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5. Which three statements are benefits of local VLANs in the Enterprise Composite Model? (Choose three.


IS] deterministic traffic flow expediting problem isolation and resolution within the switch block

IS] ease of management since local VLANs are typically confined to the Building Access submodule

IS] high availability since redundant paths exist at a.11 infrastructure levels

D broad expansion domain since the number of devices on each VLAN can easily be added to D IP address conservation since address blocks can be allocated to VLANs

D wide coverage since a VLAN can be geographically dispersed throughout the network


Refer to the exhibit. What statement is true concerning the output of the show standby command'?

D The current priority of this router is 120.

[gI The router is currently forwarding packets.

D This router is tracking two properly operating interfaces.

D This router is in the HSRP down state because its tracked interfaces are down.

13. Which of the following is true' regarding the 3550 switch command shown bellow?

CA f3550(confilg- if I # ip route-cache eel D globalilly enables CEF switching

D enables CEF to be enabled by default on the switch D disables process switching on the interface

Ig] required if CEF has been previously disabled on an interface


Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is reviewing a customer trouble ticket containing the output

displayed in the exhibit. What command would generate this output?

D showarp I include port security

D show mac-address-table I include port security D show privilege I include port security

D show doUx interface

IS] show port-security interface

D show class-map I include security

19. A network administrator is tasked with protecting a server farm by implementing Private VLANs. A server is only allowed to communicate with its default gateway and other related servers. Which type of PVLAN should be configured on the switch ports connecting the servers?

D isolated

D promiscuous


IS] community D 802.10

24. Whalt is used to separate W~ANs logically and is also used as a name for a wireless celli? D BSS






28. Whidh statement is true about the configuration of voice VILANs?

D Static secure MAC addresses can be configured in conjunction with voice VLANs. [g] Portfast isautomaticallv enabled when voice VILANs are configured ..

D Portf'ast must be manually configured when voice VLANs are configured. D Voice VLANsar,e typicalilly configured on uplink ports.

31. Which two statements about designing an STP topology are true? (Choose two.)

o The physical topology can be misleading. Therefore, the traceroute command should be used to reveal the Layer 2 topology.

o Assuming that all switches have the same default priority value, the STP root will be the switch with the highest MAC address.

IS;] Assuming that all switches have the same default priority value, the STP root will be the switch with the lowest MAC address.

IS;] Switches that provide access ports for server farms or the Internet gateway should be configured with


the lowest bridge priority numerical value.

Switches that provide access ports for server farms or the Internet gateway should be configured with the highest bridge priority numerical va lue.

o Switches that provide access ports for server farms or the Internet gateway should be configured with a bridge priority numerical value of 32768.


Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator noticed this console message coming from switch SW_C:

UDLD-3-DISABLE: Unidirectional link detected on port 3/8. Port disabled What could cause this message?

o The UDLD protocol placed port 3/8 on SW_C in a listening state.

[g] The UDLD protocol shut down port 3/8 on SW_C to prevent a forwarding loop.

o STP placed port 3/8 on SW_C in a blocking state.

o STP shut down port 3/8 on SW_C to prevent a forwarding loop.


Refer to the exhibit. Router RTA has been configured as the active HSRP router. Router RTB is to be the

standby HSRP router. However, once the indicated configuration was applied to router RTB, the console began to display the message %HSRP-4-DIFFVIP1. What is the cause of the message?

o The command standby preempt should only be configured on the active router.

o The subnet mask is missing from the standby 50 ip command.

o The group number is not the same as the active router. IS;] The virtuallP address is not the same as the active router.

o The ports on the switch must be configured with the spanning-tree PortFast feature.

40. Which protocol should an administrator recommend to manage bridged links when the customer requires a fully redundant network that can utilize load balancing technologies and reconverge on link failures in less than a second?

o IEEE 802.1Q(CST) IS;] IEEE 802.15 (MST) o Cisco PVST +

D IEEE 802.1D(STP)

47. Which protocol defines a single instance of spanning tree for all VLANs and transmits BPDUs over VLAN 1? o IEEE 802.1w (RSTP)

[2J IEEE 802.1Q(CST)


D IEEE 802.1D (STP)


D [2J


Which three statements regarding a routed switch interface are true? (Choose three.) A routed switch port is a physical device that is associated with several VLANs.

A routed switch port is created by configu ring a Layer 2 port with the no switchport interface configuration command and assigning an IP address.

A routed switch port is created by entering VLAN interface configuration mode and assigning an IP address.

A routed switch port is a virtual Layer 3 interface that can be configured for any VLAN that exists on a Layer 3 switch.

A routed switch port provides an interface that serves as the default gateway to a router. A routed switch port serves as a default gateway for devices out that switch port.


Refer to the e.xhibit. A network administrator attempts to ping the IP address from RouterA. What will the router output be?

