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BITSian Entrepreneurs

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Prior to MARGI, he has had over fifteen years experience in the design/development of algorithms for Image
United States of Processing, DSP applications and VLSI design, and was the principal architect of the ALICE JPEG/MPEG image compression
Srikant Acharya Margi Systems Co-Founder, President 3155 Kearney Street Fremont CA 94538 America 510.657.4430 510.657.4435 co-founder;President;USA S.A. system. His previous experi
In a bid to shore up its Indian presence, Caldera International has inducted Srikant Acharya as the general manager
responsible for managing the company's business in the Indian sub-continent. His responsibilities include consolidation and
Srikant Acharya Caldera International General Manager GM S.A. expansion of Ca
Srikant Acharya SCO Unix India Director India India;director S.A.
Mr. Addepalli has over 11 years of experience in developing networking products. He designed Intoto's gateway solutions
Sreenivasa Rao Sreenivasa Rao Addepalli including iGateway product family. He also architected Intoto's connectivity and networking solutions including IEEE-1394,
Addepalli Intoto Inc. CTO, Chief Architect 3160 de La Cruz Blvd; Ste #100 Santa Clara CA 95054 USA 408-844-0488 408-844-0480 CTO;USA SMTP ( S.R.A. VPN (IPSEC-I

Ahmed Afroz, Former Chief Executive Officer IP Unity Inc. <
p=IPO&pc=9878&pg=1> (May still be President of Company. Replaced by Arun Sobti, not a BITS alum)
United States of
Ahmed Afroz IP Unity Inc. former CEO 1575 McCandless Drive Milpitas CA 95035 America +1 (408) 957-0823 +1 (408) 957-0800 USA A.A. IP Unity is one of the most exciting and hot Int

Ramesh Anand – Co-Founder & COO

United States of Ramesh is responsible for coordinating and overseeing the day to day operations on behalf of Global e-Connect
Ramesh Anand Global e-Connect co-founder, COO PO Box 681157 Schaumburg IL 60168-1157 America 1.866.777.7 GEC (7432) co-founder;COO;USA R.A. clients. Ramesh will focus on ensuring quality of program execution and maintaining customer satisfac
Ms. Arora started her business as an independent information systems consultant in January 1990 and under her
United States of leadership developed it into a fast growing international organization specializing in two areas - (1) privatization and
Anita Arora Cornell Group Inc., The President, Founder 4085 CHAIN BRIDGE ROAD. SUITE 401 FAIRFAX VA 22030-4106 America (703) 934-0215 (703) 934-0214 Founder;President A.A. corporatization and (
Srinivas is currently Chief Strategist and a member of the Board of Directors. Srinivas worked at ICICI Securities (a
Srinivas United States of J.P.Morgan, ICICI joint venture) where he helped take a number of Indian software companies public. He then worked with
Balasubramanian Infravio Inc. Co-founder, Chief Stratagist 810 Winslow Street Redwood City CA 94063-1608 America 650.474.2610 650.381.3000 USA;co-founder S.B. Credit Lyonnais S
Mr. Balu is responsible for the design and development of Elumens' 3D graphics pipeline on various computer
1100 Crescent Green, United States of architectures. He also oversees research and development of immersive applications for the VisionDome including User
Suresh Balu Elumens Corporation Director, R&D/Graphics Suite 211 Cary NC 27511 America 919.816.8787 +91 9198168787 +91 8008421687 director S.B. Interfaces, Virtual-Reality
Madan has over 15 years experience in web-based technology and information systems, including conceiving,
United States of planning, designing, and managing technology products. Prior to starting Maaya in 1998, he founded and led MentorVision
Madan Bellam Maaya Corp. Chairman, CEO 333 W. Evelyn Av. Mountain View CA 94041 America 650-230-0464 6502300454 CEO;USA;chairman M.B. Inc., where leading-edge t
Brij Bhushan Mindfire Solutions CTO CTO B.B.
Naveen Chaudhary is a Research Analyst at McDonald Investments, a KeyCorp subsidiary, in New York City. Mr. Chaudhary
United States of has an extensive research background in the Internet infrastructure segment of the technology industry. Prior to this, Mr.
Naveen Chaudhary Bondglobe Inc. Director 82 Wall Street Suite 600 New York 10005 America 212-558-6615 800-485-0329 / 212-558-6058 director N.C. Chaudhary was
Prior to founding Savera, Mr. Chetal was a Vice-President at Merrill Lynch, a Project Leader at Morgan Stanley and a Senior
United States of Software Engineer at Digital Equipment Corporation. Mr. Chetal received a B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering with
Pradeep Kumar Chetal Savera Systems Inc. Co-founder 150 Morris Avenue, Suite 300 Springfield NJ 07081 America 973 921 3155 973 921 3055 USA;co-founder P.K.C. Dist
Alok Choudhary received his B.E degree in Electrical Engineering from the Birla Institute of Technology, Pilani,
India in 1982, his M.S. In Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Massachusetts in 1986, and the Ph.D.
United States of In Electrical
Alok Choudhary AccelChip Inc. VP, Research & Technology 999 Plaza Drive, Suite 340 Schaumburg IL 60173 America (847) 995-9516 (847) 995-9517 USA;VP SMTP Alok Choudhary ( A.C.
Kunal has over 12 years technical experience covering all aspects of Internet product design, development, and
United States of hosting. Prior to joining InterCommercial he was Web Services Manager for ThomasNet Inc., a division of Thomas Publishing
Kunal Chaudhary Intercommercial Markets Corp. CTO NewYork America CTO;USA K.C. Company, where he m

Bachelor of Science from BITS Pilani, India <
p=IPO&univ=1475&searchtitle=BITS Pilani, India >
Civica Office Commons United States of Master of Science from BITS Pilani, India <
Sanjoy Chatterji Entomo Inc. Co-founder, CFO 225 108th Avenue NE, Suite 300 Bellevue WA 98004-5901 America 425.467.0441 425.467.0433 CFO;co-founder;USA S.C. p=IPO&univ=1475&sear

