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Finding Your Dream Work-From-Home Job Without Getting Scammed

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Introduction Work-from-Home – When, Why, and Who Chapter One Work-from-Home Jobs VS. Running a Home Business Chapter Two Pinpointing People Who Should Work From Home Chapter Three Work-From-Home Pros and Cons Chapter Four Technology and Work-From-Home Tools Chapter Five Work-From-Home Job Search Chapter Six Anatomy of a Work-From-Home Scam Chapter Seven Ways to Distinguish Scam From Real Chapter Eight Other Important Aspects of Working From Home Conclusion Working From Home and Fulfillment Resources 50 53 43 40 36 23 17 13 7 5 4


Introduction Work-from-Home – When, Why, and Who

When asked “What’s your dream job?” do you automatically say to be a manager/boss of a multi-million dollar company? If yes, good for you; you have a clear goal, right? Not for people who have already been burned out by the office politics, stressing commute to work and all corporate conundrums, though. Some people prefer staying at home due to lack of job opportunities (or are being picky at it), or would want to oversee the growth of their children or just about any reason a work-at-home enthusiast can add. Working on home-based jobs virtually has no definite date of conception. It can be found to have started among the earliest settlers from where office-type work then had not been common. Working from home has been operational long before someone had invented a name for it. Old settlers who produce their own crops and process it into a certain form of finished products (such as preserves, cheeses, bread, etc.) can be credited as the pioneer in the field of home-based work. Working from home may likewise be in the form that an individual has a current office job but is given the option by the employer to finish or accomplish assigned tasks at home. They may be headhunters for various posts who can recruit and entertain applicants through the use of the Internet, i.e. through email messaging and the likes. Searching for one’s dream work-from-home job is not an easy task. But it can be done a lot easier if you are armed with enough knowledge on how to breeze through it.


Chapter One Work-from-Home Jobs VS. Running a Home Business

The Dichotomy between Lending Support with an Invisible Boss
It’s high time to clear the air about working from home. Working from home is actually not just about setting up shop in the comfort of your home and tackling just whatever task you would like to work on. There is a distinct line between operating a home business and working at home. Many glazed-eyes work-at-home job searchers think that working from home automatically entails NOT having a monstrous boss breathing down your neck. However, this is not always the case. Working from home comes with two options – performing tasks for an employer who asks or allows you to do your work from home as a telecommuting employee and running your own home business as an entrepreneur.


michellecabiles. www. However. Although doing a work-from-home job definitely differs from operating a home business. marketing and customer support. properly organizing your work and delegating/outsourcing redundant tasks can make your life much easier. And this is the very reason many work-from-home job workers do not easily tread it. mastering a work-from-home job can lead you to being an expert and earning the stars to start a home business.Working from Home as an Employee Telecommuting is one perk that many companies grant for their employees. financial management. will enable you to be more armed to go solo and do a one-man business all in the comfort of your own home. However. Similar to having a flexible schedule. it’s different from working from home with your own business. after getting the hang of a business or even just a few aspects of it. it is one of the most asked-for benefits that workers would even trade a high salary for. Not everyone can pull this off easily so many would resort to doing a work-at-home job first. If that does not say it all yet… Working from Home as an Entrepreneur Running a home business is about being your own boss. bookkeeping. A home business usually entails wearing all the hats from the production. Starting with an employer such as many BPO companies are currently practicing is one way to learn the tricks of the trade. together with all its pain and glory. supplies acquisition. In the long 6|Page .

