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Alex Popescu

(M, 26, Romania, BUCURESTI, not married)
Birth date: 28-11-1983
Address: Otesani Str, no 14, 2nd district
Phone: +40 745 753 254
Mobile phone: +40 745 753 254

Building a career in IT within a team of professionals that will allow me to apply and
deepen the knowledge acquired during my studies and previous professional
Mainly focused on professional development and I appreciate the companies that
support the continuous training of employees through training programs and
specialized courses.
Targeted job:
- Full Time
Activity domain: Telecommunications, Software/Technologies
Desired job locations: BUCURESTI
Availability for residence changing: only abroad
Availability for business travels: more than 50% from my working time

Experience by domains:
Software/Technologies - 4 years
Telecommunications - 1 year

Occupied job: Senior Analyst Programmer - OSS Dept,Software Development
Period: 2009-01 present
Company and location: ROMTELECOM (No. employees: More than 3000)
Domain: Software/Technologies Cele mai bune locuri de munca din Romania!

0. Romtelecom has evolved intelligently. WebServices) Occupied job: Network&VoIP Engineer Period: 2008-05 2008-12 Company and location: VipNet (No. Today. Impact v4. HP NNM c.1. to the most secure hosting data center in Romania. Cisco ANA IPTV e.Configure Netcool probes for integration with EMS / NMS / monitoring systems such as: Ericsson's MV36.IBM Tivoli Netcool (Omnibus v7. Romtelecom offers reliable. digital TV.HP NNM * Software integration and management solutions for network management incidents (according to NOC department requirements): . innovative and easy-to-use services.HP OpenView Performance Insight .Scripting IPL (Netcool / Impact Policy Language) development of policies necessary for integrating with other external systems (Metasolv OBJECTEL. In the last years. from the traditional fixed telephony to high quality Internet.1. MV38 Ericsson.HP SQM . from a former state monopoly to a private company that is now connected to the sophisticated technology of this millennium. Webtop v2. other * Bash & Perl Scripting for automation of internal processes * Support the implementation of patches and releases * Software System Integration (SOA. Job description: Romtelecom is a company in full swing on the Romanian communications market. Trouble Ticket System) . Reporter) . employees: 50-100) Domain: Telecommunications www. voice and data bundled services and a permanently supervised and improved Customer Care program. with many efforts. Ericsson PEM b.bestjobs. Responsibilities: * J2EE Application Development * Programming PL / SQL * Design and acceptance testing documents (HP Mercury) * Integration and Enterprise Management Software Solutions for network monitoring: . CDMA (M2000 & NetNumen) Cele mai bune locuri de munca din Romania! .

Job description: VipNet is a provider of voice and data communications. firewall. configure and maintain applications * Perform network operations Occupied job: J2EE Developer Period: 2006-05 2007-02 Company and location: Carpe-Diem Solutions (No.bestjobs. primarily responsible for installing software that coordinates al VoIP system operations * Support the existing IT infrastructure * Configure. DNS(OpenDNS). setup and diagnose performance of servers * Cele mai bune locuri de munca din Romania! . Linksys PAP2 & PAP2T. employees: 10-25) Domain: Software/Technologies www. AudioCodes) * Linux server administration (mainly Gentoo) Occupied job: PHP&MySQL Developer Period: 2007-02 2008-04 Company and location: TechnoBridge (No. administrative institutions. C) * Billing OpenSER (creation & billing interface development for CDRTool) * IP Network Configuration & Installation (mainly Cisco routers & sw) * Configuration & Installation Voice equipment (Grandstream voice adapters.romapel. companies with big names in the sphere of industry and services on the Romanian market. * Web programming (PHP & MySQL) * Development of applications that automate processes for network maintenance (Perl scripting. counting more than 14 years of private clients including multinational companies. banks. Responsibilities: * IP network&VoIP management. employees: 25-50) Domain: Software/Technologies Job description: Company activity field: Telecom VoIP / Internet / IPTV Responsibilities: * PHP programming (portfolio www. * Manage hosting( WebServers).ro) * Visual Basic programming for Internet / VoIP provisioning system . email servers.