Bachelor of Science from BITS Pilani, India <
p=IPO&univ=1475&searchtitle=BITS Pilani, India >
Civica Office Commons United States of Master of Science from BITS Pilani, India <
Sunil Pande Entomo Inc. Co-founder, President 225 108th Avenue NE, Suite 300 Bellevue WA 98004-5901 America 425.467.0441 425.467.0433 USA;co-founder;president S.P. p=IPO&univ=1475&sear
Bachelor of Science from Birla Institute of Technology and Science in India
< Institute of Technology and Science in
United States of India>
Ash Dave Silicon Planet Inc. President 5670 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 600 Los Angeles CA 90036 America 323-904-4450 800-285-9570 president SMTP Ash Dave ( A.D. Master of Science from University of Californ
Mr. Anil Gera has over 20 years experience in the areas of Application Systems, Product Marketing, Business Development,
Corporate Planning and Finance. Most recently, he was a Senior Manager in the E-Integration practice of KPMG Consulting.
Anil Gera e-Viapar President, CEO, Founder CEO;founder;president A.G. Prior to KPMG
Ajay directs Go2Call's VOIP technology and development process, delivering leading-edge VOIP services to
990 Grove Street Go2Call customers and strategic partners worldwide. Ajay has more than 8 years of experience in the area of network
Ajay Garg Inc. Director, VP (VOIP Development) Suite 201 Evanston IL 60201 USA 847 864 4123 VP;director A.G. product development
Anil Guptaand managem
joined Evolve in March, 2000. Prior to that he served as VP, Marketing of Broadbase Software, Inc.
He has also held positions at Niku, Baan and Oracle. He holds a BS in Engineering from BITS Pilani and an MBA from Santa
United States of Clara University.
Anil Gupta Evolve Software Inc. VP, Marketing 1400 65th Street, Suite 100 Emeryville CA 94608 America 510.428.6999 510.428.6000 USA;VP A.G.
Anil Gupta Microtek Inc. Director director A.G.
Sandeep Gupta is Vice President Software Engineering and he is responsible for software teams both in India & Fremont.
Prior to joining iPolicy, he was the Divisional Manager in-charge of the switching software division of the Center for the
Sandeep Gupta Isoftware Networks VP, Software Engineering VP S.G. Development o
Bachelor of Science in Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology and Science in India
< Institute of Technology and Science in
Founder, VP, Engineering & United States of
Prashant Gupta Liquid Inc. Operations Santa Clara California 95054 America USA;VP;founder P.G. Prashant Gupta has served as
Ram Gupta recently joined PeopleSoft as executive vice president of Products & Technology. Previously, Ram was
United States of vice president and general manager of Healtheon Corp., a healthcare transaction network where he served on the executive
Ram Gupta People Soft, c/o Certive Inc. Executive VP, Advisor 600 Saginaw Drive Redwood City CA 94063 America 650.701.8701 650.701.8700 USA;VP R.G. team that successful

Nagesh Gupta, Founder, CEO (Interim) and VP of Engineering
Founder, CEO (interim), VP, United States of Prior to founding Redwave Networks, Nagesh worked at Hewlett Packard and Caly Networks. Nagesh brings
Nagesh Gupta RedWave Networks Inc. engineering 3000 Orchard Pkwy. Suite 200 San Jose CA 95134 America (408) 232-2101 (408) 232-2100 CEO;VP;founder N.G. technology and management expertise from his prior companies. At Hewlett Packard, Nages
Mr. Goyal brings over 20 years experience in all aspects of product development. Mr. Goyal has management
United States of experience in developing enterprise level software with millions of users and has led product teams on an International basis.
Arvind Goyal Vaultus Inc. VP, engineering 632 Broadway New York NY 10012 America 212 624 4041 212 624 4040 USA;VP A.G. Prior to Vaultus, M
Co-Founders - Praveen Kesava, Sandeep Arora and Renchy Thomas

United States of
Praveen Keshava Spark5, c/o Trac USA Inc. Co-founder 27 Worlds Fair Drive Somerset NJ 08873 America 732-469-9245 732-469-9800 co-founder P.K.
Srikanth Gopalaswami, Vice President of Product Management
United States of Srikanth has more than 15 years of global experience with a proven track record in developing businesses,
Srikanth Gopalaswami VP, product management 2 North First Street 4th Floor San Jose CA 95113 America 408-535-0974 408-535-0970 USA;VP S.G. markets, and products. He was previously VP Intl at Compton's NewMedia and at Thoms

Austin J. Noronha has a blend of entrepreneurial, business and product development experience, having spent
over 17 years in the professional digital video, imaging and graphics industries.
Truescope Technologies Inc., c/o United States of
Austin J Noronha Pixim Inc. Advisor 915 Linda Vista Ave., Mountain View CA 94043 America 650-934-0560 650-934-0550 advisor;USA A.J.N. He is the founder, President & CEO of TrueScope Te
Raju has extensive general management, product management and product development experience. He has
United States of defined and developed mobile, remote access, IP networking and server communication products. He has held general and
Raju Gulabani Telesym Inc. CEO, Chairman 11911 NE 1st Street Bellevue Washington 98005 America 425-467-5875 425-467-9485 CEO;chairman R.G. executive management positions at
Bachelor of Science from Birla Institute of Technology and Science in India
< Institute of Technology and Science in
75 North Fair Oaks Avenue United States of India>
Raj Jha e-Connections CTO Suite 800 Pasadena CA 91103 America 626-817-6023 626-817-6000 CTO;USA SMTP Raj Jha ( R.J. Master of Science from Kansas State Universit
As a co-founder and Vice President of Engineering, Girish is responsible for establishing and executing Sarvega's
United States of technology vision, including leading all aspects of product design and development and overseeing Sarvega's customer
Girish Juneja Sarvega Inc. Co-founder, VP, engineering 745 McClintock Drive, Suite 230 Burr Ridge IL 60527 America 630-455-1338 630-455-6900 USA;VP;co-founder G.J. support activities. D
Amit Kapoor joined Certicom in 2000 as the Director of Product Development, with a specific focus on building and enhancing
VP, marketing & product United States of the company's PKI products. In 2001, Mr. Kapoor was appointed Vice President of Product Management and Interim Director
Amit Kapoor Certicom Corporation management 25821 Industrial Blvd., Ste. 300 Hayward CA 94545 America 510.780.5401 510.780.5400 USA;VP A.K. of Product

As Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer for InvizibleHand, Shankar brings more than 10 years in software
United States of engineering and product development, involving leading technologies. Prior to InvizibleHand, he held the position of strategic
Shrikant Khadye Inviziblehand Inc. Co-founder, CTO 1051 S. Rocketfeller Street, Suite A Ontario CA 91761 America CTO;co-founder S.K. consultant at M

As Vice President of Marketing and Business Development, Nikhil is responsible for leading marketing efforts and
VP, marketing & Business United States of business development efforts for the portfolio of current services offered by Cymbal.
Nikhil Khosla Cymbal Corporation development 1150 N. First St., Suite 201 San Jose CA 95112 America (408) 920-2561 (408) 920-2560 USA;VP N.K. Nikhil Khosla has more than twelve years experien
Surjeet Kohli is senior director of technology at Zebus, where he is primarily responsible for infrastructure, back-
United States of end processes, and software architecture. Mr. Kohli has more than 10 years of experience in the fields of software
Surjeet Kohli Zebus Group Director Woodbridge NewJersey America USA;director SMTP Surjeet Kohli ( S.K. development, databas
As Vice President Engineering, Arun oversees all product development activity at Ensim. He has over 12 years of experience
United States of in the field of network software and hardware development. Prior to joining Ensim, Arun was Senior Director, Engineering, for
N Arun Kumar Ensim Inc. VP, Engineering 1366 Borregas Avenue Sunnyvale CA 94089 America 408-745-3399 877 -MY-ENSIM/408-745-3300 USA;VP N.A.K. 3Com's
Mr. Kumar has served as General Manager, Systems Design of our Indian subsidiary since April 2000. Since
Director (technical marketing), GM United States of January 2000, he has also served as Director of Technical Marketing for Paxonet. Prior to this position, Mr. Kumar served as
Y N Kumar PaxoNet Communications (systems design) 4046 Clipper Court Fremont CA 94538 America (510) 770-2288 (510) 770-2277 x-200 GM;USA;director SMTP Y N Kumar ( Y.N.K. General Manager, Syste

Kiran brings over 15 years of software technology and management experience to Apsora. He has spent the
United States of majority of his career at Intel Corporation where his responsibilities included the management, development and release of a
Kiran Kundargi Apsora Inc. Founder, CEO, CTO 650 Saratoga Avenue, Suite 242 San Jose CA 95129 America 408-996-2058 408-557-6837 CEO;CTO;founder SMTP Kiran Kundargi ( K.K. number of software
Exemplary provides supply chain software that helps companies gain real-time control of their extended supply
United States of chains, bridging the gap between supply chain planning and “real-world” execution. Exemplary enables customers to gain
Ravi Krishnamurthy Exemplary Software Inc. Founder, CTO 10001 North De Anza Blvd., Suite 300 Cupertino CA 95014 America 408-861-9612 408-861-9611 CTO;USA;founder R.K. global visibility acros

An experienced entrepreneur, Venk Krishnan is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of GovXcel. Prior to founding
United States of GovXcel, Mr. Krishnan founded NuWare Technologies, a computer consulting firm that ranks # 102 on the Inc. 500 list of the
Venk Krishnan Nuware Inc. Founder, Chairman, CEO 100 Wood Avenue Iselin NJ 08830 America (732) 744-9861 (732) 744-9811 CEO;USA;chairman;founder SMTP Venk Krishnan ( V.K. fastest growing priv
Preetish currently works at BMC Software as Director of R&D Finance. He has a distinguished, ten year career in
United States of (800) 820-0028/(832) 590- various technology roles. He was a co-founder, part of the executive team and the Vice President of Operations at iVita Corp.,
Preetish Nijawan VP, Finance and R&D 13111 Northwest Freeway, Suite 400 Houston TX 77040 America (713) 895-7461 7400 USA;VP P.N. an asset manag
Aeltus manages over $41 billion of assets, of which $22 billion are for institutional clients (pension plan,
foundation and endowment, and taxable). In addition, Aeltus is the subadviser for approximately $19 billion of assets in ING
Harish Kumar Aeltus Equities Management MD MD H.K. retail mutual fund

Soundari's Husband

Shiv Kumar HCL Technologies America Inc. VP USA;VP S.K.