You cannot have a wonderful career and a great family life. if they’re working at home.” Meryl Streep rebutted this by saying. My career’s going well and my family’s fabulous. but Mommy is still working. Some people wonder how people can actually work at home where there are so many 7|Page . I can’t be like Katherine Hepburn anymore. Mom also has to work. At least. (Of course. Let us just say that there are some people who could work better in their pajamas than in corporate suits. “Oh no.michellecabiles. knowing that they’re at the beck-and-call of their kids. Business opportunities know that with such high cost of living. Mommy may be home.Chapter Two Pinpointing People Who Should Work From Home Works at Home Moms are not just Doing Laundry and Preparing Meals Katherine Hepburn once said. “It is either one or the other. Meryl Streep is an actress and she probably had her own ways raising her four children and earning fourteen Academy Award nominations. they’re more comfortable and relieved.) www. Some moms actually have a hard time concentrating when they’re away from their children.” Sure. A part of the targeted demographic of this lifestyle is the stay-at-home moms. A majority of people takes a shot at work-at-home opportunities that abound everywhere. but the key lies in effective balancing and time management – which any mom can actually do. only one breadwinner in a household may not be enough.

At least. Not everyone will agree with what Katherine Hepburn said. It’s all in the day’s work. Eventually. the work-at-home mom locks herself in the bathroom so that the person she’s talking to does not hear children screaming in the background.. We all want the best of both worlds. 8|Page . or conducting interviews for stories while changing a diaper. e. We want careers and we crave for the freedom to do what we want and when we want to do it. Count moms in.g. their jobs are done in the evening when everybody else is asleep. Then she goes off to work and starts missing her kids. We want to be professionally responsible to our job’s tasks and at the same time. if you are a mom working at home. you will never feel that way. www. want it all. they will all want to do what Meryl Streep did – have a fabulous career and a nourishing family life. too. we want to be personally present for our loved ones. Sometimes. a freelance writing work at home mom negotiating with editors while trimming fat off the chicken. This is the career they chose and they sure are dedicated to it.If you are an avid watcher of “Desperate Housewives”. There are some cases wherein home responsibilities go head-to-head with that of professional duties. For most work-at-home moms. you know how up to her neck Lynette Scavo is with her four children.

Disabled Persons are Still Capable of Earning from Home There are days you do not want to get up from bed. reflect on those who cannot go to work at all.michellecabiles. You’re not in the mood to go to work. Disabled people looking for job opportunities with the federal government must be really active and start networking with the local agencies. they can actually get the position – regardless of their disability. then he can be. if a person has the heart to be part of the workforce. interests. there are still opportunities for people who are disabled – most of which are offered by the federal government. But whenever you get that anxiety. as long as they have the drive to do so. and of course. a goal has been made to expand the total disabled employment opportunities all over the government. Disabled or not. Since 1980.000 people have disabilities. 9|Page . That’s normal. All agencies of the federal government must have a law that will allow them to reach to those who need their help the most. In the United States. if you are a disabled individual. There are many hiring options for disabled individuals. This only comes to show that anyone can function normally. By contacting their resources and seeking non-stop all available federal opportunities for employment presented to them. Now. Because of this. over 200. Statistics show that seven percent work for the federal government. However. educational attainment. there are various work-at-home opportunities which will be easier to conduct. depending on your resources. the total disabled federal employment has remained the same.

tax or permit requirements of the work-at. you. you have to make sure that their affairs are legal and that you will be paid properly for the work you will be doing. To senior citizens who wish to defy the norm. they resort to business opportunities based at 10 | P a g e . These work-at-home jobs may sound interesting but before signing on. the earliest age one can retire is 62. two months are increased. For every year that follows. the retirement age is 66. must get paid. Business for retirees can begin with minimum amount of training and investment. 67 is the retirement age. That being said. but defy it properly. Those who were born before 1938 have the normal retirement age of 65. But there are still those who do not wish to stop working regardless of how old they are. He will still be receiving full retirement benefits. targeted especially for them. regardless of what age he retired. thus the creation of business opportunities targeted for the retired demographic.Retirees Don’t Have to Just Retire If They Don’t Want To In the United States. as an employee.home www. The goal really is to get extra income. For those born until 1955. Check with your local city hall or the nearest country courthouse on your locale or your state for the license. There are individuals who simply feel uneasy not having money coming in. Some companies in the United States do not hire senior citizens all for the legality of retirement. It may be a stay-at-home job but it is still a job. For those who are born afterwards.

Slide Shows If you are a techie. By piling old stuff you do not need. Genealogy If you like research and history. you can use it to deliver commuters to the city. 9. 1. Flea Market This is a very popular option. you can collect and label the packets of plants that are quite popular to your neighbors. Provide your customers with full records of their descendants. others are stuff you can do at your free time – as long as you have the resources. Crossword puzzles If you have a knack for writing.michellecabiles. you can trace their genealogy. Seed packets If gardening is your thing. Seminar Promotion Volunteer to arrange learning and business seminars in your town or municipality. 10. you can actually document family archives. Some require having a boss. In doing so. then you’ll surely love setting up a bookbinding or book repair service. volunteer to make the crossword puzzles for your local paper. www. 7. you can work as an umpire for little league. Shuttle service If you have your own car. you can also offer drinks and snacks. 2. 4. Alongside the stuff you are selling. Adult Day Care Center You can operate an adult day care 11 | P a g e . 3. 6. you can offer to create slide presentations to interested parties. Be the one to reserve the hall and to promote the seminar. Here are some ideas retirees can opt for. then that is when you can work for them. you can conduct your own free market. if they would like to have a little cash coming in regardless of their age. After checking that these are legal. 8. Umpiring If you’re into sports. institution or company teams. Bookbinding If you love books. 5. Offer your services to elderly and handicapped people.opportunity that you fancy.

These are just ten work-at-home opportunities that you can actually take 12 | P a g e . People who might want to look into working at home to beat boredom and be able to earn from some form of income. Still. they’re also providing top notch service. www. These groups of people might or might not have a permanent day or office job but want to have some form of extra income generating work that they can do at home. In the end. People who are not financially stable get into home-based work to earn extra cash. some prefer to work from home due to various reasons. They may be small but they mean big to their neighbors. they’re not only raking in money.

Below are some of the advantages of working from home: Time If you work at home. you cannot simply leave your desk to unwind. some individuals likewise see profit from home-based work. In an office setting. or when the kids are asleep. www. Work may be done during your free time from housework. Likewise.michellecabiles. Interest Being able to work at home gives you more chance to engage in a type of business or work that best suits or matches your interest. some home-based work might be left undone for some period to attend to some emergencies in the family. and you will be able to return to it anytime you are capable of doing so again. thus an increase in your productivity. or at school. you might re-focus your attention in doing some housework to reengage your mood and be able to rejuvenate the motivation to work 13 | P a g e .Chapter Three Work-From-Home Pros and Cons It’s Not Just a Cozy Home that Makes People Work from Home Though most people want the stability of cash flow offered by office work. You have to complete the mandatory number of hours of work even if you are not so productive during the day. you would be able to have more time to spend with your kids or any other family member. If you are not in the mood to do the work. Being able to tap income-generating work from your interest probably is one of the best points in home-based work.

gasoline expense. o Miscellaneous 14 | P a g e . When NOT even a Cozy Home can Make People Work from Home Having to work at home may be a blessing or a curse to various groups of individuals.Not only would you not feel the burden and stress which is usually accompanied with working at office based jobs. This may be in the form of bus fare. or you’re struck with the urge to have some sweets from the vending machine at the office. Most notorious of which are mothers who may call their homes several times during the day to check on the kids. you need to take into consideration the following disadvantages: www. since you are only doing so when the urge or rush of energy flows. You have to eat during the course of time performing work at the office. If you don’t bring a packed lunch. but you would not even feel that you “HAVE” to work to earn. or train tickets.michellecabiles. you have to make use of some amount that may have been stashed for some other use. Where some prefer to work from the confines of their homes. If you prefer to work from home. o Food expense. This usually includes one or more of the following: o Transportation expense. especially those who have kids. Less expense Going to the office usually is accompanied by a variety of expense. Being out of the house exposes you to various forms of expense-generating activities or probable purchases. o Telephone bills or expense. some prefer to work in a corporate setting. This is most significant for individuals with families.