Sending 5, lOO-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:


Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:

D rzJ D D D D

Sending 5, 100-byte ICMP Echos to, timeout is 2 seconds:


%network or host unreachable, TIL exceeded %Unrecognized host or address, or protocol not running

%LlNEPROTO-5·UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface FastEthernetO/13, changed state to down

45. An EtherChannel is configured between SW_A and SW_B. The network administrator received a console message reporting that the ports on SW_B are rapidly learning MAC addresses. What could be the


D There is underlying network problems such as STP loop and route flapping.

D There is unusually high backplane utilization because ofthe large number of forwarded frames. D The EtherChannel on SW_A should be configured in a separate VLAN to stop the broadcast traffic. [2J The ports on the EtherChannel on SW_A are not bundled together.

D The EtherChannel on SW_A has encountered a duplex mismatch problem.

38. Which two requirements should be considered when implementing VlANs in the large campus envlronrnentj'[Choose two.)

[g] STP implementation




D D [8J

laye:r 3 device placement

flat network topology design single broadcast domain design

What are two respcnslbllltles of the standby router in an HSRP group? (Choose two .. )

to quickly assume packet-forwarding responsibility if the actirve router becomes inoperable. to respond to. traffic for the virtual router.

to reply witlh the virtual router MAC address in the svent an SRP req uest is received. to monitor the operational status of tine HlSRP group,

21. Which two statements are true about the RSTP negotiations between switches? (Choose two.) D UplinkFast must be configured on all designated switches.

D BackboneFast must be configured on alii root switches.

[g] Switches must be connected by a point-to-point link.

D Alii ports that are directly connected to end stations must be enabled as designated ports. [g] Alii ports connected to end stations must be configu red as edge ports.

32. In the figure above, users connected to Switch 0 have reported symptoms of high latency and poor throughput when connecting to Server A. The network administrator's layer 2 mapping tool reveals that traffic from Switch 0 to Server A uses a suboptimal path through Switch C. What may be causing this suboptimal path to be chosen?

o Switch B is configured as the STP root. 1:81 Switch C is configured as the STP root.

o Switch 0 is configured as the STP root.

o UDLD on Switch D has detected a unidirectional link to Switch A.

o UDLD on Switch D has detected a unidirectional link to SWitch C.

Computer A

--"'f'"""-:.;;;:p"". a;-;:d. ·.!';".idr;:;llre:;;::s:;;;s"'l·Tre,~i"'l. 2':'''''l.1 Fll~6~8""1". 21'if .. ~~"'.·1P'~':&~5"3jS':~.:2'}l5~!5~~.'2')]!5'i:iI}!j'l"i. u~-"'P",..,.,.st;~db;'1P;;~~~--------"'''''-

stand by 1 pl'lorilty 105 stand by 1 lp 192. ~ 68,2 U 0

standby 1prtlell'npt

standby 1 lp 192,1168.:21,,'110 router bgp 1100

no synch rem ilZElliolill standby 1 ftracik Seri:aIO

._ k.n 1 00 flet\lVO~k. 192. 16B.2 UI

1()U05r ~IP . I •

no syndlrtHI lzadon neiglhl bot 19.2.1 '68.:2 U 1 00

network 192. 168,:21. I) neiglh bar 192. HiB.2 ~ ,1 ne.xt-l'l.oJH'lelf

neighbor 192.168.21 ,2r€'mme-as ~ DO neiglhlbor 19.2.1,68.,42,4 400

Ileiglhtlof 19.2. UiB.tl2,;m mule-map nsrp out neighbor 192.168.21,2 next-hep-sef

no 8uro-s'Unamery

neighbor 192.168.31 ,3remots-8S 300 aecess-Ilst t permit 119.2.1'68..21.0

no aUID-S!H'1fl mall)'

route-map hsrp permit 10

match ipaddrass 11

S€'l as-path p~p~lf1.d 11 00


Re~e:r totjhie ·exillibi,t, Wlh3lt aetlen ,dloes the ·CID:n1l1llcUlItrl standby Itmck Seri'G.m om router IR1.lpelno:mfl?

o lit lilililks the deralillltgat;ewayvurtlilla,1 address 192.1158.21.,1[1[J to the liP address 192.168.31.,1 on int;ertace .SeriaIO.

o lit lilililks the deralillltgat;ewayvurtlilla,1 address 192.U:i8 . .l1.,TI[I[J to the liP address 192.168.·42.,2 IOn int;elrllao2 Seria.IO.

o lit lilililks the HSRP precess to rrnrltt-horned BG'P IOn IFtlandl R2 ..

