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DENISE WILLMES Los Gatos, CA 95032 denisewillmes@ymail.


Cell: (408) 828-4786

Accomplished logistics and program professional with extensive experience in off ice and facilities management, operations, and team management in various enviro nments. Highly driven team player with excellent interpersonal skills and proven ability to provide sound solutions in all situations. Solid leadership and comm unication skills with record of integrity, dependability, and exceptional custom er service. • Ability to administer programs and processes • Ability to attain a comprehensive understanding of priorities and program goals of the operation quickly • Strategic planning, global program coordination, cross-functional team collabora tor • Experience with financial reimbursement and reporting systems including Excel, P owerPoint, MS Word, Business Objects and database management programs • Proven ability to exercise good judgment, discretion and initiative in coordinat ion of activities, and contribute to efficient operations with attention to deta il • Development of ongoing processes for identifying needs and ability to create uni que business models to fulfill those needs • Conflict resolution, mastery of communication skills and excellent people skills • Small/large meeting and event organization – business and social • Excellent written and verbal communication skills with excellent follow through and attention to detail • LMS, Oracle, Saba proficiency, Microsoft Office expertise • Multitask with ease and efficiency • Work well under pressure; and can meet deadlines PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Cisco Systems, Inc. San Jose, CA (1997–April 2009) Logistics/Operations Program Manager - Professional Skills, Effective Communicat ions, and Program/Project Management Certification Program Curriculum (2005 – April 2009) Responsible for all global logistic details required to create and execute quali ty university certification training programs and professional skills programs. - Managed 300+ Program & Project Management certification course offerings - Supported 150 Project Management classes; 18 courses; annual enrollment of 3,0 00 • Maintained operations reporting databases and metrics measurement tools using Le arning Management System (LMS), Business Objects, and the Training Evaluation Sy stem (TES) reporting tool measuring profit/loss revenues monthly and quarterly. • Collaborated with program stakeholders internal and external to Cisco on cross-f unctional initiatives to bring the Professional Skills programs into technical l earning road maps affecting all global locations and addressing the diverse need s for each location. • Collaborated with vendors regularly to monitor scope of work and enrollment ensu ring enrollment levels were met or cancelled without revenue loss. • Collaborated with finance groups, vendors, program managers to ensure Statements of Work and Purchase Orders met the demands of course offerings, ensuring no la

pses in course deliverables. • Close monitoring of LMS fees charged for course offerings; resulted in significa nt savings in revenues cross-charged. • Managed the global Stanford Instructional Television Network satellite program a t Cisco and acted as liaison between Stanford and Cisco to insure a continuum in web based Stanford training for Cisco students. Key Engineering Learning Logistics Team Member Cisco Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA (1999 – 2008)

• Managed the training center, IT and Admin support staff, all training room sched uling, along with all security, equipment setup, connectivity, and associated se curity issues with internal and external customer groups. Initiated, created and maintained a majority of the instruction manuals used as templates for the depa rtment processes, used by students, internal team, instructors and vendors, rece iving Cisco Corp. Communications approvals for all graphics used. • •Supervision and management of support staff, encompassing guidance, mentoring and reation of templates used for administrative processes. • Facilities/training center management and maintenance, including space allocatio n, equipment allocation and maintenance, resource allocation and financial track ing thereof. • Drove improvement and efficiency models in the training center, creating methods of utilizing existing assets and reducing net costs. • Created group marketing collateral used to evangelize department programs and en gineering curriculum at various job and career fair events, increasing exposure, leading to higher enrollment levels and ultimately increasing program revenues. Actively participated in these job fairs, advocating our offerings. • Program managed and conceptualized the Stanford Center for Professional Developm ent/Stanford Instructional Television Network (SCPD/SITN). • Championed student tuition reimbursement concerns by liaising with internal HR d ept. to initiate a process change with a third-party vendor to process student t uition reimbursements in a more efficient and timely manner. This resulted in a more closely monitored program producing a more timely turnaround for student tu ition reimbursements and change of vendor management. • Collaborated with logistics team to develop, test, and launch various new tools which would enhance group efficiency and productivity resulting in more effectiv e time management. • Coordinated all department events and improved processes for event launches. • Processed and tracked all vendor and new hire internal badging requirements. • Contributed toward and collaborated with internal teams in the success of the an nual Internal Networkers event wherein 3,000 engineering attendees participated annually (7 years) • Systematically obtained vendor’s best pricing for all giveaways at all events, resu ting in considerable company savings. • Coordinated the training and supported completion of approximately 2,000 new gra ds in the IOS Boot Camp program. Program Specialist, Customer Advisory Board (CAB) Cisco Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA (1997– 1999) Successfully initiated, launched and managed 5 global Cisco Engineering Sr. VP/c ustomer facing working session events for Cisco’s top 10 customers at the executive level in AsiaPac, Tokyo, UK, South America and US with the goal of ensuring cust omers of engineering collaboration in addressing specific needs. • Collaborated with site-specific teams to ensure country protocols were addressed and team was trained as needed for each location. Division Office Manager/Exec. Admin. Assistant to the President/Executive Staff

Hyundai Electronics America, Flash Memory Division, Sunnyvale, CA (1994 – 1997) Provided management support to the President/General Manager, VP of Marketing an d Executive staff; coordinated daily ongoing operations and facility management for a division of 60+ people. • Managed and supervised the office, support personnel and facilities, working wit h internal and external vendors • Event planning and event launches • Prepared monthly and quarterly division corporate presentations, reports, and bu dget inputs • Managed all travel and expense reporting/reimbursement tracking for President an d senior staff • Created office procedures, personnel files, marketing collateral and distributio n database tracking systems and trained/updated all employees • Initiated and delivered new hire orientation and on-site security training. Secu rity point of contact 24/7. PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT & TRAINING In Progress: Program Management Professional Certification, George Washington Un iversity/Audit Stanford Certified Program Manager Certification, Stanford University 2001 San Jose State University - Certification in Marketing / International Even t Coordination 1997 San Jose State University - Certification in Supervision and Management LMS administrator Webex Conferencing Basics Business Objects 6.5 Inter. UCSC Project Management Series MS Office Saba, Oracle database management COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES Eastfield Ming Quong Families First Loaves and Fishes Second Harvest Food Drives