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Education System: opinion

my experience – my

It’s a great honour to publish an article in this Management Journal – SPECTRUM. I am thankful to the magazine committee for giving me space. I would like to share my experience, my views about the education system prevailing in India. We have inherited the education system from the British. They enforced a school, college and university system to evaluate the capabililities of students. For a common, education and degree was the fastest way for economic stability. A degree becomes something revered. With Indian System, the entire focus of students, teachers and parents is on getting maximum grades. It is very likely that a student crams a text book and tops the exams. And on the other hand, a truly smart student has to bear the burnt of not performing in these text book exams. He will be discouraged to take the road less travelled even though; he might be the next Ambani, Gates, Tendulkar, etc. my experience till the graduation : I used to be an academically brilliant student till about the 10 th standard. I really believed in and wanted to excel at exams. I did everything from cramming the text books and never thought of an alternate way of doing things. My creativity, thinking process ( out of the box ), etc. was constrained in a box. Every time I thought of a novel way of doing things, but I was stopped by the system. After scoring well at the 10 th standard as per this system, I got admission in the reputed college, but still I was not getting adapted with the system. Then I decided to learn things at my own space without getting bothered about the results. The results were started coming as expected and I wasted precious years of my life as going against the system. my opinion: This kind of bookish education system is good for developing people who can serve only. This system will tend to generate copy – cats and followers, not innovators and dynamic leaders.

experiencing the difference at the CIMDR :

I welcome your valuable feedbacks and suggestions on this article and to conduct project on the academic evaluation system at the graduation level. I am enjoying the process of education. sancheti_aadesh@yahoo.operative and enthusiastic faculties. I have taken admission in the management institute of Deccan Education I am getting exposure to prove my capabilities.principles based society I have ever seen.As a second chance. supportive non. Many a times I wanted to study in any of the institute of D. At the last.teaching staff. co. my classmates. Please feel free to post it on my mail Cell no. the hostel life is just marvelous. Society because it is one of the values . We. but I am trying to come out of it and will definitely overcome it in the future.E. The zealous environment. I just want to say that none of the education system is the perfect one. Many times I behave negatively as the result of past experience.A. The things have changed drastically at the IMR. : 9421031500 Aadesh Sancheti M. my friendz and specifically. Now. the people who can make our education system more evolving and effective by encountering the negative effects and by boosting the positive points. This environment is teaching me the valuable lessons of life.B. 1 .