saving company $1.3+ million. * Introduced several national programs including most notable, Customer Loyalty Quote (CLQ) program. * Mentored direct reports to 140% of scorecard measurements; group with highest level of satisfaction. Sales & Marketing Manager, Los Angeles Metropolitan Market * Achieved 12 floor plans (generating more than $60 million) surpassing objective obtaining 1 floor plan deal; closed 10 other commercial loans (term loans, mortgages, revolving lines of credit) totaling over $55 million. * Increased sales from 13,000 units annually to 18,000 units annually; contributed to development of 10 of top 50 dealers in nation. * Performed amongst highest average ROI nationwide; 2nd full year in position, performed in top 2 nationwide. * Secured $32 million in loan business through cold call/relationship with Rolls Royce of Beverly Hills. With a focus on finance, sales, marketing, and business development, I believe it would be beneficial for us to meet. I am certain I offer the skills and experience you seek, and would welcome a discussion in which I could share additional insight into how my background could be of value to your team. I appreciate your time in reviewing my qualifications and look forward to speaking with you soon. Sincerely,

Jeffrey A. Spiker