Bachelor of Science from BITS Pilani, India <
United States of p=IPO&univ=1475&searchtitle=BITS Pilani, India >
T. K. Lakshman Javera Technologies Inc. Director, Business Development 924 Borregas Avenue Sunnyvale CA 94089 America 408-548-2350 866-884-6600 /408-548-2300 USA;director T.K.L. Master of Science from State University of New York at Buffalo <
Panasas received $10 Million in financing led by Mohr, Davidow Ventures in September 2000. In October 2001, Panasas
Panasas West Office United States of secured $25.4 Million in additional funding led by Carlyle Venture Partners, an affiliate of The Carlyle Group, with Goldman
Varun Mehta Panasas Inc. VP, Software 34790 Campus Drive Fremont CA 94555 America 510-608-4798 510-608-7790 USA;VP V.M. Sachs and Mohr
Vijay Mehra and Catamaran Communications are a perfect match because Vijay has over fifteen years of VLSI experience
Catamaran Communications Inc., United States of which enables him to get involved early on in product development and design, take the product into production, and deliver
Vijay Mehra c/o Infenion Technologies VP, VLSI Engineering 2345 Harris Way San Jose CA 95131 America 408.965.2526 408.965.2525 USA;VP V.M. it to satisfie
Prior to founding Oberon, Viggy Mokkarala served as Director of Marketing at, a firm that
477 East Evelyn Avenue United States of provided an Internet-based, technology platform for medical device and procedure information to physicians worldwide. Prior
Viggi Mokkarala Oberon Financial Technology Inc. Founder, VP, marketing Suite B Sunnyvale CA 94086 America (408) 524-8877 (408) 524-8000 USA;VP;founder V.M. to that, Mokkarala was
Ramana Y. Mulpury brings senior management experience in engineering, product management, architecture and
United States of implementation. He is responsible for MetricStream's technology, engineering and solution development. Ramana was most
Ramana Mulpury MetricStream Inc. President, Co-founder 2360 Walsh Avenue Santa Clara CA 95051 America 408.982.8741 408.982.8667 co-founder;president R.M. recently implementing state
Bridge-X Technologies is a young, dynamic and a fast-growth IT services company founded in 2000 and
379 Princeton-Hightstown Road, Building United States of Sandeep Nalgundwar headquartered in New Jersey, with global delivery capabilities. Besides North America, we also operate in Europe and Asia.
Sandeep Nalgundwar Bridge-X Technologies Inc. Co-founder 3 Cranbury NJ 08512 America +1 (609) 371-7101 USA;co-founder SMTP ( S.N. The company is focused on pro
Ashok is an Information Technology consultant with more than 22 years of consulting experience. With his strong
United States of Information Engineering background, he specializes in formulating IT strategies and plans to assist organizations in attaining
Ashok Nangia Signal Tree Solutions Inc. VP, engagement management 133 Technology, Suite 200 Irvine CA 92618 America (949) 450-4601 (949) 450-4600 USA;VP A.N. their busines
Vikram Natarajan joined Medfusion in January 1999 as one of the first members of the Medfusion team. Vikram's
North United States of Vikram T Natarajan experience includes design, development and implementation of web-based systems. Vikram has designed Internet based
Vikram T Natarajan Medfusion Inc. Director, technical services Research Triangle Park Carolina America (919) 481-9433 (877) 599-5123 USA;director SMTP ( V.T.N. systems for a national net

Former CEO, Intelligroup
A graduate of the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pillani, with a master’s in computer science
Ashok Pandey Intelligroup Inc. Co-founder co-founder A.P. from City University of New York, Ashok Pandey founded Intelligroup in 1987. He served as director, chairman of
Prior to this, Mr. Philip ran Imagine Technologies, Inc., a company focused on using proprietary imaging and workflow
United States of (212) 494-0383/(212) 656- technologies to enable and outsource remote back office operations for the healthcare and financial services industries. Mr.
Karun Philip Tranquil Money Inc. Chairman, CEO 29 West 34th Street, 9th floor New York NY 10001 America 1492 CEO;USA;chairman K.P. Philip has a
Mr. Maini was formerly a trader in the Global Asset Securitization group at Deutsche Bank. Earlier at Morgan
United States of (212) 494-0383/(212) 656- Stanley, Mr. Maini developed mathematical models for trading and traded fixed income securities. Mr. Maini has a Ph.D. in
Harpal Maini Tranqul Money Inc. President, Co-founder 29 West 34th Street, 9th floor New York NY 10001 America 1492 USA;co-founder;president H.M. Computer Science from
Krishna Pillai has over eleven years of experience in the Information Technology industry in the area of client
United States of server and distributed computing. He has been involved in all the stages of the software life cycle - from system design and
Krishna Pillai HTT Print Inc. CTO 17 Bluxome Street San Francisco CA 94107 America 415-495-8936 415-216-4200 CTO;USA SMTP Krishna Pillai ( K.P. architecture to
Prashanth has successfully defined IT strategies and delivered mission critical applications for the last 17 years to
United States of large-scale international organizations located in Europe, Asia, the Caribbean and the United States. He is also the founder-
Prashanth Palakurthi Reflexis Systems Inc. Chairman, CEO 1420 Providence Highway #266 Norwood MA 02062 America 781 278 9959 781 278 9919 CEO;USA;chairman P.P. CEO of Te
Prasad is a founder of Instantis. He brings ten years of engineering experience to the company. Prior to
United States of Instantis, as a Senior Staff Engineer at Sun, he was responsible for incorporating a transaction engine in the NetDynamics
A Prasad Instantis Inc. Founder, Director, engineering 913 Hermosa Court Sunnyvale CA 94085 America (408) 732-8100 (408) 732-8800 USA;director;founder A.P. Application Server prod
A key member of the executive team, Mano Puthukudy has over 11 years of experience in hard-core OS kernel
development which includes embedded RTOS work at WindRiver Systems & Microtec. Earlier he worked on mainframe & fault
Mano Puthukudy Windriver Systems, Microtec Director, software engineering USA;director M.P. tolerant UNIX & networking f

Ravi is a founder of Speed to Market. Before this, he was the chief architect at Thru-Put Technologies where he created
industry-leading software. He has over 12 years of enterprise software experience.
United States of
Ravi Radhakrishnan Speed ToMarket Inc. CTO 2 North First Street San Jose CA 95113 America 408.271.6570 408.271.1712 CTO;USA R.R. Ravi holds a B.S. in engineering from Birla Insti
Mr. Reddy is Founder and Chairman of Sierra Atlantic Inc. (US) and Sierra Optimal Limited (India) which he founded in 1993.
United States of Sierra also has offices in Singapore and United Kingdom. Sierra is a software company which does extensive outsource work
Raju Reddy Sierra Atlantic Inc. Founder, Chairman, CEO 34770 Campus Drive Fremont CA 94555 America (510) 742-4101 (510) 742-4100 CEO;Chairman;Founder;USA R.R. and emplo