[:g] lit tracks the state ef the: Sellial ,~) interface and brings dowlill the Ipruority ef standi by group 1 uf Une interface goes down.

o lin the ,eve,rnt of an outage, Oon unter1Taoe Serua'il 0, thus command tr~gg:e;rs. route-map HISRP Oon mUlter R2, appendiilllg AS 1001;0 the BGP updates sent 110 AS: 40[J, to make ut a badk'lJ,p for tlh,e ISP-.A to IFtl path.

o II n th e event of ,an outage Oon unter1Taoe Se rua'il 0,. th us 'CQoI'illi'tlfla nd tr~gge;rs, route-m ap HIS RP Oon mUiter R2, appendung AS 100 te the BGP 'Updates sent to AS 40[J" to make U! a badk'IJ,p for the ISP-IEI to R.l path,

8. Which statement is true about the Spanning-Tree Protocol (STP)?

o Each switch determ ines a designated port that provides the best path to the root switch. IZI The designated port will be on the switch with the best path to the root switch.

o With each network change, the STP algorithm is run on all switches that have a root port.

o A topology change will cause the switch where the change occurred to send messages throughout the tree regarding the topology change.

4. A network administrator wants to prevent users from adding additional devices to the switchport they

are currently connected to. Which Clsco Catalyst feature will accomplish this?

o MAC filtering IZI port security

o MAC access lists

o port-based authentication

o port-based access lists


In a bridged environment, which protocol provides subsecond reconvergence of blocked bridging loops after the failure of one of the uplinks?


IEEE 802.1w (RSTP)


o Cisco PVST +

o IEEE 802,lD [STP)

3. [~ __.

Refer to the exhibit. Which statement is true, given the output generated by the show interfaces fastethernet 0/1 switch port command?

Interface FaO/l is configured for ISL trunking. Interface FaO/l is configured as an access port. Interface FaO/l IS configured as an SVI.

Interface FaO/lls configured for 802,lQ trunking.

o o o IZI

10. WI~alt lis a Ille's~ p"a c!Jioe wl\ieliil ilm pllem e:ntiI1fn!!!l fai l'O'Il·e:r stlla~e,!!liie's at the access and di~stlribulti~o:n 18J"!I',e rs? C81 A,Hgrn fau'I'llv,errtimers between STP and IHSHIP.

o Enable ICMP redirects wlith the up reclireds commsnd mn interfaces that are imJOlll,!\ed~Mutlh HSRIP.

o DUs8J'bI!e RSirP an alii eecessend duStllibultill1"l s~Mit'che5 ..

o spa Il1I VLAIN s acrossall sWlitehies 0() no swtteh stacks for fa Iill it rea unda ney.

Routeri' show standby

BthernetO(l - Group 1

State is Act L ve

2 state changes, last state change 00:30: 59 virtual Ig address is 10.1.0,20

Secondary virtual IP address Active vit::tual MAC address is 000'l. <lcl82.7981

Local virtual MAC address is 0004. 4d82. 7981 (bia) Hello time 4 :sec, hold time 12 se c

NeKt hello sent in 1. 412 sees

BC"eemption enab.led, delay 50 sec, sync delay 40 sec Active router is local

Standby router is 10,1. O. 6, pr.i or i.t.y 75 (eHpires in 0l.184 sec) Pr i.c r i.t.y 95 (oonf i.qur-ed 1(0)

Tracking 2 objects, 0 up

Down Interface EthernetO/2, p r i, 15 Down Interface EthernetD!3

I ~ r·edund,.ncy name is "HS RIll", ad"Ve t::t.isement. inte rva L is 34 sec

15. WI~a~ 21r,e two lJelThe:flits of limJillle,me,nl~lnlig VllLANs en a sWlitd~ed Inetwmik? I[Clhoo<se twn,]

D lllLAINIs enalbll!e alii users on the lilIetwolik to cemrnunlcate with each otherwuthout! restrictien, D lllLAINIs credite a single breadesst clomainfm all the users of a 5wiitchaj lilI,etworik:.

[gj, VILAINIs break up DIiOdidcast domailills wlit~in an mgalilluzdiUon,.

D ClOmm~lilIicditi'olili Ibe:hlleell VLANs requires use 'of ILa'lf'er 2. d'evuoes.

D VILAINI s dlO not lIeg ~ ure ad dlittoll alii imanag;e:m,e,lilIt to eonteel the tlraffii,c 'ov,er the Inetworik .. ,

[ZJ VILAINIs separate the systems wlith 5,enslitive data from the rest of the nemmk te pm\!\ide sewility.

