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Project Report
Public Enterprise Management
Presented to: Sir Muhammad Imran Hanif

Made By: Yasser Zafar Shah Waqar-ul-haq Junaid Arshad Sheraz Ali

BBA 5th Semester (A) SZABIST, Islamabad 11/23/2010

Table of Contents 
              History Scope of Organization Departments Organogram Management Practices Management Style & Public Administration HR Practices Competitors in Private Sector IT Culture Jurisdiction & Legislation Budgeting & Audit Role of Government SWOT Analysis References Additional Information Page#4 .Page#4 ..Page#5 Page#7 .. Page#8 .. Page#9 .Page#9 ..Page#9 .Page#10 ....Page#11 .Page#12 .Page#12 .Page#13 ..Page#14 ..Page#15

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Federal Board of Intermediate and Secondary education

Location: Sector H 8/4, Islamabad (Capital)s

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The Federal Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education (FBISE) Islamabad was established under the ACT of 1975. Before 1975, there was no central body; executing education courses/syllabuses that were planned to be taught to our younger generation with any aim set of what education does our nation needs. After the partition with Bangladesh in 1971, Pakistan was faced with the most vital aspect of economic development which was human development thus FBISE was inaugurated in 1975 and started its operations as an autonomous body of the Ministry of Education; which means that it bears its no own financial expenditures with its own revenue generation and has the powers to attain or dispose off Assets and its liabilities. It is empowered with administrative and financial authority to organize, regulate, develop and control Intermediate and Secondary Education in general and conduct examinations in the institutions affiliated with it. FBISE was certified ISO 9001:2000 (Quality Management System) on December 4th, 2007 and its Expiry date is November 26th, 2010. A couple of years ago FBISE issued its new syllabus pattern to make its students as competitive as of the students of GCE Ordinary Level or Advanced Level by introducing Multiple Choice Questions with short questions along with previously attained long questions with the average share of questions in a single examination 20%, 50% and 30% respectively. But when the GCE marking scheme or paper checking criteria was further enforced, the result for 2007-8 was devastating producing 30% result overall. Since than from 2009 the paper pattern is same but the checking criteria was made very lenient to accommodate students who were failing their examinations or getting very less marks to this sudden change of marking scheme.

Scope of organization
To contribute towards the progressive attainment of national aims and objectives through thus directed education courses at the Secondary and Higher Secondary levels within the country and abroad; of all the Pakistani schools which are affiliated with FBISE through a fair, transparent and efficient examination system, with a futuristic vision with Globally Competitive educational subjects supplying into the market, under overall supervision and in particular case with the aid of the Federal Ministry of Education and in close collaboration with the other Sister Boards of Education.

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Administration & HR Dept:  Provides support and service for the activities of the Board of Directors of FBISE  Coordination with other Sister Boards such as Rawalpindi Board etc. Disbursing Information Internally and Externally, and provision of interaction between different departments  Looking after the Board¶s operations and keeping them in liaison with their legal & educational policies  Coordination of construction, maintenance, and keeping buildings issues  Issuing the amount charged from institutions as affiliation fee, examination fee or any other sort of fee or revenue  Coordination & provision of logistical issues  Recruiting & training of employees Examination Dept: y Secrecy & Conduct:  Receive schedule of examination from the examination coordinators  Receive list of eligible students for each examination from the examination coordinator  Assign anonymous number to each student  Receive question paper from the respective coordinator  Formatting of the Examination papers  Obtain a signed copy of the examination paper after review by the respective examination coordinator, before photocopying  Delivery of the examination paper to the respective venue  Collection of the answer scripts and examination papers from the respective venue  Send statistical analysis to the respective examination coordinator for review  Compilation of the results Research Dept:  Organizes in-service training programs for teachers, School administrators etc.  suggest appropriate new educational techniques and methodologies  Creates awareness among teachers/students about the need of guidance by delivering lectures  Searches out educational problems and their remedies  Reviews school text books in the light of FBISE policies  