S S Reddy Advantecs Inc. SMTP S S Reddy ( S.S.R.
Manish Krishnan Advantecs Inc. CEO CEO M.K.
Bhooma is our Biotechnology Analyst. She spearheads our biotechnology practice. In addition, she is also the
Head Editor of our Web site.
United States of Bhooma has a Bachelor of Pharmacy (Honors) degree and a Master of Science (Honors) degree in Biological
Bhooma V Rajan G. Gargiulo & Co., Inc. Executive VP, Head Editor One Exchange Place, Suite 301 Jersey City NJ 07302 America 201-432-3627 201-432-2522 editor;USA;VP B.V.R. Scien
Jamuna manages project deliveries, quality processes, human resources, allocations and training. She joined Trigent from
United States of TCS where she was a Delivery Center Head managing a group of 450 people in the Banking and Financial Services division.
Jamuna Ravi Trigent Software Inc. VP, Head, Operations 11 Main Street Southborough MA 01772 America +1 (508) 485 6602 +1 (508) 481 1600 USA;VP;Woman J.R. In her 17+ yea
With more than 18 years of industry experience Mr. Pendharkar joins Lara to provide expertise and direction in
Lara Networks Inc., c/o Cypress United States of all of Lara's product developments. Prior to joining Lara, Mr. Pendharkar served as director of engineering at Intel
Vivek Pendharkar Semiconductors Inc. VP, engineering 110 Nortech Parkway San Jose CA 95134-2307 America 408-942-2099 408-942-2000 USA;VP V.P. Corporation, which he jo
Rajan brings over 17 years of experience in the embedded system industry to NetContinuum. He has been
United States of responsible for the design and development of real-time, multi-tasking, multiprocessor operating systems used in
N Rajan Net Continuum Inc. Director, Platform Software 1705 Wyatt Drive Santa Clara CA 95054 America 408-986-8997 408-986-8995 USA;director N.R. telecommunication and data communicat
Bala Srinivasa brings expertise in customer relationship management, supply chain management, procurement, e-commerce
Senior VP, Business Development United States of and process industries to Vistaar Technologies. Bala ensures that the company's vision and strategy are reflected in product
Bala Srinivasa Vistaar Inc. & Product Management 200 Lanidex Plaza Parsippany NJ 07054 America +1 (973) 581-6310 +1 (973) 581-6300 USA;VP B.S. development
Krishnan Sastry brings more than 10 years of technology and management experience to Abilizer. Prior to joining Abilizer,
VP, Product Development & 744 Alabama Street United States of Sastry was a management consultant at The Boston Consulting Group, a Solutions Center Manager for Unisys Corporation,
Krishnan Sastry Deployment Level 2 San Francisco CA 94110 America (415) 282-2004 (415) 216-0100 USA;VP K.S. and was a techn
Arvind graduated from The Anderson School at UCLA with an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. Arvind
Value Communications United States of worked at Kraft Foods, Inc. for six years where he held a variety of senior marketing positions with responsibility for strategic
Arvind Singh Corporation CEO 1590 S. Milwaukee Ave Suite 223 Libertyville IL 60048 America CEO;USA A.S. planning, P&L targ
Kishore Somnath H1B Jobs & Power Sabre Founder, CEO CEO;founder K.S.
Manish Sood is the Founder of Salient Software, Inc., and has been Chief Executive Officer since its inception
10700 Richmond Ave. United States of in 1997. Manish has 10 years of experience in the information technology industry. Before founding Salient, he held various
Manish Sood Salient Software Inc. Founder, CEO Suite 100 Houston TX 77042 America 713-952-1685 713-952-2400 CEO;USA;founder M.S. senior software
Bharti Subramanian joined Austin Ventures in 2001 and focuses on the firm’s communications and semiconductor
United States of Bharti Subramanian investments. Subramanian joined Austin Ventures from Nortel Networks, where she served as the director of product line
Bharti Subramanian Austin Ventures Senior Associate 2001 N. Lamar St., Suite 400 Dallas Texas 75201 America 214.561.6600 USA;woman SMTP ( B.S. management for OPTera Pa
Dr. Tadikonda has over 13 years of experience in developing medical imaging, drug discovery and development
United States of informatics, and healthcare information technology solutions. Dr. Tadikonda is responsible for Business Development and
Satish Tadikonda Tribosys Inc. Principal 215 First Street Cambridge MA 02142 America (617) 252-0600 Principal;USA S.T. Sales at Tribiosys. Befo
Prasad has over 10 years of product development and consulting experience delivering solutions to a variety of
United States of industries. In recent years, his focus is on delivering large enterprise applications. Prior to founding jPeople, Prasad was the
Prasad Thammineni jPeople LLC Founder, President 52 SilverHill Lane, Suite #23 Natick MA 01760 America USA;founder;president P.T. Chief Techno
Rajesh Chelapurath joined Burnham Securities, Inc. in June 1998, after Graduating with an MBA in Finance from
Tulane University, New Orleans. Before entering the business school, he worked for two years with Larsen & Toubro Limited,
Rajesh Chelapurath Burnham Securities Associate MD MD;USA R.C. Bombay as a Marketi
Class of 67
MaraMehra LLC

Ravi Mehra Norstar Aluminium Molds Inc. MD MD R.M.
Class of 67

Veer Vasisht Invera Inc. CEO CEO;USA V.V.