Port. Secu.rity Por'!: stratus Viola.tion Node .A,ging T'ime A.ging T'ype

S@cur@Static Address Aging M.a..ximumMACAdd["@,ss@s .R-lACAddTn~~ss,es MAC Addresses ,Sticky' MAC Addr,esses Sour'ee .Address :Vlan security Violation Count

l2:. wl~iidhwi~llf,elle'ss ~12IIt,2IJ t!e0h liiiol~olN i~s IUisedifolif WILA.Ns? [gj, spread spectrum

D nallmwbalilld

D pe,lIsonal CQl'iIlmunlieation 5yst,em (PICS) D 3G

D mllj'crO'I'I.f'@]'!;!\e D oeillul'dir


secu r€: -down Snu,'tdown

o mins

Absolu.t@ Disabl,ect





25. Whiclh IIIP 21dclln='ss, Illselfna In e', a nd password must Ibe Ulsedl wllle,1lI [mi'~i~a'll~yoo nffiguring a 'Cism 44fjlO Seliie,s

WLA~10I)m~mUelr using a, Web brow'Selri'

D 19'.2,,168.1.1/.24, U':semame: admdlill, IPassword: Inolll,e)i

~. 19'2',,168.1.1/.24,. U':semame: admi'ilill, Password: admln les.ta es 181 respuesta cerreeta]

D 1912:"168.1.1/24,. U':semame: Cisco, Password: dSDO [esta es 18 respuesta que, aparece ell CUSDO oamo


D 192,,168.2.1/.24, U':semame: admdlfll, Password: In,olll,e)i D 192.,168.2.1/.2'4,. U':semame: adrrun, PClssword: admin D 192.,168.2.1/.2'4,. U':semame: Cisco, Password: C~SDO

30. A. sw:i t,d~ lis oolnfliigured as a VIIP ellent and the III cona eete dl totlhe "est (If the llett!.'II'orllk. The i IIstant tllle tmn k I i Ilk is bm ulglllt tI p ~otltle rest off ~he III etwol1k, the MlI'ho I'e netwo rk goes dowlII.Wh at 001.1'1 d It1 ave lTha,ppemed?

D TitJ,e swutdn was ilnserted rnte titJ,e lIl,etwolrk uslng alii rncorrect VTP domain name,

D TitJ,e swutdn should have beelll placed into VTP Transparent IMode prior to being inserted into tlhe lIl,etwolrk.

D The swutdn should Ihave beeUil placed into VTP Server Mode [Ill order to oorrectlly pmp.agate the new VILAN



The ,wnfigllUuatli,on re\l'~5,[o:n number oli the unserted sWlitoh was lhIi,glher than the cenfiguratien uevi.suon off the VTP domain.

D The 'wnfigllUuatli,o11 re\l'~:s,[o:n number oli Un,e unserted sWlitclh w,as III ower than the conflguratlen revision off theVliP domain.


Priorltv : 24.576 VLAN: 1. 10,50

Priority: 20,480 VLAN: 20

Refer to the exhibit. Switch SW_F recently joined the network. What will happen once STP has finished its


D Switch Sw _F will take over the root bridge role from switch Sw _ c. D Switch Sw_F will take over the root bridge role from switch Sw_D. ~ Switch Sw_C will remain the root bridge.

D Switch Sw_D will remain the root bridge.

D Switch Sw _F will become the backup root bridge. D Switch SW_C will become the backup root bridge.

33. 0.111 211 s'\!jfHd~~I~at has STI> E!llIablied,wlh kh cO.m manrl cal] Ibe' Uised to diet,ect8J uni:diredi~on8J11 [in k. before 211 foOirI.ll121rdlilllg I~OOJD lis created?

D spanmng-tree portfast on both sides ofthe link D spanaing-tree rootguard on both sides of the ljnk r:g} ucll'd enab~I'e en both sides ef the link

D port protected on booth sides of the' link


39. Whi~dh two it:,elfnfls are r,ecOIfnflmendledl whelll maplPiillg VLANs iin all Enterprise 'GomlPosite Moden I,Choose


D Associate a VILANI to each bUilding.

D Associate a VILAN' to each departrnertt; ~. Associate a VILANI to each subnet,

[j ConfigU]re lroillting betvlleen VILAN's at th,e access lay,er.

[::Sf Conflgure Imuting betvl.leen VILAN'SBit the distributien I'ayer. D Co nfigU]re' Imillting betvl.leen VILANsa:t the core Illayer"


• .2

RtE i'con:fig) if iuter:fil.eeFa.!lltEtb,eruetlll ~TB i,conhg-i:f} s: ~t~ndby 'ill" 10.:11.1.:1 ~T:a I,cgn:i"i.g-if'~ ~ standbY' pree;mpt

RIM ,ShOlill ,s.ta~dby l:Iir"ief'

I? j_'lld:ica.te3 configured 1:0 r,

ID,t,er:EO!c~ y'a,O

Grp F:.:io P 31;;01.1;'0: Act:ivt!

50 150 1:/' Act:i Vo! ~oCC!Jl

St;.,OIllldby un knowil

Vi !;.t;"UO!1, I Pro .1" 1.1


Refer to tlhe exhibit, ilil~e ind~eated conftgaratlon was esta'b'lislt.,edon tl~e HSRf standby router IRTB.

