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David G Stevens 36 Euclid Ave.

Jamestown, New York 14701 716-661-3001 Main 716-708-8002 Cell 716-952-9215 Fax I AM SEEKING PROFESSIONAL "WORK-FROM-HOME-OFFICE": IT, Customer Support/Services /Marketing, Part, or Full Time. And Project Management Services. I know how to solve technology problems in Pain English Economically 7/24 My Home Office Contains Over $100K In State-Of-The-Art Technologies All Microsoft Products & OS Platforms... Remote Client Desk Top Assistance (current self employment marketing site) In State-Of-the-Art Web Design, Content Management Systems (CMS), Voice Over IP (VOIP), Web Marketing & IT Management Since 1983 Beginning With All Current & L egacy Microsoft Platforms. Adobe CS4, Joomla 1.5, Dreamweaver, Flash, Photoshop , & other acquired (Former Macro Media Apps). Developer of the former www.TourCh ( Chautauqua Visitors Bureau, currently your client). SOLID IT-MANAGEMENT & WEB DESIGN/MARKETING, GRAPHIC ARTS, MASS MAILING CAMPAIGNS , WEBSITE DESIGN, E-COMMERCE (VARIOUS PLATFORMS OPEN/CLOSED SOURCE) SEARCH ENGIN E OPTIMIZATION, (CMS) Content Management System EXPERIENCE PROFILE: Technology with a Solid Business & Marketing Background, graphical arts, content management systems, Internet marketing, search engine optimization, Customer service oriented Excellent: IT Content Management Systems And Client Training Abilities MICROSOFT NETWORKING /MICROSOFT/NOVELL/NT/XP EXPERT DATABASE MySQL QUERY DEVELOP ER, VOICE OVER IP ROUTING, SWITCHING, CISCO SWITCHING, VPN, NETWORKING (ALL TY PES) EXPERT ENGINEER ... TCP/IP... ORACLE... VAX... SNA... SENIOR INFORMATION SY STEMS ANALYST/PROJECT MGR. DATA, IT INSTRUCTOR, COMMUNICATIONS ENGINEER MIS DESI GNER & MANAGER CUSTOMER SERVICE ORIENTED MULTIPLE ACCOUNTING SYSTEMS... HTML, JA VA, UNIX, APACHE, DEBIAN, REDHAT LINUX & ENTERPRISE BACKUP SYSTEMS +++ SUMMARY OF CAPABILITIES & AUTHORSHIP: Chief Designer/Marketing Sarasota, Florida/Jamesto wn, New York 1997-Present. A partnership team developing, deploying, and operating various Internet based e ntertainment services Internet web sites and marketing services. Using leading e dge web based & server based site operations with 24-hour customer service opera tions. This Business is operated from my large home in Jamestown. We maintain 1 0 terminals, Cisco Routers/Switches/T1's And Servers at my home office. FORMAL TRAINING: Various diversified technical training programs and seminars since 1976. High Sc hool Diploma & about a year of Business College Courses In Marketing & Mass Medi a Communications. Left College to start my own computer business which was just before the IBM PC was invented.

SYSTEMS OPERATED: IBM/INTEL/AMD PC: (8088,8086,80286,80386,80486,PENTIUM, IBM 5360/38, AS-400, App le Mac & Apple Talk protocols, Compaq Main Frame 3270 operations DEC VAX, VM, VM S, Multi Unix, HP, UNIX Digital PC's, Boroughs, HP Laser/Plotters Novell ELS 1-2 , Advanced NetWare, SFT NetWare, NetWare 386/486 VMS, NetWare 386 V3.1, NetWare for Macintosh ArcNet, Ethernet, Token Ring, and 10/100BaseT, 10/100 & Gigabit Tw isted Pair Type Networks, TCP/IP routing & engineering. COMPUTER LANGUAGES/OPERATING SYSTEMS/APPLICATIONS: WINDOWS FOR WORKGROUPS 3.11,9 5,98, XP, WINDOWS (NT XP-PRO, VISTA, WINDOWS7, .NET APPLICATIONS, EXCEL, POWERP OINT, WORD, ACCESS, MICROSOFT MAIL/GATEWAYS, PC-MS/DOS, OS/2, CPM, DIBOL, UNIX( ATT&T 3-B SERIES) MACOLLA ACCOUNTING, RPG, PASCAL, C, BASIC, TURBO PASCAL, PROLO G SAS, VMS, DBASE 22/222+JV, PARADOX, RBASE FOR DOS, FOX BASE, CLARION (ALL VER) AND VARIOUS SQL DBMS*S. IBM'S LOTUS NOTES Q&A DATA BASES, ABILITY PLUS, REVELAT IONS-WINDOWS DATAFLEX, SQL AND VARIOUS QUERIES, WINDOWS - MICROSOFT, GEOS, X-WIN DOWS AND VARIOUS MULTI-USER/MULTI-TASKING SYSTEMS REMOTE NETWORK SUPPORT SYSTEMS , BANKING/ACCOUNTING APPS, CLIENT SERVER. BACKGROUND: In addition to general computer consulting and networking connectivity, related purchasing; general business applications, heavy data base work within the Clar ion multi-user data bases and Oracle, MySQL, Access, Dataflex, Dbase, Fox Base a nd Rbase DBMS's* Accounting systems, accounts receivable, account payable, payro ll, inventory control, general ledger, data base entry and report management, MR P, manufacturing project control, profit and loss. Worked in San Diego as IT manager for a California Teachers Retirement Fund (CAL PERS) also a consultant with former division IBM's CGI Systems Tampa. Previous host and creator of southern California's "Your Computer Time" radio sh ow, Saturday's from 10-12 P.M. on AM 1 130 KSDO radio. This is a successful busi ness based live talk show with an emphasis on general business applications and networking. Still running and sponsored by Panasonic & Datel Computer System of San Diego. Authoring/Speaking: Two published Computer Titles and a plethora public speakin g seminars ... Library Of Congress Catalog Registration of "Networking PC's" Additional Information/Client References Available On Request...