michellecabiles. This probably is one of the greatest setbacks of doing home-based work as compared to doing work in the office where you can dedicate the whole days just for working on a certain project. there are not much social events for a work-at-home person to go to. www. the mailman might arrive and require a document to be signed as proof of receipt.Lack of social life Juggling time between the kids and work at home may be an all-consuming effort that could leave very little time for social interaction with other people. or the school might call to inform you that the middle child had been 15 | P a g e . Unlike having an office-based job wherein regular Christmas parties and company events are held. Distraction from work While in the middle of writing a good article. the momentum or surge of energy flow that could have produced an award-winning article had gone down the drain due to some distractions. the baby might wail and needs to be changed. Thus.

individuals who work from home might not find the need for proper grooming or going with the latest fashion. With the mentioned work-from-home pros and 16 | P a g e .Personal grooming Unlike having to dress up to go to work. you are now more empowered to come up with an informed decision on what to expect or what trials to surmount if you choose to finally settle for a work-at-home arrangement. could result to unproductiveness. Not being able to look your best might contribute to your lack of self-confidence. which through some chain of events.michellecabiles. may it be a business or a telecommute job. www.

Through this. and of course. where they exchange data by means of switching packets. and most importantly. Now every human activity seems to have some connection. may it be in academics. linking various convergences of computers in different fields such as academics. Now. have fun. to the Internet.michellecabiles. the Internet is also the venue of e-commerce www. In other words. work practically anywhere they want.Chapter Four Technology and Work-From-Home Tools The Internet: the World’s Fastest-Growing Workplace It would be hard to imagine anyone living in the present millennium who has never even heard of the internet. business. work. freely accessible convergence of computer networks that are themselves interconnected through a system known as Internet Protocol. The Internet Defined The Internet is the world’s largest. or 17 | P a g e . finance. file transfer. and the government. Practically every nation in the world is hooked into this technological wonder that has changed the world’s landscape in ways that were once far from imaginable. and web browsing. The Internet is also responsible for creating great possibilities that now enable people to learn. the Internet is a network comprised even further of smaller networks. the military. entertainment. the Internet becomes a venue for various services and information transfer such as email (electronic mail). online chat. whether direct or indirect.

Other components of the Internet are quite useful in running businesses whether at home or in large corporate settings. The Web exists within the Internet. the World Wide Web is also a very useful tool as it helps people gain access to and post information all over the world. Many people think that the World Wide Web is the same as the Internet.(electronic commerce). Internet Applications and Tools Over 1. allowing people to work anywhere. Of course. because it is a very effective venue for marketing products and services or acquiring projects and clients. which expands businesses into various locations. because of the instant communication it provides. As discussed. Another widely used tool is the online chat. and it just so happens to be among the most frequently used components that it is often confused with the big network itself. One very popular tool is the electronic mail (e-mail).michellecabiles. wires or wireless connections.09 billion people use the Internet and most of them take advantage of the various useful applications or tools that are available. however. the Internet is a gathering of computer networks that are interconnected by means of cables. Nevertheless. The Web is a great place to make yourself known and is thus an indispensable marketing tool. the Web serves as a great tool especially for people working at home. even at home. Online chat provides the possibility of meeting with associates without having to commute or travel. www. Email provides a quick and cheap way to communicate with clients and suppliers anywhere in the world. while the Web is a gathering of documents that are interconnected by 18 | P a g e . which provides a more casual venue for instant communication with many people all over the world. especially those that operate at home. These tools are quite helpful for businesses. which has greatly replaced traditional mail (otherwise known as snail mail). the former is just a component of the latter.

and there is no wonder why more and more people are taking advantage of the Internet as an option to make a living. over 20. you would need a means of communication and sending information to others. but it is actually quite simple. Of course. more and more people are being enticed to work at home. Setting Up Shop with a Home Office Thanks to the technological advantages of today. You would also need a place for storing information about clients and customers. a major factor for their reluctance is the perceived difficulty of setting up a home office. www. There is a need for a well-lit space that is free from distractions or noise for the home worker to be able to concentrate on the job. Its applications in business are quite remarkable.7 million people worked at home back in 2004 and the figures by now could have already more than 19 | P a g e . In fact. Setting up an office at home may seem daunting. Finally.michellecabiles. Then there is a need to sit down and a flat elevated surface to work on. For others who may be interested to work at home but are quite hesitant. different work-at-home jobs require different things but most work-at-home opportunities would require the same basic equipment.The Internet has brought so many possibilities to the people of today.