Suresh Venkataramani
( / Suresh Venkataramani has 8 years of distributed systems development experience from top investment banks on
500 Summer Street United States of ' / 'Suresh Wall Street. Mr. Venkataramani has designed and implemented real time distributed applications for Bankers Trust, Merrill
Suresh Venkataramani Suite 303 Stamford CT 06901 America (203) 355 1512 (203) 355 1510 USA SMTP Venkataramani ( S.V. Lynch and most recentl
Venkat Sharma, General Partner - Quan Ventures, Founder of Acorn Information Service
Quan Management LLC, United States of Prior to serving as US Manager and Director of the General Partner, Mr. Sharma worked for twenty-four years in
Venkat Sharma Quan Ventures General Partner 25 Wimbledon Lane, Easton Connecticut 06612 America Founder;USA V.S. the information technology field, including systems
Lalit Ahuja is the Managing Director of NDS Limited - India, a part of News Corporation Inc., a US$36B Global Media
NDS India Ltd., c/o News Conglomerate and also Executive Liaison of STAR Group Limited. NDS Group plc is a leading supplier of open conditional
Lalit Ahuja Corporation Inc. MD India;MD;woman L.A. access software, int
Mr. S. N. Zindal, is the Director General of Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), an autonomous body
Software Technology Parks of under the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of India, set-up with an objective to implement the STP scheme,
S N Zindal India (STPI) Director General Director;India S.N.Z. manage infrastructure fa
Ravikanth Konteti is a senior banker responsible for Global Investor Services business for JP Morgan Chase, India. Ravi a
JPMorgan, Global Investor Management graduate from BITS, Pilani with 15+ years of experience in the Global Financial Services Industry. His
Ravikanth Konteti Services Senior Banker India R.K. experience includes
Vinod Sujan has more than 10 years experience managing hardware and software design, product development, testing, and
program management for complex technology implementations. Vinod most recently spent 3 years as CEO of iDiamond,
Vinod Sujan Thin Wireless Networks Board of Directors Board of Directors V.S. where he managed a vari

1981 Batch

President-India, Director-Asia +91 (-22) -5660- +91 (-22) -5660-SRCH (5660-
Dinesh Mirchandani Boyden Global Executive Search Pasific 2, Phoenix House, 462 SB Road, Mumbai Maharashtra 400013 India 7731 7724) +91 (-98200) -64724 SMTP D.M.

#99-100, Prestige Towers, Residency +91 (-80) -207 4001/
Rajendra Kumar Khare Broadcom India Pvt Ltd MD Road, Bangalore Karnataka 560025 India +91 (-80) -207 4444 +91 (-98440) -02345 SMTP R.K.K.

Batch of 1983
BE (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

#94, 5th Main, 1st Cross, Domlur
Upinder Zutshi Infinite Computer Solutions COO Extension II, Bangalore Karnataka India +91 (-80) -521 0622 +91 (-98454) -52369 SMTP U.Z.
Gave the first lecture for CEL on 10th September 2003 when he came here for recruitment.
Also gave a lecture on Software Architecture.
KRVS AnswerPal CEO Richmond Road, Bangalore Karnataka India BITS;Entrepreneur;VIP SMTP KRVS ( K.
Dr. Vinod Agarwal is the founder, president and CEO of LogicVision, Inc., a leading provider of embedded test
United States of solutions. Under his leadership, embedded test and built-in self-test have transitioned from being a curiosity to an emerging
Vinod Agarwal Logic Vision Inc. CEO 101 Metro Drive, Third Floor San Jose California 95110 America BITS;CEO;USA V.A. industry with pro
Samir has been the chairman, chief executive officer and founder of NetObjects since its inception in November
1995. An industry veteran, Arora has more than 17 years of experience in information design, technology development, and
Samir Arora NetObjects Inc. Founder BITS;CEO;USA S.A. marketing, as well as ofile.html
Dr. Inderpal Bhandari, the founder and CEO of Virtual Gold, Inc., is an internationally recognized expert in data mining,
United States of the art of using computer programs to discover knowledge from large amounts of data. Under his leadership, Virtual Gold
Inderpal Bhandari Virtual Gold Inc. Founder, CEO 280 N. Central Park Ave, Suite 235 Hartsdale NY 10530 America BITS;CEO;USA I.B. developed it
Narpat Bhandari was born in Sojat, India. He is chairman and CEO of Vasona Systems, Inc., a startup electronics firm
United States of in Santa Clara, California, that specializes in design automation and virtual systems. He also serves as an adviser and/or
Narpat Bhandari Vasona Systems Inc. Chairman, CEO 1999 S. Bascom Avenue, Suite 810 Campbell CA 95008 America BITS;CEO;USA N.B. Board member
New York Indian American Gautam Chanda, CEO of Accordion Networks, a telecommunications provider for cyber-
United States of buildings of today and tomorrow, does not remember when he last saw the inside of his health club, or played tennis, his
Gautam Chanda Accordion Neworks CEO, President 6170 Stevenson Blvd. Fremont CA 94538 America BITS;CEO;USA G.C. favorite sport. Kolkata-

