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Improving sales performance through achieving
excellence & managing your workforce

Course I Course II

A highly inspirational workshop for Motivational team management
dynamic sales people Techniques to boost sales performance

17 April 2008, Marriott Hotel, Karachi 18 April 2008, Marriott Hotel, Karachi
Timing: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Timing: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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Yours Sincerely. as leading executives in today's dynamic business environment. Sales Excellence course is exclusively designed for sales professionals who wish to move away from the conventional values and empower themselves with modern selling techniques to strategic and organizational competencies and maximize their performance. this empowers your managerial role as more of an effective sales professional. So do not miss this opportunity to benefit from the expert knowledge of your course trainer. Sales Force Management program is framed for sales managers in particular. who has an extensive global training and working experience where he has led teams to maximize their potential. titled as the Sales Masterclass which encompasses two umbrella topics. It envisages a scenario where only the best-trained and highly motivated sales professionals can survive and lead their teams towards success. Haseeb Hasan. So make yourself a valuable asset to your organization and ensure your increased profitability! Haseeb and I look forward to meeting you. improved customer relationships. : +92-21-4548428 Cell : +92-300-8275091 Email : marif@octara. therefore your role is rapidly developing into a valued partner consultant rather than the traditional sales professional. This course uncovers the secrets of how to gain competitive advantage. UAE proudly present two of the most powerful sales training programs. Sales Excellence & Sales Force Management. Since organizations today continually seek increment in sales. higher profits and revenue growth. a brand representative. an excellent communicator and a human capital manager. Octara & Intek. Muhammad Arif Octara Private Limited Dir. Realizing that the sales team is at the forefront of any business .Dear Sales Dear Sales Professionals Professionals. The complexity and cost of selling in today's market requires you to develop your selling skills quickly to meet profitable sales objectives.

and is now considered amongst the new breed of dynamic “Management Trainers” blending practical concerns. J V Eckardt . Over 500 multinationals. and having worked for almost two decades in Pakistan and Singapore.A. Singapore and USA. General Manager. Besides this. globally.Former MD BASF Pakistan “This Sales Masterclass Program has led me to "Jump-Start" my personal.Dubai “This type of training should continue in future as well as they have a very positive effect on the organizational behavior” Irfan Akram. Pakistan . Few top global clients Nestle Dupont GM Motors Gillette Siemens Barclays Bank Unilever Burj Al Arab Dubai Investment Ford (DXB) Coca Cola Sony ABN AMRO Mashreq Bank Pepsi GSK Young President Deutsche Bank Qatar Petroleum Organization Bayer Hear what some top global clients say about Haseeb Hasan “Sales Excellence Workshop was well organized. Haseeb brings with him extensive experience with organizations such as British American Tobacco. Haseeb embarked on establishing Intek. Intek. Intek is a well established name in the area of Corporate Management Consultancy and Training with offices in Dubai. Haseeb is the driving force behind Intek with intense dedication towards improving personal and organizational performances. Mobilink. as well as. Americana (GFI) .S. With a nine year track record. very concise and completely in line with our expectations and demands. private and government companies have benefited from Intek Solutions. It certainly was a mind opener for BASF's Sales team" Mr. professional excellence action plans" Hany Mwafy . and imparting his techniques and skills to several fighting survivors of the corporate world. Haseeb now resides in Dubai with his wife Zaufyshan (who is also a partner in training) and three teenage children. celebrities. LU Biscuits and the Merrill Lynch. UAE Educated in the U. politicians. Haseeb holds a wide portfolio of clientele spread all over the world. actors and singers with this training. Your course facilitator Haseeb T Hasan CEO. Being a Doctrate in Business Administration from USA. Driven by his mission in life.Marketing Manager. Haseeb also works on Life Skills development and has benefited numerous CEOs.

A highly • Goal Setting and Planning skills motivational journey! Win . Follow Up. Topics include Negotiation skills.Cultural Selling • Understanding Cultural issues • Becoming a 'Global Player' • My 'pitch' may not be the right 'Pitch' • Operating at a 'neutral' ground .Internal and External and other important aspects of Sales. Motivation • Motivation . Course I A highly inspirational workshop for dynamic sales people 17 April 2008. Selling • No 'close' . Marriott Hotel. forecasting & tracking systems • Motivating your sales team Cross . Belief in Products. Presentations. • Productive Team Players • Positive Energy and Self Esteem Communication Skills.they buy benefits" Attend • Understanding buyer moods and directions • "What’s in it for me" (WIIFM) Sales Professionals responsible • Researching your prospects for ambitious targets • 35 tactics to influence buyers Sales Professionals who need to motivate • Understanding body language to your advantage and manage their teams Why Clients Quit (80 reasons) Managers who need a fresh perspective and Psychology of Closing innovative ideas on 'sale' Techniques and Personal Growth Areas • How the closer manipulates? Sales Professionals who feel that a "low tide" • Reverse psychology for difficult buyers in economy has hit their sales • Various proven techniques of 'Closing' • Collections of 'greatest closes' .perhaps more) Who Should • "People don't buy products .winning strategies • Graduating to the level of "The Master Closer" Leading Your Sales Team (How to manage a winning sales team) • Setting team standards • Formal & Informal Communication • Sales to improve them Key • Thinking long term and providing exceptional services Benefits • Exceeding customer expectations • Gaining sound reputation and credibility Increased Sales Average vs Professional Salesperson Increased "Quality Consciousness" • 6 'Myths' vs 'Truths' about sales people Further improved "Customer Care" • Which human needs do your customers have? Improved employee morale • Do you have faith in your products? Better customer relations • Are you selling for the sake of selling? Attract additional business from existing clients SELLING TECHNIQUES A highly charged up sales team Buyer Psychology (Your customer is as aware as you are .Win Relationships • Interpersonal skills . Karachi Course Course Objective Outline This workshop aims at motivating participants PERSONAL ATTRIBUTES to increase short-term and long-term sales by Traits of an Effective Sales Professional equipping them with Effective Closing • Personal Discipline and Mannerisms Techniques. Role • Organizing and Time Management Plays.