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Academic Dept:  Schedule and update courses  Manage Online Enrollment  Publish results  Maintain student records, print transcripts, display records  Maintain Faculty & Staff distributions that are in direct relation with FBISE e.g. school¶s directors or examiners  Overlook and Approve records with correct time (date) Finance Dept:  Provide financial support for FBISE¶s operations and tasks  Provide daily financial expenditure and other longer time expenditures such as salaries, Utility bills cost etc.  Giving ways to Control expenditure and other costs  Managing accounts and financial statements Audit Dept:  Recommend improvements and changes in the financial system in operation and in the setting up of new systems  install changes and improvements to existing financial systems  prepares routine report on the Federal Board¶s financial in and out-take activities to justify their financial activities and root out or find corruption  monitors the performance of the company¶s financial system through once in a financial year e.g. by examining and testing controls such as those over buying procedure and by cash counts Computer & Archive Dept :  Provide online information and search facilities  Provide database for information storage and retrieval  Secure data from theft or hacking  Provide networking internally for data sharing and externally for the same purpose to the Ministry of Education and other Sister Boards  Provide access to other governmental databases for additional information

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Deputy Secretary Estate

Deputy Secretary Legal

Deputy Secretary

Deputy Secretary Admin

Assitant Sectarian

Assitant Sectarian

Assitant Sectarian

Assitant Sectarian

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Management Practices 
The management concentrates towards keeping their employees highly motivated as most of the employees are working on a permanent basis and thus like all other public enterprises where the work is done sluggishly and the recruitment process is usually done under political influence however this is the least case with FBISE as employees are hired through advertisements and then interviewed to obtain good employees and to keep the motivation high the management has given a number of incentives to the employees which are as listed below:  Provident Fund is given to every employee after the employee is retired which becomes a handsome amount  Salaries are higher and ensured to be paid at the due time of the month because FBISE is self-sufficient thus it earns a healthy revenue and can bear its own expenditures making financial defaults a very atypical thing to happen whereas in other public enterprises salaries not received in time is a norm and are usually very low as compared to the private sector  FBISE has purchased plots in the Jinnah Garden Phase ± I, a year ago at a market value of 830,000 per plot of 30x60. The board is giving these plots at that one year ago market value in 240 monthly installments, which becomes Rs. 3458.33 per month but FBISE is taking Rs. 3300 per month which saves Rs. 38000 for one employee not yet considering the market value of the plot after 240 months which would earn the employees many hundreds of thousands of rupees.  FBISE sends 3 employees through a lucky draw every year to hajj  Special care is given to the students as well as the management has defined its roles and responsibilities to facilitate anybody who has an issue and thus would be directed right to the person responsible for that issue  Examiners are given special training to make them better exam checkers according to the stated marking scheme  There¶s a position held in the FBISE as the public relations officer (grade ± 17) who has to be well informed of every news that affects directly or indirectly to the board and is also the spokesperson for the board for the print and electronic media.  ISO 9001:2000 certified for the Quality Management System that the Board is using.

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Management Style & Public Administration
Paternalistic: there is somewhat dictatorial aspect involved in the management but the decisions taken into account are in the best interests of the employees as well as the Board. The Chairman, Secretary or the directors usually explain most decisions to the employees and ensures that their social and leisure needs will also be met. This helps balance out the lack of worker motivation caused by an autocratic management style which is more commonly used in the public enterprises. Therefore although communication is mostly downwards, but feedback and their views to the management are always welcomed.

