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Marketing 448

Sales Management
Fall 2008

Dr. Lynnea Mallalieu
Office: 240D Cameron Hall
Email –
Office Hours: T/TH: 11am – 12 noon, W: 9:30am – 2:30pm, F: 10-12noon

Course Materials

Text: Relationship Selling (1st or 2nd edition) by Johnson and Marshall.

Course Objectives

Course examines managerial issues surrounding sales force management. These include
motivation and training issues, sales force recruitment issues, and evaluation and analysis of the
sales force.

Specific objectives are to (1) familiarize students with the activities involved in managing a sales
force; (2) involve students in specific learning exercises that simulate ‘real world’ activities that
sales managers partake in on a regular basis.

Class Approach

The course is divided into modules that are intended to simulate ‘real world’ sales management
topics and programs. Each module is a self contained unit covering a specific topic related to
sales management. Modules consist of lecture material, team exercises, case study discussions,
videos and exams.

Much of this class is interactive and I expect participation. You are being trained in the area of
sales management, which is a very people oriented field, therefore you need to actively
participate just as a real sales manager would.

Value of Exercises

In class exams are multiple choice and are worth 45% of overall grade.

Final exam is comprehensive and consists of short answer questions and is worth 20% of overall

Case study write-ups are worth 15% of overall grade.

Recruitment exercise is a team exercise and is worth 15% of overall grade.

Participation in class assignments/homework is worth 5% of overall grade.

Your grade will suffer for poor attendance and lack of participation.

Grading scale - A’s from 92% and up with 90-91% as A- and so on for B’s, C’s, and D’s.

. December 11th at 3:00pm. Class Schedule Aug 21 – Intro to course/what is sales management and professional selling (thinking out of the box exercise) 26 – Professional selling process/videos 28 – Ice breaker game Sept 2 – Simulation Games Module 1 – Sales Force Performance – Chapter 10 4 – Model of salesperson performance 9 – Model continued 11 – Motivation 16 – Motivation Game 18 – Aptitude/Characteristics – in class exercise. practice case 23 – Wrap up module 1/exam review 25 – Case discussion/Rick Fire 30 – Module 1 Exam Module 2 – Recruiting and Compensating the Sales Force – Chapters 11 and 13 Oct 2 – Recruitment Assignment/Resume Building 7 – No class Fall Break 9 – Chapter 11 14 – Recruiting Process 16 – Chapter 13/Rebok video 21 – Sales Contests/Hand out case 2 – possible guest speaker 23 – Work in teams 28 – Recruitment Assignment Due 30 – Wrap up module 2/exam review Nov 4 – WBYL Case Discussion 6 – Module 2 Exam Module 3 – Training and Evaluating the Sales Force – Chapters 12 and 14 11 – Chapter 12 13 – Assertiveness Training 18 – Chapter 14/in class exercise 20 – Wrap up module 3 25 – Case Discussion Power and Motion 27 – Thanksgiving Break Dec 2 – Module 3 Exam Final Exam is scheduled for Thursday.