Howeve,r"tJhe console message .%IP-4-D'UPADDR started appearing almost innm,edna.te:ly on .he RTB router. G (ven tl~e 0 utput of the 51:mw 5'ttmdby brie] co m man d on IRTA" what istJh e ca use (If tlt.e Ipr(l~b'lel1[i ?

D T~'}e command standby preempt should (Jrnly be configured on the active router.

D The subnet mask ~S mtssrngtrom the standby ~p 10.1,1.1 command.

IZl T~'}e group number 50. is rmsstng ~rn the RmJter RTB cnnflgurauon commands, D The priority number 150 ~s, mis:s~ng in the' Router !1;lrB conftgmatlTon commands. D T~,e vlrt UJa I [p address should be the' same as the acHve router,

D The ports 'OUI the switch must be conflgured wit~ the spanning-tree PortFast feature,


o [;gJ

o [Z]


WI~~clh ~\''IIo statementsare true Ir~gaH~iili]g tlh,e 'Iliperatioll 0'1' IflSllP? (Choose two.) An alternate port assumes a flonvardung: state lin a stable, active t1opolog:y ..

Ana ltarnate port us a, :swlitdl port th at offers a nether path t'owa rd th e mot: bri age'. An ,ed:ge port olnl:y connects to another IR:SirP s~lIitl~h.

A s,witch port part[c[patuFlg in the IRSlrP topollogy can be ,deiillll,ed as a mot port, d'e5~gnated port, alternate port, backup, POIrt, or disabled port,

A switch port part[c[patuFlg in the IRSirP topologv can be un the blocking, ITste:nung" lea rni Illg,. orferwarding state,

WI~iiclhhl110 SliP fea~!!!Ilr,esIi'Jiil~11 Jillro~eot:~he Illletwolrk agaill's~ f[ou'l1alrdinl!!ll~ooIPiS!lI(Clhoo<sehll1o .. }, PorttFast

U plinklFBIstt lEIaclklbonelFBIst Le 0 p Guard

UnidurectuonallllLUnlk. Detectimll (UICnU]')

50. Wh'ich tMIlO statements BII'e tllll'e Iregardiing switt{he,dlvlirtl.lal lnterfaces I[SVI)i on 8J Imlltiil1aver switd~? ,(Choose

two., I

o An SVII behaves Illik.e a regular muter ilnt1erface but does not support VILAIN subtnterfaces,

o An SV II is a p hysi ea II SIN itohpo rt wlTth Laye II 3 capa bil ity,

[~J By d'efa u It, a III SlI I rs create d te II th e d efallJ'lit VILA N !VLAIN 1) [gJ O:nll:y one svi can be assocuatedl VIIiith a, VIlAN.

o To create an SVII requires removal of Layer 2 port funct[onality wiUn the no switdnport unterface eonftgurattun command,

52. WI~i~clh~wo stat!elmentS2lllf,e tlil~I,e ,2IIlbo UI~ 1il~ood'illilg iiiliil ,211 s:wirr~IDh? I[Clhoose~C} ... l'

D T~,e shol,1i' w'(j'c-ad.,es.s-tnibtE" C81il1 be used tn dispiliav the til oodililg statjsncs,

~. IFII'ooding ililducate'sithaUl"ie content addir,essable mel'illiolry (,CAM) ofthe switticl"i us corrupt. [81 IFII'ooding may cause STP TQPoll'ogV C!h.alillge INioUlli,cation ff,CINI)."

D IFII'ooding may be caused by :asymmetric reutmg,



48 ..

Refer Do~he exhilJut. Tlr.a,ffic sO!!lrcedfronna. d:evice 'Oil Switdh"ro !ea.ves en VLAlNliHI,. and the Iretl~Jrl1tr.affic aliliii'lles on VLA.NI.2!O .. What ts tllllisan ,exa~p~e ,of?

D an external router using-a,e trunk for interVILAN' routmg D am external router using multiple trunks for ~nterllLArN' routii1lg

[gJ an external route" using multiple pnys'ical inter~aoes for ~i1Ite:rVILAN muting D am external mute" using multiple pnyslcal intertaoes for ii1lte"VlAN switching D a l'iIl.ulltill'ayer sWITtoh using 1'iIl1lJ'litipl'e· trunks for linterVLAIN rolllt~ng

D 8J l'iIl.ulltill'ayerswlTtoh using 1'iIl1lJ'litipl'e· trunks for linterVLAIN switching

44. WI~:aI~ tl~lf,eefineilds :are in.ii1€1II~ldied in :aIIBIfiiIDU? I(CI~IDooe~lhlree.11 [:gI brud:ge: 1110


cgj, port 1110


[xl eest of path

41. Which p~ot(lDOI is 8J 'Cisco-jpro,pr1etalry SllP llilodlettlh8it aillil}ws CS1 and PlIST ~oe)(ist onthe same l1e'tI.IlI'!l):rk? D IIEIEIE B(JZ.lw (RSTP~I

D IIIEIEIE 802.1Il[~; I~CS"f)

[:gJ Cii51[O PVS"f+


23. Wln,idh of the fonil)wiilllg agenci:e'sttests andl0elrltinfies tIThe iilllteroperalliill'itlj of wireless eq,lJIipm,enl l.'I1,itlh tlh'e

IIIIE EIE8JO'2 .. illli.a,8'02: ... 1.1b, and 81TIl2..1.1g stalildanls?


9. WI~inclh st2lf~eliliiileliilt iiStnJe al!llol~lt IUID,!UDi:!'

D lit us 8utomatuca lilly enabled ..

D Iltalllloi\llJs de:vioes to transmit traffuc one'lllJay ...

[xl Iitallilloiws a s:witdl. to deted a unirdir,ectioli1lalliili1llk and shut dowli1I the affected iili1lterfa,ce. D lit wiilll dlisabl'e an IEtherCIhali1lli1lelll bundle if oli1le lili1llk hasfail'ed.

,6. WI~iudhhfjjf'o stat!elmnelnts ~I,escliiult!e (!US00 best Jillradi:ce'Sfolr VIlJ!!!.1:\iJ1 diesJigln? I[CI~oooettl.,'l1o,.I'

D luocallVILAll\Jls sh,olijldl,exteli1ld no further than the IIIO£:al Wlr,e rOUiter.

[:81 t.e COl II VILA I'ilJls she Iij ld ,exte Ii1Id no furth e r tha Ii1I the loca I d us:t rubultlro 1i1I-laJye:r :slJI.iIiih:hi. D t,o COl II VILA Il\Jls ,ell umiinate: the need for red U Ii1I dianE access to dust rlbu tiro n -hyer Ii Ii1Ilks. [xl t.e COl II VILA Il\Jls pm'!Judie a srm pier d,eslign that us ,easlie II tn troubleshe Qt.



Refe:rto]hibit .. Switch SW_A lis title root swit,d~ .. Swittt€il SW _11El isthe desigliiiated switd~ [Oil the SW_H tto

SW _'C linlk., Because of uni:dlirectti~olmtlillink.ffail:ullie on the l'ilITlk Ibemeen SW _ B 3Imil SW _C, SW_ C is not Ireceiving IlIIPDlI!s flfolili'l SW JB., WililCit svm:p~oms l.'U'o[[ldllbe assnelated wiitlhtthe fail:ullie ottthe Ili~IiIIk.?

D The connectivity willi be re,establli:shi,ed thmllJgn the redundant II ink.


t;gJ' The SliP blocking port <Orr} SW_C\llJillll traasttlon to theferwardjng state.

D Thi,e SliP blockin,g port .on SW _Cwilill remain lin b'I'odk'illlgstate.

1'\ console message will report MAle address leamung .actirvity on the b,locking: port Thi,e SliP blockin,g port .on SW _C~!lilill be automaU!:allllv placed into an ErrDUsalbl'e state.

SlIIi!C:hI11ItsihQW vtp status YiP VersiClIll COiilfiguration ReViSion

Ma:.:inn,l.!Im VLAJNs $u:ppo~ed 1100<)11\1 N u m ber of exiiO,jingl VLANl>

VTP QpOl,rallng: Mode

VTP Domaiil'1 l'J,sm.e

YTP PrU'llin~ Made

VTP V2Mo~e

: 2

: 28 :1Q05 : 3~

: Serl'er : CISCO

: Di6ab!ei:l : Enabled

VTP lilreps Gelle~tio~ : Dies.blad

WlD5 dligest : O:d6 (lxB B 0"EG Ox96 {)Ii 1 F Ox5A oxre (b:A2

COl1liguraUon lal'l modified by 1032_24~_1 aI2-2-05 21 :31:14

Loc~!1 u p@slwr ID is 1 0_32.24(1.1 on in'l(lrnace VI 11 \ lowes:1 nUlmberad VLA'N iin terf-ace f"O'un(j 1

Swilc!hl2ltslhow vt; sl31tas VTP VOI[siOI1l Configuration Revision

Ma;.;imum V,bAlNs su.pported IlocallY Nu m bar of (lxiSlin\l1 VLAt>J,s

VTP Operatingl Mo~e

VTP DOll11l1illl Name

: :2

; 2I1 ; 64 :5

; 01l'en1


VTP Prunin iii Mode : Dlsabkid

VTP V2 Mocle ; EnaIJled

VTP liraps Gelleration ; DisabfBd

MD6- \llig@st : 0)0; 13 Oxtl B ~h;:Ea Ox9'B Ox 1 F OIi5A OK7B OJoiA.2

Configuration I ast IllJditied by 1 Q. 52.24~.1 al 2"2"05 ,21 ; 31; 14


L- ....J Refe:rto tlhee)(]lJ,ibit.

