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Maharastra MBA CET is one of the last of the entrance exams that are conducted on such a

national scale. More than 1 lac students have appeared for this exam and seats to some of the
coveted institutes such Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS), Sydenham, K J
Somaiya, Welingkar etc are decided by this exam.

Unlike many other institutes which give a very high weightage to Academics, Work Experience,
Group Discussion and Interview for selection, CET based Institutes as given above take primarily
the Written Test Score for their selection. 200 out of a total of 240 marks for selection were at
stake today.

The best part of the paper today was that there were no surprises. It was a typical CET paper of

Reading Comprehension and Verbal Ability was bang on expectations. RC came once again with
just one passage and 15 questions (including Synonyms and Antonyms) like they used to be for
years. If anything, some questions were of an inference type which could have put some brakes
on speed.

Quantitative Ability area was also surprisingly easy with 10 questions on BODMAS. There was
however an error in one of the questions (Form 222, Q 44). There were no questions on
Probability and Quadratic Equations, which would have been welcome for all the non
Engineering/Non Math students.

Data Interpretation (DI) and Data Sufficiency (DS) were extremely simple save for one set in DI
which was lengthy in calculations.

Analytical Reasoning had 55 questions and a good student could have scored almost full marks
in the same. The key to getting the score would be to see the questions!

If there was one area which could have gone bad for some students, it was the Non Verbal
Reasoning Area. There was one set of questions (5) which were almost unattemptable. Even
other sets were not easy and getting around 15 marks out of a total of 30 questions would have
been very good.

A quick preliminary analysis would put the required marks to get into the prestigious JBIMS at the written stage at around 150 +/. The MOCKs were always given with a slightly higher level of difficulty to offset the laxity in a MOCK. would have been extremely happy at the end of the exam as the actual exam was almost a replica of the T. Students of T.M. AMMCETs and MOCKs.2 marks for the All India Seats (AI).2 for Mumbai Home University Students and around 160 +/.M. to add to the woes. There were 20 questions as against last years’ 10 and this area is normally a low scoring area.) Moderate 76 to 80 Verbal Ability Fill in the blanks (2 blanks) Easy 81 to 85 Analytical Reasoning Alpha numeric sequence questions Very Easy . of Choices per question : 5 choices Negative Marks : Not Present Number of Sections : No sections – jumbled paper Level of Q Nos Area Type of Question Difficulty 1 to 7 Analytical Reasoning Individual Logical questions Easy 8 to 10 Analytical Reasoning Analytical Puzzle (Six Storey Building ) Very Easy 11 to 15 Quantitative Ability BODMAS and Approximation Moderate 16 to 30 Verbal Ability Reading Comprehension Passage Easy Analytical Puzzle (Seven people Seating around a 31 to 35 Analytical Reasoning circular table ) Easy 36 to 40 Non Verbal Reasoning Visual Reasoning (Odd pair out) Easy 41 to 45 Quantitative Ability BODMAS and Approximation Moderate 46 to 50 Non Verbal Reasoning Odd man out (seven figure series) Difficult 51 to 55 Verbal Ability Underlined Phrase Replacement Easy 56 to 60 Analytical Reasoning Deductions (4 statements) Very Easy 61 to 65 Analytical Reasoning Number Series (Find the wrong term in the series) Moderate 66 to 75 Non Verbal Reasoning Series ( Find the Missing fig.I. CET 2010 Paper Pattern Total Number of Questions : 200 Total Time allotted : 150 minutes No. the number of Verbal Reasoning questions also saw an increase over last year.I.Also.E.E.

Percentage of students from five Diff. Q.Averages. ( Five Figs Given) Difficult 121 to 130 Verbal Ability Sentence Correction Easy 131 to Mathematical Statements and Conclusions ( 4 135 Analytical Reasoning statements and individual options) Moderate Individual Questions on Area of 136 to Rectangle.. 110 Quantitative Ability Profit/loss. 180 Data Interpretation Management Institutes for diff. specialisations Moderate 181 to 183 Verbal Reasoning Critical Reasoning Moderate 184 to Line Graph . Easy 196 to 200 Verbal Reasoning Critical Reasoning Moderate In Short the exam can be summarized as .86 to 90 Data Sufficiency Quant based DS with two statements Easy 91 to 95 Verbal Ability Para Jumble ( Six sentences ) Very Easy 96 to Verbal Symbols and Notations (vowels and 100 Analytical Reasoning consonants) Very Easy 101 to 105 Analytical Reasoning Input and Output Very Easy 106 to Individual Questions on Area of semi circle.Percentage of students Passed in Arts.No of students qualified in Five colleges for 170 Data Interpretation different years Very Easy 171 to 175 Verbal Reasoning Cause and Effect Difficult 176 to Table .Percentages.of Cell Phones produced by three 196 Data Interpretation companies P. 140 Quantitative Ability Permutation Easy 141 to 150 Analytical Reasoning Decision Making Very Easy 151 to 160 Verbal Ability Cloze passage Easy 161 to 165 Verbal Reasoning Course of action Easy 166 to Table . Ratio.No . R. 188 Data Interpretation Science and Commerce) Moderate 189 to 191 Verbal Reasoning Critical Reasoning Difficult 192 to Bar Graph . Simple Eq. Time and Distance Easy 111 to 120 Non Verbal Reasoning Find the next fig in the series.

of Questions Analytical Reasoning 55 Verbal Reasoning 20 Non Verbal 30 Reasoning Data Interpretation 20 Data Sufficiency 5 Quantitative Ability 20 Verbal Ability 35 Reading 15 Comprehension The marks required in the CET written examination alone. AREA No.2 marks .2 marks Expected requirement for Sydenham (Home University Mumbai) – 144 +/.2 marks Expected requirement for Welingkar (AI category) – 153 +/. for a seat in the best institutes. are likely to be the following: Expected requirement for JBIMS (Home University Mumbai) – 152 +/.2 marks Expected requirement for JBIMS (AI category) – 161 +/.2 marks Expected requirement for KJ Somaiyya (AI category) – 154 +/.2 marks Expected requirement for Sydenham (AI Category) – 154 +/.2 marks Expected requirement for Welingkar (Home University Mumbai) – 143 +/.2 marks Expected requirement for KJ Somaiyya (Home University Mumbai) – 143 +/.