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HP Certified Professional

HP Quality Center 10.0 Software
Exam Preparation Guide

The intent of this guide is to set expectations about the context of the exam and
to help candidates prepare for it. Recommended training to prepare for this
exam can be found at The Learning Center. It is important to note that although
training is recommended for exam preparation, successful completion of the
training alone does not guarantee that you will pass the exam. In addition to
training, exam items are based on knowledge gained from on-the-job
experience and application as well as other supplemental reference material
that may be specified in this guide.

HP certification
The HP Certified Professional community is a network of qualified HP channel
partners, customers, and employees who have taken the courses and studied
the associated reference material necessary to pass the certification exams that
earn HP Certified Professional credentials. The exams offered through the HP
Certified Professional program validate the skills and assure the competency of
HP certified professionals. The knowledge and experience required to pass HP
certification exams ensure that HP certified professionals are respected and
valued throughout the industry.

This exam is intended for technical implementers who under supervision will
install, configure, and use the HP Quality Center 10.0 software to support the
test management process.


To determine which certifications will be credited with this achievement.0 Software Exam Preparation Guide Minimum qualifications To pass this exam. participants can make specific comments about the items (i. hands-on experience.HP Quality Center 10. HP welcomes these comments as part of our continuous improvement process. or other pre-requisite events. Exam details The following are details about the exam:  Number of items: 60  Item types: Multiple choice (single-response). you should have at least three months experience with HP Quality Center 10. Relevant certifications After passing this exam. appropriateness to audience. Comments on the exam During the exam.0 Software. You may be on your way to achieving additional HP certifications. log into The Learning Center and view the certifications listed on the exam’s More Details tab. 2 .. Multiple Choice (multiple- response). your achievement may be applied toward more than one certification.e. accuracy. Exams are based on an assumed level of industry-standard knowledge that may be gained from the training. and Drag and Drop  Exam Time: 90 minutes  Passing Score: 73 percent  Reference Material: No on-line or hard copy reference material will be allowed at the testing site. etc).

 Design and write test steps. HP Certified Professional Exam content The following testing objectives represent the specific areas of content covered in the exam. Use this outline to guide your study and to check your readiness for the exam. The exam measures your understanding of these areas. 13% Requirement Risk Analysis  Define and describe risk-based testing.  Convert requirements to tests. associate. 9% Requirements Management  Identify and describe requirements. and advantages.  Describe risk-based testing process steps and factors used for testing levels.  Describe and specify Quality Center modules.  View. HP0-M31 Sections/Objectives 10% Quality Center Overview  Define and describe Quality Center terms and concepts.  Identify and describe release management tools and concepts. and versions. 3 . and validate requirements. characteristics. assign. submodules. 13% Building a Test Plan Tree  Describe the use and creation of the Test Plan tree.  Specify editing parameters to send emails in plain text format. 5% Release Management  Define release management items.

features.  View.  Identify and describe graphs and graph creation. 5% Defect Tracking  Identify and describe defect tracking concepts. and synchronize folders and libraries.0 Software Exam Preparation Guide HP0-M31 Sections/Objectives 18% Test Execution  Describe test execution terms and concepts. flow. and best practices. concepts.  Describe execution functions. 5% Library Management  Define and describe library management terms. 15% Data Management  Identify and describe administrative data management tasks and tools. status.  Identify and describe entity status.  Define and describe pinning baselines.  Identify and describe report options. and best practices. move. and features.  Run tests.HP Quality Center 10. 4 . 7% Version Control  Define and describe version control.

Additional study references This section lists courses and documents that can help you prepare for the exam and acquire the knowledge necessary to achieve the associated credential.hp.pdf Log in using your HP Passport user ID and password.0 User Guide To access the user Conclusion HP wishes you success in the HP Certified Professional Program and in passing the exam for which you are preparing. HP strongly recommends that you complete the training and thoroughly review all course materials and documents before taking the exam.hp. please go to the exam’s description in The Learning Center: http://www. follow the process to register as a new user. Please note: The following materials were available when this document was published. 178. You are not required to take the associated courses. to view and register for the 384. Studies conducted by HP and Prometric show that a combination of course attendance. Reference materials are continually updated. http://support. Sufficient on-the-job experience may also be required. 5 . Reference Type/ Title Source Quality Center 10. and on-the-job experience maximizes the likelihood of passing the exam on the first attempt. See the exam attachment. Note: If you do not have an HP Passport. 134. Exam registration To register for this exam. 141. go to: (Pages 116. self-study.openview. and 555) /KM747534/binary/QC10_UserGd. however. Supporting courses. You must also gain the practical experience outlined in this guide. HP Certified Professional Training Recommended training to prepare for this exam is accessible from this exam’s page in The Learning Center.