Human Resource Practices
The Human Resource is relatively active in contrast to the other public enterprises. Some of the practices are listed below:   Healthy canteen And Happy Workplace, strong enterprise culture of ethics is followed Highlights Performers, gives them better promotion opportunities. Bring the best to the top as only the good performing employees are promoted otherwise the vacancies are filled with outside advertised employment. Knowledge is shared and resourceful information is especially circulated Bring change according to the changing world, like the boards efforts to compete their syllabus with the GCE O & A ± Level Syllabuses Employee training is highly invested aspect of the Board like in 2006 FBISE hired British trainers of the Edexcel University Board, England to train their local examiners so FBISE can compete with the A, O ± Level System in Pakistan. There¶s a teacher exchange program Internationally wherever there are schools affiliated with FBISE abroad where FBISE sends teachers from local schools to international schools to give them wider exposure and experience. 


Competitors in Private Sectors
There can be assumed many competitors of FBISE, in fact every Board whether local or International operating in Pakistan can be assumed to be FBISE¶s competitor; however this is a misconception. The local boards such Rawalpindi Board or the Karachi Board operate outside the jurisdiction of FBISE. To make this clear following are the jurisdiction areas of FBISE:     Islamabad Capital Territory All over Pakistan (Cantonments and Garrisons) Federally Administered Northern Areas Overseas

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Thus any area outside the above mentioned areas is outside the jurisdiction and responsibility of FBISE; therefore all the local boards are the Sister boards of FBISE and thus have no competition with the Federal Board except however one; Aga Khan University Examination Board. This board has permission from the Ministry of Education to operate or be affiliated to schools in any area of Pakistan which means the schools have an option for their secondary and higher secondary education to be affiliated with either FBISE or the AKU Examination Board and thus puts FBISE in competition with this private Board. Although FBISE has great repute and is still comparatively more widely operating than AKU Board. But AKU is becoming fast famous for their similar pattern of marking scheme and syllabuses as of Cambridge, Oxford or Edexcel Boards O and A ± Level style. But this is making AKU more expensive as well thus making FBISE more widely spread and AKU more concentrated towards specific areas. About the International Boards namely Cambridge, Oxford or Edexcel; they tend a different class of students and are comparatively very expensive. They deal in International Studies thus a School can be affliated with FBISE for Matric and FSc and with the British Boards for Ordinary or Advanced Level and therefore are also not in competition with the FBISE. Now for our proposal, we think the British Boards are well structured and effective as to the output of valuable students thus including just the MCQ¶s and the short Questions is not the solution to quality education. FBISE needs to invest more thoroughly in teacher training which would automatically result in student training as the teacher would make the students practice the more practical and brain storming approach, as from the 8th class the same students who are class fellows before go into the Matriculation or O ± Level System thus the course can be taught to any student but the failure occurs in the teaching style of the teacher who fails to express the concepts so clearly that they become contents on the tip of their finger. The student is than able to self ± analyze and evaluate questions thus making him able to solve more practical questions rather than learn points to pass the examination which is generally resulted in Matriculation and FSc. The questions should be based on first the student defining the subject in his own words of which he¶s attempting the question of, than analyzing; giving its pros & cons and then justifying it through personal evaluation of the subject. This can only be possible if the teachers bring the same attitude that is followed in the GCE papers.

IT Culture 
 From 1975 to 1989, FBISE used the manual system of Filing From 1989 to 2009, they have used CoBOL which stands for Common Business Oriented Language. This was a Miniframe Computer Server; the server was called AS ± 400. With this server were attached Dump terminal Clients which had no independent Central Processing Units connected with the monitors (CPU¶s) they were run directly from the server. From 2009 to Present, FBISE is using C ± Sharp Server which has SQL Database and Independent clients with CPU¶s with some some Administrative or server control. The Systems are installed of DELL company. 