development and maintenance of Web applications * Analysis and strategy development for advanced search engine positioning * Portfolio ( University of Bucharest (2003 .2003). BUCURESTI Major: Mathematics The faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science is one of the important faculties of the University of Bucharest.bestjobs.easywaysystem. Microsoft Navision Programming languages : ABAP Project Management Courses Business Intelligence Courses ( Oracle Hyperion) Financial Administration Accounting Diplomas : SAP diploma for ABAP. Attended courses: ERPs : SAP. Financial & Logistics modules License project : Network Fault Management using IBM Tivoli® Netcool® University (graduate) Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Cele mai bune locuri de munca din Romania! . Targu Jiu Major: Mathematics www.2010). Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies (2008 . www. Field : Mathematics&Computer Science License project : Developing Web applications using PHP&MySQL College / Postgraduate studies National College "Ecaterina Teodoroiu" (1999 .com) EDUCATION Postuniversitary degree Master "Informatic Systems for Management of Economic Processes and Resources" . The Masters program specialized in Informatic Systems for economic processes and resources management answers today's need for training specialists capable of using informatic techniques for leadership of economic processes who are now on the verge of penetrating all companies whether small. BUCURESTI Major: Computer Science The first ERP oriented Master's Program from Romania. Job description: Company activity field: Software & Webdesign Responsibilities: * J2EE programming (JSP/Servlets) * Develop new modules for large applications * Perform unit testing * Provide project maintenance * Investigate technical errors and generate adequate solution * Update site to ensure compatibility with content management BCMS101 (Bluelinux Content Management System) * Application Monitoring * Analysis of SEM and SEO * Working with clients from abroad. being well-known and unanimously apreciated abroad.2007). medium or large. Cele mai bune locuri de munca din Romania! . German . Field : Mathematics&Computer Science Certificate of Analyst Programmer in FoxPro SKILLS Foreign languages: English .Advanced. Driving license: Yes Skills: www. French .

Cisco ATA.1 Webtop.routing destinations. BGP sessions. omnibus) Application Servers administration of Apache Tomcat Oracle Weblogic.x) . Cisco 3550). call forwarding.2. Cisco ATA. GK983. WordPress installation & config) Advanced knowledge of PL / SQL Graphics average knowledge of Adobe Photoshop & Gimp familiar with Macromedia Flash Databases MySQL server installation & configuration Oracle 10g administration Software Tools familiar with Eclipse IDE familiar with IntelliJ IDE Macromedia Dreamweaver 8 familiar with Netbeans IDE 5. knowledge of Asterisk PBX installation & configuration solid knowledge of voice equipment configuration (AudioCodes. Impact. Linksys PAP2/PAP2T) Media Gateway configuration knowledge (TOPEX & Cantata IMG 1010) knowledge of installation & config CDRTool for billing Operating Systems advanced knowledge of Windows OS Linux installation & administration & configuration knowledge (especially Gentoo and HP-UX) knowledge of Mac OS X Programming Languages knowledge of OOP concepts advanced knowledge of J2EE (JSP / Servlets) solid knowledge of HTML Javascript knowledge frameworks (ExtJS) advanced knowledge of PHP & Mysql (VoIP applications developed for billing.bestjobs. installation & configuration PHPAdmin. VPN VoIP Installation & configuration knowledge center OpenSER (v1.0 Management & Enterprise Integration Software HP OpenView Performance Insight HP Network Node Manager HP SQM IBM Tivoli Netcool (v2. Voice Grandstream Cele mai bune locuri de munca din Romania! . Cisco Linksys) advanced knowledge in SW Cisco Layer 3 configuration (Cisco 3750. Cisco router configuration (Cisco 1721) knowledge Vlan configuration. Grandstream HT496 & H502. PC Knowledge: Computer Networks Solid theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of PC & Server hardware advanced level of knowledge in the field of network equipment (SW & Cisco Router. AudioCodes. etc. OC4J www.

IBM WebSphere IBM WebSphere Application Server Community Edition IBM Netcool GUI Foundation Server Cele mai bune locuri de munca din Romania! .

11 Software : Essentials PRE-INTERVIEW What motivates you to do your best at work? Always the emergence of new challenges. What is your ideal job? Consultant & system integrator of enterprise applications What is your greatest Cele mai bune locuri de munca din Romania! . so far? Administrator and software integrator of network performance and fault management software in Romtelecom How would your former boss describe you? A colleague and friend you can rely on How would you describe yourself? (3 qualities. Able to work well on own initiative and can demonstrate the high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest of deadlines. 3 flaws) Quickly to grasp new ideas and concepts. Financial & Logistics modules * HP NNM i-Series 8. Other activities Training courses * Cisco CCNA Network Fundamentals * Sun Fundamentals of JAVA Programming * Sun UNIX / Linux Administration * Oracle Application Server 10g R3: Build Java EE Applications I * Oracle MetaSolv ASAP Advanced * SAP diploma for ABAP. I try to be more organized and sometimes I'm late for dinner. www. As flaws. and to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems.