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Examination Timetable

Tuesday, 4 January to Friday, 14th January 2010

Timetable Notes:

- All examinations are set out in alphabetical order, with the date and time shown
beside each paper.

- Candidates should check the date, time and locations of their examinations carefully.
Failure to present for an examination through misreading the timetable is not grounds
for special consideration.

- Students are required to make themselves available for the entire duration of any
official examination period.

- Candidates may face disciplinary action if unauthorised materials are found during
the examination on their person or on/near the candidate’s desk or chair.

- Student ID cards must be displayed prominently on the desk throughout all

- Electronic devices, such as mobile phones or personal computers should not be
used in examination venues under any circumstances.

- LSBF reserves the right to amend the timetable, if necessary.

Examination Venues:

Examination Venue is to be confirmed by 10th Dec 2010.

January 2011 Module Start Module Name Date Duration Code Time ADVFM Advanced Financial Management 13-Jan-11 14:00 3 hrs 15 min AM Advertising Management 11-Jan-11 14:00 3 hrs BCCM Business Continuity and Crisis Management 11-Jan-11 10:00 3 hrs 15 min BOS Buy Out Strategies: LBOs and MBOs 13-Jan-11 10:00 3 hrs 15 min Coaching and Mentoring for Leadership and CMLM 10-Jan-11 10:00 3 hrs Management CB Consumer Behaviour 07-Jan-11 10:00 3 hrs CF Corporate Finance 07-Jan-11 14:00 3 hrs 15 min EFII Equity and Fixed Income Investment 14-Jan-11 10:00 3 hrs 15 min FRA Financial Reporting and Analysis 06-Jan-11 14:00 3 hrs 15 min GM Global Marketing 14-Jan-11 10:00 3 hrs IMC Integrated Marketing Communications 04-Jan-11 10:00 3 hrs IFMGT International Financial Management 11-Jan-11 14:00 3 hrs 15 min IHRM International Human Resource Management 10-Jan-11 14:00 3 hrs IDMC Internet and Digital Marketing Communications 13-Jan-11 14:00 3 hrs MI Managing Information 04-Jan-11 10:00 3 hrs MM Marketing Management 06-Jan-11 10:00 3 hrs OM Operations Management 04-Jan-11 14:00 3 hrs OFD Options Futures and Derivatives 10-Jan-11 14:00 3 hrs 15 min OB Organisational Behaviour 05-Jan-11 10:00 3 hrs PMC Performance Measurements and Control 12-Jan-11 10:00 3 hrs 15 min PLTB Project Leadership and Team Building 12-Jan-11 14:00 3 hrs PM Project Management 11-Jan-11 10:00 3 hrs Public Relations Management and Corporate PRCC 10-Jan-11 10:00 3 hrs Communications QMIM Quantitative Methods in Investment Management 04-Jan-11 14:00 3 hrs 15 min RM Risk Management 12-Jan-11 10:00 3 hrs 15 min SP Strategic Planning 05-Jan-11 14:00 3 hrs VMA Valuation of Mergers and Acquisitions 12-Jan-11 14:00 3 hrs 15 min WMAE Web Marketing: Metrics. Exam Winter Term .UOW . Analysis and Evaluation 13-Jan-11 10:00 3 hrs .

What is considered an exam clash? Two examinations scheduled for a candidate on the same day and at the same time. In such case please contact your programme coordinator.Candidates Frequently Asked Questions: What can I bring to the exam? Candidates can bring the following standard items: Pens and pencils Unmarked eraser Unmarked ruler Student ID card (required) Open book examinations allow students to take in hard copy study notes and books. unless permitted to do so by the invigilator Leave the venue until all exam materials have been collected by the invigilator Enter the venue over 30 minutes after the exam has commenced Leave the venue during the first 45 or the last 15 minutes of the exam Candidates MUST: Sit in the seat allocated by the invigilator Display their student ID card on the desk for the full duration of the exam Read and follow all instructions/notices as given on the exam paper. What if I am late to an exam? Candidates will not be given extra time if they are late to an exam. Electronic equipment such as mobile phones and personal computers is not allowed to be used during the exam. . Not all exams will have reading time. What behaviour is accepted during an exam? Candidates MUST NOT: Communicate in any way with other candidates Talk. Candidates will not be allowed to enter the exam venue if they are more than 30 minutes late to an exam. displayed at the exam venue or given by the invigilator What is reading time? An additional 15 minutes at the start of the exam given to candidates to read through the question paper. unless speaking to an invigilator Disturb or disrupt the exam in any way Write during reading time Take exam materials out of the room. Candidates are NOT permitted to write during reading time.

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