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Jurisdiction and Legislation 
    hold and conduct examinations pertaining to Intermediate Education and Secondary Education prescribe courses of instruction for examinations conducted by the Board, provided that the Board may prescribe different courses of instruction for different classes of institution recognize institutions in Pakistan or outside Pakistan control and regulate, with the approval of the Federal Government the examinations held at the Intermediate Education and Secondary Education level in Pakistan by foreign agencies, professional institutions or bodies or universities withdraw recognition if it is satisfied after inspection carried out under clause (h) that the standards of management and instruction in an institution justify withdrawal, provided that the recognition shall not be withdrawn without the prior approval of the Federal Government fix, demand and receive such fees as may be prescribed cause an inspection to be made by such person or persons as the Board may nominate of recognized institutions or institutions applying for recognition adopt[t measures to promote the physical and moral well-being of students of recognized institutions and supervise their residence, health and discipline organize and provide lectures, demonstrations, educational exhibitions and take such other measures as are necessary to promote the standard of Intermediate and Secondary Education Institute and award scholarships; medals and prizes subject to such conditions as may be prescribed and to accept endowments for the same subject to such conditions as the Board may deem fit prescribe text-books or other books study and to arrange publication of such text-books or other books regulate the imposing of penalties for misconduct of students, teachers, examiners and examinees prescribe qualifications for the appointment of teachers in the institutions recognized by the Board submit to the Federal Government its views on any matter with which it is concerned or which the Federal Government or any provincial Government or a educational institution may refer to it for its advice deposit its surplus funds in any nationalized bank of Pakistan enter into and carry out contracts in exercise of its powers and in the performance of its duties under this Act and the regulations regulate and decide all administrative matters including the creation and abolition of posts under the Board appoint such officers and staff as it may consider necessary for the performance of its functions and to define their duties and conditions of service pass its annual budget 


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Budgeting & Audit 
  The accounts of the Board shall be maintained in such form and in such manner as may be prescribed The accounts of the Board shall be audited every year by the Accountant General, Pakistan Revenues The Board shall, at the time of Audit, produce all accounts, registers, documents and other papers which may be required by the auditor to assist him in his investigations;Provided that, if the Federal Government certifies, that a particular document is secret, the auditor shall accept in lieu of such documents statement in respect there of duly certified by the chairman; Provided further that, if such a document is confidential, the auditor shall be responsible for preventing disclosure of its contents The board shall, as soon as possible after the end of each financial year, submit to the Federal Government, the annual statement of the accounts of the Board, duly audited, together with the report of the auditor 

Role of Government 
The Federal Government shall have the power to cause inspection to be made by such person or persons as it may direct, of the officers, activities, and funds of, and all the examinations conducted by, the Board and to cause in inquiry to be made in like manner in respect of any matter concerning the Board The Federal Government shall communicate to the Board the result of such inspection or inquiry and may advise the Board to take such actions and within such period as may be specified The Board shall report to the Federal Government the action it proposes to take or has taken on such communication Where the Board does not, within a reasonable time, take action to the satisfaction of the Federal Government the Federal Government may, after considering any explanation made by the Board, issue such directions as it thinks fit and the Chairman shall comply with such directions The Federal Government may, from time to time, direct the Board to conduct its affairs and perform its functions in such manner as may be specified The Federal Government may, require the board to furnish it with y any return, statement, estimate, statistics or other information regarding any matter relating to, or under the control of, the Board or y a report on any such matter; or y a copy of any document in the charge of the Board; and the Chairman shall comply with every such requisition If the board fails or neglects to comply with the directives or orders given to it under subsection (5) or if, in the opinion of the Federal government, the Board persistently makes defaults in the performance of its functions under this Act. The Federal Government may supersede the Board and appoint the Chairman in the place of such Board until a new Board is established in accordance with the provisions of this Act and no such supersession or appointment shall be questioned in any court
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SWOT Analysis Strength Employee Motivation Autonomous Body ISO 9001 Certified Image Weaknesses Not Able to Provide Relative Quality Education Not Invested much in Teacher training programs Political Influence through Internal Personalities

Opportunities Can Expand further Associations with School because of Image Cover Full Pakistan rather than specified areas through Performance

Threats From Competitor AKU Examination Board International Boards Intervening in the Local Education Process

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