Course II Motivational team management techniques to boost sales performance 18 April 2008. The • Running sales meetings transition from a doing manager towards a • Sales tracking and follow up system 'managing manager' is the strongest objective • Training the sales team of this course. exercise based workshop aims Sales Leadership in Practice at equipping sales managers with effective • Setting objectives and goals • Evaluation strengths / weaknesses of members goal getting and motivational techniques. Karachi Course Course Objective Outline This interactive. 'Goal Setting' VS 'Goal Getting' • How good coach are you? • Developing your leadership style Key • Recruiting the sales force Benefits • Dealing with difficult sales people • Strengthening your strategic focus Sales planning and budget controlling • Creative exercises Maximize performance through effective sales • Becoming a proactive manager • Coaching and motivating operations • Perception of your sales people do the job Soon to be appointed Sales Managers who need to learn more about management in DOING MANAGER a sales environment This Person is responsible both for his or her personal performance and for managing others MANAGING MANAGER This person concentrates solely on managing others work In-house BRING These workshops can be customized to suit specific needs of your organization at significant savings! Please contact Muhammad Arif at or call at 0300-8275091 for more details . training and evaluating sales people Managerial Skills Coaching and motivating your sales force to • Goal Setting & Team Building achieve your objectives and targets • Time Management & Stress Management • Leadership & Delegation Skills • Communication and Body Language of Managers Who Should • Motivating Self & Others Attend Experienced Sales Managers who The Three Levels of need refresher in managing sales activity Responsibility Recently appointed Sales Managers with front-line responsibility for a sales force of at DOER least two persons This Person has only one responsibility . Marriott Hotel. Participants will be involved in • Motivating your staff by making them assume ownership of company targets self-awareness exercises and motivational techniques for their sales force teams.

. Presentation Skills. Special 15% Discount Tel: 021-4534261. fax and e-mail 10% Group Discount Send your cheque in favour of “Octara Private Limited” to: Muhammad Imran Anwer Octara Private Limited on 3 or more participants 2/E-37. With a nine year track record. working days before a course. Karachi 18 April 2008. Intek is a well established name in the area of Corporate Management Consultancy and Training.11.. Cross Cultural Excellence etc. Managerial Skills. Octara & Intek certificate. 021-4536315. Substitutions may be made at any time. Leadership. Selling Skills. the 10th General Meeting of the Asia Pacific CSD Group. Karachi. Lahore to another Octara course within the next 12 months. Cell: 0321-2670041 To view reports on our past training workshops and events logon to www. Organization. Octara Private Limited is an independent enterprise and a Cancellations Business Information At least 10 working days prior to the course will be Training Conferences Events Publications Management company of the Tranzum Group specializing in Corporate/Management Training refunded in full. given. 021-4546639 1 .2 nominees Rs. a Cancellation Fee of Publications and Public Relations.Course I Course II 17 April 2008. phones. Intek has a wide portfolio of clientele in Logistics Partner Partners Strategic Partners all its locations and beyond. Event Management. Diverse portfolio includes multinationals.C. private and government sectors in all areas of business Fax: 021-4520708. no refunds can be MAP. Negotiation skills. Over 500 companies have benefited from Intek Solutions. If a booking is cancelled 10 to 7 & Workshops. Cancellations must be confirmed by letter. Octara reserves the right to cancel or postpone the If you register 3 or more participants in each course Registration Note Participation will be confirmed subject to receipt of payment. Singapore and US. For cancellations events such as the landmark 10th Management Convention made within 7 working days.E. The Media & Marketing fax or email.octara. Haseeb and Zaufyshan. lunch. and Islamabad. Karachi. Marriott Hotel. Karachi Registration & Payment Options Workshop Investment (per course) E-mail or Fax your nomination(s) to: E-mail: register@octara. globally. refreshments & business networking mailing address. The Intek team is committed to increasing potential of individuals and organizations. In the event of unforeseen circumstances. delegates may transfer seminars with world-class speakers in Dubai. Octara has to its credit 25% of the course fee is payable. The driving force behind Intek. which they Official Carrier have converted into a profession. Block-6. a husband/wife team committed to their personal passion of facilitating progresses. Project Management. Its proven training programs include. Designation. Festival just to name a few and numerous workshops and Notwithstanding the above.H.S.500 (Per participant) Send us your: Name. P. with offices in Dubai. Valuing the People Factor Conference. Customer Technology Partner Service. IT Skills. Includes course material. Marriott Hotel. Seminars & Conferences.