Bas1ed om the outp1uts disIP!layed,. Mlilhat \!ifiHl happenwhem S\i!~:ittdh2 joins the VlilF' ~@:rlllail1l?'

D Switdh2 wlilillne,gotiiate to becol'ill.e the VTP server,

D Switdhl wiillilleamall VlLArNl lnfermatton from Sw:itch2 because Swltch2 lis the VTP chent, D Switdh2 wlillilleam all VlLArNl lnferrnatjon from Sw,itch:n. because Swit~hllis the VTP server. D Switchl wlilll oveTwnite, the SWlitch2 VLAN database .

.J'2L Swit~h2 will II overwnTte the Swiitchl VLAN database.





Host A



Refer to the exhibit. Switch DSwl is the Active Virtual Gateway (AVG) and DSw2 is an Active Virtual Forwarder (AVF). Based on this information, which tVIIO GLBP statements are true? (Choose two.)

o GLBP is a Cisco proprietary protocol and is supported on all Cisco Catalyst and Cisco router platforms. D None of the switches have had their priority configured.

o Switch DSwl assigns the virtual IP addresses to switch DSw2.

~ Switch DSw2 has been configured with the glbp 1 priority 95 command. ~ Two more multilayer switches could join this group.

o When Host A sends an ARP message for the gateway IP address, switch DSwl returns the physical MAC address of SWitch DSw2.


S'w:tchl it· ,oonf.:iLgure' t;.e rm:iLnal

S'w:.tchl {eonIi'i'gJ iI vtp doma m GjLs,ao S'w:tchl {eonIi'i,g~ iI vtp password gl'ouP] S'w:.tchl {eonEi'gJ iI vtpv2-m.oo.e

S'w:tchl {eonIi'i,g~ iI vtp mode s.erver

5·liitch2it ,aonfi,gul'e te ruina]

5'lii.tch2 {eomfig) ilv1tp doma.i.n GiiL,cso 5·liitch2 {e,omfig) iI vtp pas S\'fO rd. grouP] 5lii.tch2 {eomfig) ilv1tp\l2-lIlode

5·liitch2 {eamfig) it vtp lIl.ociiecl.],ent

Retell to tlhe ,exhliibut. S\ljflit!CI~2 is IlliCit lIec.eil!.!inlg ulJildated V1ANIli nti'O:rIiltilaltiuClln ~r!O m Switdh 1. Will at iistlille probl~elm?

[Z] Thi,e vr> dtOma~ns .aH~ c!nffereli1lt.

o Thi,e vr> modes are dl~ffeli'elnt.

o Thi,e vr> passwords are dliff,e;r,elnt.

o SWitch2 is rn serveii' mode" D 5witch2 is rn cHent mltOdie.

o Switch2 is rn transparent mod'e.


Adjacency Table has 9 adjacencies

Router# show ip cer summary

I~ DistLibuted CEF with switching (Table Version 25), flags=OHO 21 routes, 0 reresolve, 0 unre50lved (0 old, 0 new), peak 1

21 leave~, 16 node5, 19496 byte~, 36 in~ert~, 15 invalid~tion~ o load sharing elements, 0 bytes, 0 references

universal per-destination load sharing algorithm, id 5163EC15 3 (0) CEF resets, 0 revisions of existing leaves

Resolution Timer: Exponential (currently Is, peak 15)

o in-place/O aborted modifications

r e fcoun t s : 43 n lea f, if] 52 node

Table epoch: 0 (21 entries at this epoch)

IRefielftto tlhe ,exhlilbiit:. Wh,i:d\i OIl m mand can Ibe usedl to i~dJeill,tu~v tl~€! nine a:01ja,celru des r,efen,e!!:1 to i ITh the


Dslhow lip c.ef ,. l§Jslhow adlja,ceillicy dieta,i'l Dslhow lin!.:> €!Imhy cefi i,l) Dsillowarjp

2. wl~at alf,e tl~ll",ee lben,efib of eliild-hl-eliild VLA!l'!IJIs? I(CI~oo'S1eUiilll",e,e,.~

lZI Tllarl'fuchorilli2ilI:!U~eli1l VlAINI can be assigli1l,ed a hijgher.olI lolt'IJe:r pruoruty tlhimu:glhout a 'CamplJs,. o ILaye:r-Z fauli!nes are usoll'aitedl to a :small subset ef users,

[81 VILAINIlmemlbershiip remains the same, as the user mlorves tl-i roughe UlI: a Campus. o Prolbll!em lis;olatuonand lIe,s;oluUOIi1l aile e;xpe,dited wiithili1l the switch block.