Mukesh Chatter brings with him more than 18 years' experience in the architecture, design and development of
United States of state-of-the-art networking equipment and supercomputers and has several patents in these areas.
Mukesh Chatter Axiowave Networks Inc. Co-founder, President, CEO 200 Nickerson Road Marlborough MA 01752 America BITS;CEO;USA M.C. Prior to founding Axiowave he was the Founde
Ajay co-founded Pinnacle Systems (NASD: PNSY) in 1986 at the age of 29. Chopra is currently the president of the
Founder, Chairman, President, Dot United States of Company’s Professional .(dot) Media Division where he originally served as general manager and vice-president starting in
Ajay Chopra Pinnacle Systems Inc. Media Division 280 North Bernardo Avenue Mountain View California 94043 America BITS;Founder;USA A.C. 1997. Chopra has b
Kiran Deshpande Mahindra British Telecom Former CEO BITS K.D.
Raj Gollamudi was most recently a principal and head of the Internet Infrastructure Software research group at the
United States of San Francisco investment banking firm of Thomas Weisel Partners. Previously he was a Principal and Senior Research Analyst
Raj Gollamudi Blue Stream Ventures Partner 601 Second Avenue South, Suite 4350 Minneapolis MN 55402 America (650) 289-0263 (650) 470-8240 BITS;USA R.G. at Dain Rausche
25 years ago as a computer maintenance company, with two colleagues. Today employing almost 2500 people
United States of world-wide, the managing director of the premier system integration company tells Sudipta Dev about his vision of creating
Ramesh D Grover CMS COmputers Ltd. Founder, CEO America BITS;Founder;USA R.D.G. an IT power house. 1947 t
For the four years prior to founding Cradle in July 1999, Gupta was vice president of corporate planning for Cirrus
3130 West Warren Avenue United States of Logic Corporation. He was corporate sponsor for several key partnerships (including Microsoft and JVC) and was the
Satish C Gupta Cradle Technologies Inc. CEO, President, Co-founder Second Floor Fremont CA 94538 America S.C.G. executive champion for
Since 1978, he has traversed the entire gamut of Systems Software, Application Software and Project
99 Park Avenue United States of Management. Starting his career as a trainee programmer, Rajesh was employed as a Software Developer and Designer
Rajesh Hukku i-flex Solutions Inc. Chairman, MD Suite 1530 New York 10016 America Chairman;USA R.H. with India's largest software exporte
Navindra Jain has on the Board of Directors of LogicVision (NASD: LGVN) since 1992 and has been Chairman of
United States of the Board since January 1996. In 1982, Dr. Jain co-founded Excelan Inc., a manufacturer of networking products, and was its
Navindra Jain Logic Vision Inc. Chairman of Board 101 Metro Drive, Third Floor San Jose California 95110 America Chairman;USA N.J. Vice President of En
Prem Jain has been responsible for growing his Enterprise WAN Business Unit in Cisco to a multi-billion operation.
Vice President, GM, Enterprise United States of Prior to that he was VP of Engineering and one of the founding members of Crescendo Communications, which was acquired
Prem Jain Cisco Systems Inc. WAN 170 West Tasman Drive San Jose CA 95134 America GM;USA P.J. by Cisco in 1993 in
Raj Koneru was the Chief Executive Officer of SeraNova since its formation in September 1999, as a unit of
Intelligroup, Inc., and co-founder of Oxford Systems, Inc., a systems integration company that merged with Intelligroup in
270 Davidson Avenue United States of 1994.
Raj Koneru Icallpoint Founder, Chairman Suite 300 Somerset NJ 08873 America Chairman;Founder;USA R.K. He served as t
Prior to joining Greylock, BC served as Vice President of Product Management and Chief Technology Officer at Open
United States of Market, a leading vendor of Content Management and Delivery solutions. BC was responsible for overall technology and
BC Krishna Greylock Venture Capital Entrepreneur-in-residence 880 Winter Street Waltham MA 02451 America Entrepreneur;USA K. product strategy, and
Shri Virendra Kumar, aged 58 years, is a Mechanical Engineer from BITS, Pilani and an MBA from University of Delhi.
He joined BHEL in 1966. Shri Virendra Kumar has made significant contributions in a wide range of areas including marketing
Virendra Kumar BHEL Board of Directors Board of Directors V.K. and sales, in
Former head of StanChart Private Equity and former head of ANZ Grindlays Corporate and Investment Banking in

Rajiv Maliwal Sabre Capital R.M.
Prior to founding TECHNOMETRICA, Mayur was a market research analyst with AT&T and a biostatistician with the
United States of University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. His contributions in the medical area have appeared in leading journals
Raghavan Mayur Technometrica Inc. President, Founder 690 Kinderkamack Road, Suite 102 Oradell NJ 07649 America Chairman;USA R.M. such as Lancet and
Dinesh Mirchandani is President of Boyden India and a Partner of Boyden World Corporation since 1994. He was
Board of elected to the Global Board of Directors of Boyden in 2000. He has handled several CEO-level searches in the technology,
Dinesh Mirchandani Boyden World Corporation President, Board of Directors Directors;India;President D.M. consumer goods, manufac

Sharad Mehrotra, President and CEO, Fabric7 Systems, Inc., & Founder, Procket Networks
Dr. Sharad Mehrotra has spent the last 20 years in the computer, semiconductor, and networking industries, and in
Sharad Mehrotra Fabric7 Systems Inc. President, CEO CEO;President;USA S.M. academia. Prior to founding Fabric7 Systems,