[gJ Traffie cali1l tlrai~ers;e muWpllle swutclhi,es wutlholJt beun~ m1lJted.

o Hijgh aVdiiilabillutty lIe'SlJjitts from a dete:rmin usti,c tli"alificrlow and a flniiterailure domaili1l.

7 . WI~iiidh~lhIree slatelll1lie:lli~S. 1f€!',!!lardiili1lg 11Fl51lP alre~lrule? I(CIIiI!lJOISe~lhlree.t

[:gJ An IFlSTIfl BPDI!..JI carries linrmmlahon aboul: port mles and lis senl: to neugjhbmswlitches onlly. ~ IFlSllP elects a mot bridge in e!X<IIctly the same way as 81(~2,,:illD.

o IFlSllP lis ca pa h l!e of reve rti ng back to 81[]2,lliD lII"l.m ul,e :s.UII mai Ii1It<llili1l un~ the be li1I,ellit~s, of ~02, 1'1.11/, r:gl IFlSllP lis IPeQogniz.ed as the IEEE 8<02",h'IJ standard,

o There are onlliv three IFlSTIfl port staltes: d~s;card ing, listen ullg. a Ii1I d1forwa lid ing,

o UpllinklF<IIst and Bacik:boli1l,elFast are clOImpaitibleu'lJitlhi RSlIP.

Root switch

lO. Refe:rt;o the ellihibit .. S·wirteh A. is title mot s.viteh.T1he pOint 0111 S,wirtcltl A. that eonneets to S\ll,fitdh ~. is half dlu,p'lex,.

[!h,e port onSw,itch E that conneets to 5w~tc:h A is ftl'lll dUlp'l,ex,. What are three p:rolJlle:lns thatthis scenario could cf,e.atei? IClhoose three.]

[2l Swit~h.A is performing carrter sense and DolHsioln d'etectiolll,witJule Switch El i:s, not.

D t\utone:gotiiaUcm results in both Swutdli A and! Switdh B faUlin,g to perform carrier sense, D Swit~h B willi become tne' root switch.

[gJ EH)I[]Us nnay not :5ll1(cessfUJlly negotiate the lIink betweeUil Swit;~h.A and Switch B. [ZJ Swit~h B may !Jnbl~odk. its port to. Switdh C, tlhereby cre,;3Itilllg a loop.

D spannmg-treewtll keep re-calcuiatlng, consurntng 81'11 the CiPU normally I!Jsedl for traffic.

42.. WI~iuclh .st,a'~'eliilileliiit i;sillrl!!le altlmilt IUI.i:llUllltipil~e SFilallUrn,illii\g llr,ee '(IITiIi:lST~ lilm:l)il~elme:lltati:ons? D 1M Sf provud'e's. one iilf1l5.tanoe ,ofspanni 1Il[g tlr,ee per \fLAN.

D 1M Sf provud'es. one ilf1ls.tanoe ,ofspannilll[g tree for alii VILA.Ns, ..

[8l 1M Sf provud'eos. aJsungll~e i nstance ef sp,a,nni 1f1I[g tree per m uUupl,e VILA.Ms,"

D 1M Sf provud'eos. aJsungjl~e IMST re:gio If1I ~o r 5Wiitcli1loes win d ufferenil: MSl confug)LJrail:lio 1f1I5.


VLANI10 1 iii. 1:0. 1 1iI.2

\JiLA1\15i 1111..101.5.2

\/lANI ~!i 10L10.!i3

R1AI:Islilow lliunning.cmllfigl !

inte!face faOIOi no, ipaddriess !

interface faOro~5 encap:sulaUol1l isl !5

ip address 10..10.5.1 25525:5.255.0 interface FaQiO.10

em::apsulatiolil dDt1Q110

ip addfess1O.10.10.1

\/LAN 1m

11D1. 10 •. i1 0.3

Refer~()~lhe ,eJIIlhibiit andthe partialcenfiguratlon tasen on muter Rl.A .. Users {I:II VlANI!> cannot WI1illmUlmic-ale· witlh tlhe·l.Isers 0111 VLAN :1!.n. What shouldl be done to ~~K the plrobl~eml?

o Dy.nami,(: routtng protocol shou'l!d be corrflgured om tihe router:

o Two static routes sholll~d be wnfilluued on t~,e muter pounHIIl.g to each subnet.

o T~,e 511 blnterfaces '0 f bot h mute rs she u ~dl be wnfigu.ue d wit h liSt eneapsu IBiti 0 II.

IZ1 The 511 brntertaoes 0 f bot h mute rs sho u ~dl be d wit h 8(J 2 .. lI!Q enca psulatt 0 a.

o Fa(J/O interrace should be wllIfigured with.a p'uimary IP" address of 1(J ... 1I!O.S .. 1I!/24 arid a se,wndaryliP address of lO.:n.o..:W.l/24.