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Anil had served as Chairman of the Board. complex ASICs and SOCs targeted towards networking and telecommunication markets.S. Since being http://www. At Lo http://www.P.Chairman. Gulu Mirchandani is the Chairman & Managing Director of MIRC Electronics Limited – manufacturers of the prestigious and leading brand of Colour Televisions in India ‘ONIDA’.N. he has been instrumental in the development and implementation of Yaga's revenue-generating business model.Vice-President S. President. Software Technology Group United States of primarily software. Prior to his present position. Lotus. defining and executing Commerce O http://www. CEO.MD V.USA A.Chairman.laranetworks. Krishnamurthy has served as the President. He was instrumental in setting up Vinod Sawhney Spice Telecom Ltd.intelligroup. Strategy and United States of for developing Redback's strategy and driving its implementation through Partnerships. the Materials Vinod is based in Chandigarh. the leading cellular service provider of Punjab. His responsibilities at Commerce One included Manoj Saxena Chairman.Founder. Prior to founding Celequest.R.fmglobal. United States of Marketing and Business Development for Commerce One (NASDAQ: CMRC). the only other Indians to be named. he was president and chief executive officer of legacy Shivam Subramaniam FM Global Inc. The company has strategic alliances with MS. Mergers and Acquisitions and Shailesh Shukla Redback Networks Inc. Member. Duri http://www. Sierra also has offices in Singapore and United Kingdom.CEO N. Vijay Vaidyanathan Yaga Devendra Verma is a General Partner at Redwood Venture Partners (RVP). Investments. IBM.yaga. VP.webifyinc. Fr http://www.MD R. CEO 310 Littleton Road Westford MA 01886-4105 America CEO.Vice-President J. Shivan is is based in the company's corporate offices in Johnston. He http://www. Allendale Insuranc http://www. Chairman. Oracle. Nesamoney was President and Chief Operating Diaz Nesamoney Celequest Inc.stg. and as Chairman of its Board o Page 2 . Inc. where he served as senior vice president of engineering.P. CEO CEO.I.USA Arjun Valluri Intelligroup Inc.S. Chairman.C. of which he was one of the founders. He started his career with Bharat Electronics Ltd. of engineeri http://www.Chairman. Chief Executive Officer. (acquired by United States of processor computer system.V. Patel was senior vice president Pankaj Patel Cisco Systems Inc. CEO. CEO and Director of the Company since September 1999. Prior to that. microprocessors. CEO. Founder. responsible Vice-President.R. work and employs http://www. Vinod has worked mostly in metros.I. (Onida) Chairman. Prior to joining RVP. Vijay worked at CISCO as With a solid data-based marketing and e-commerce background.Founder. MD India. he was a senior Vice President at Loral Space and Communication.S.celequest. Elxsi and NextGen Thampy founded and served as President and CEO of NexGen. CEO PO Box 7500 Johnston R. Sylvan Manoj Saxena is CEO and Chairman of Webify Solutions Inc.Chairman.USA B. And President and CEO.USA R. Grasim and Bihar Alloy Steels. CEO Suite 200 Santa Clara CA 95050 America CEO. CTO. The company Yogesh Vaidya International Ltd. Mr. Karnataka Calcutta. Founder. Vinod spent some 17 years with the Godrej group. P Jindal He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from BITS. 1995 El Camino Real United States of Vivek Paul was named Asia’s 25 Movers & Shakers by ZDNET in March 2001. trains around 60-80 http://www. United States of Treasurer and Director since January 2001.gc-partners. he served as Vice President and General Manager for various business units of Tektronix where his 15 year tenure Balaji Krishnamurthy President.netscout.wipro.President. from August. Subramaniam has served in his current 1301 Atwood Avenue United States of position since the 1999 merger that formed FM Global..V. from its inception in 1986 until 1991. Founder. CEO 2005 Hamilton Avenue San Jose CA 95125 America CEO. 198 He was selected personally by the Late Shri G D Birla to join Birla group in Anil K. Chief Executive Officer Anil Singhal Netscout Systems Inc.Chairman.Founder.Founder. Vice Chairman of Wipro Ltd.USA Y. Founder 950 Tower Lane. Jayan has over 18 years of extensive experience in the field of research.USA V. Sierra is a software company which does extensive outsource Raju Reddy Sierra Atlantic. Suite 900 Foster City CA 94404 AmericaStates of United CTO.Vice-President P. CEO 34770 Campus Drive Fremont CA 94555 America CEO.redback. Raju is Founder and Chairman of Sierra Atlantic Inc.S. Prior to joining Planar.Founder.He is also a member of the Board of Directors of ‘KEC Gulu Mirchandani Mirc Electronics Ltd. Mysore Punita saw a great new opportunity in marrying the collaborative power of the Internet with the efficiencies of the United States of offshore delivery model to seamlessly extend complex business operations. In Shailesh is Vice President of Strategy and Business Development at Redback Networks (NASDAQ: RBAK).USA T.K. design and development of large. multi- Lara Networks Inc. the Mohali ref Narendra Saxena. Ramaraj (Satyam).USA D. Cable Systems Unit 250 Holger Way San Jose CA 95134-1300 America USA. a leading manufacturer of radar equipment for the armed forces in India. Chairman.K. http://www. (US) and Sierra Optimal Limited (India) which he founded in United States of 1993.President.M. alongside Shiv Nadir (HCL) and R Vivek Paul Wipro Technologies Inc. Founder. International Limited’ Diaz Nesamoney is Founder. CEO 499 Thornall Street Edison NJ 08837 America Vivek STG is a publicly traded company in India that is focused on education and training in the emerging technologies.USA V. 02919 America Pankaj Patel. was formerly the VP of Co http://www. Cisco Systems. software development. Prior to this.netcustomer. Leveraging over 16 years of experience in Punita Pandey netCustomer Inc. Xansa (Formerly IIS Infotech Ltd (Education Solutions Division) Saxena was earlier working with STG as managing director. is the new vice president and general manager of Cisco’s Cable Systems Unit. 1966. he was chief strategy officer of United States of NBC Internet. Board of Directors Board of Directors. Mr. Prior to this he was Vice-President and GM within the Public Carrier IP Group (PCIPG) at Vijay Parikh Global Catalyst Partners Managing Principal 255 Shoreline Drive Suite520 Redwood Shores CA 94065 America USA V. Chairman of Board.Chairman. he joined Eicher Tractors Ltd in Rakesh Kalra Eicher Motors Ltd.Founder. CEO Planar Systems Mr.V. Infotech over 34 years of rich and varied experience Chairman & CEO.Chairman. Business Development for the Service United States of Provider Line of Business (SPLOB).USA P.P. Prior to that.S. BITSian Entrepreneurs Mr. http://www. Patel joins Cisco from United States of Redback Networks Inc. MD India. Nesamoney brings over 15 years of experience in the enterprise software industry to Celequest. President.USA M.President. CEO San Jose CA America CEO.Chairman. Founder. Pilani. CEO 3925 West Braker Lane Austin TX 78759 America CEO.V. President and CEO of Celequest. He brings to IIS Narendra Saxena Xansa CEO CEO. the developer of the first alternative to Intel Pentium Thomas Thampy Post X Chairman. He was invited by industrialist Shri O Nirmal Chandra Mathur Jindal Strips Prior to joining Global Catalyst Partners. Singhal co-founded NetScout in June of 1984 and has served as NetScout's President.President. Before joining Spice. Inc.India G. He worked with the Birlas for 17 years in companies like Hindalco.P.S.sierraatlantic. Officer at Informa http://www. one of the world’s leading satellite and satellite-based communication services Devendra Verma Redwood Venture Partners Partner USA D. Wipro Technologies.USA S. Most recently Manoj was Senior Vice President.India N. Business Development 250 Holger Way San Jose CA 95134-1300 America USA. CEO CEO. CEO CEO. provider. Bangalore. and Treasure http://www. Jayan Jayan Ramankutty Cypress Semiconductor) Vice President 110 Nortech Parkway San Jose CA 95134-2307 America USA.M. PostX.