One would also have the option of having machines that produce colored 20 | P a g e . a 17” monitor. or wholesaling business. at least 256MB of RAM. www. Many of these services also come with high-speed Internet connection that is usually considered a must for work-at-home schemes. a modem and an Ethernet connection would suffice in most business transactions.michellecabiles. manufacturing. which saves both space and money. A home office would also definitely benefit from a multi-function machine. you can get a machine that does the job of all these equipments. Usually a unit that has the current leading processor. Now what most people may be concerned about setting up a home office would be the costs. There is also usually no need to have a conference room for meetings because people who work at home tend to meet their clients online or in their respective offices for presentations and other purposes.Most home offices have service businesses and thus there is usually no need to make room for inventory unlike those in the retail. Phone service prices have also become more home-office-friendly with the emergence of packages that allow owners to get unlimited calls even for long-distance ones at a fixed price. While many would cringe at the thought of the money to be spent to equip the home office. 60GB or so of hard drive space. a CD/DVD-ROM drive. Now there is no more need to buy a printer. For the computer. a fax machine. and a copier separately because all the functions of these machines can be rolled into one. you may expect to spend around $1000 to get a decent unit with all the basic capabilities needed for a functional home office. For just around $250. There are many reasonable packages available in leading computer stores online. it would be good to know that the price of equipment has dropped dramatically.

a transcriber can play. Such devices usually go around $200 more or less. This frees the hands. a cordless phone that has capabilities like speakerphone. Such people have discovered the need to get other devices specific to the type of work they have at home. For people who deal with clients and give presentations frequently. Here are some devices that might be required of certain work-at-home schemes. it is easy to see how the home is fast becoming a popular work place.michellecabiles.As for the phone. they might benefit from audio-visual presentation devices such as portable projectors with speakers. Usually. or pause sound files being transcribed. fast forward. www. Considering the contribution they can add to one’s productivity and profitability. you would greatly benefit from playback pedals or foot controls. Normally. phone conferencing. There are those who have already successfully set up a functional home office but have noticed that they need something more to make their work at home pursuits easier. Using a foot or both feet. call waiting. but transcribers would know how much convenience they would get if their hands were freed of another task. This could also boost the acquisition of clients. Clients are greatly impressed by presentations using multi-media devices and having a portable projector would come in handy for this purpose. Other Tools of the Trade to Boost Home Office Productivity There is no doubt that more and more individuals are enticed to work at home. Setting up a home office can be a breeze. the effort and investment would be worth taking. increasing opportunities for profit. With the growing number of people working at home. more than 20. among many other things would be beneficial for a home office. which are needed to type data. rewind. Thanks to the modern conveniences made available by technology. people would not see the need for the hands to be free for typing. This device controls the playback of sound clips for transcription. For transcription services.7 million people have decided to bring their work at home both part-time and 21 | P a g e . voice mail. you might need to get a more functional phone since there might be an increased need to contact people when you have a home office.

This can help home workers reach people in various locations.Some people working at home might also benefit from headsets and web cams. You might also benefit from VoIP (voice over internet protocol) devices. especially when there is a need to meet with clients or suppliers online. thereby expanding business productivity. to cut the costs of long-distance telephony. 22 | P a g e . 23 | P a g e .michellecabiles. In most cases. Doctors prefer “soft copy” because it is more accessible for them to check.Chapter Five Work-From-Home Job Search Medical Transcription 101 Medical transcription is a health career focusing on transcribing or transliterating recorded dictations. doctors prefer those transcriptions that are stored electronically such as those saved in the computer’s hard disk. Dictations may come from a physician or from any healthcare professional.

Yes. Transcriptionists who pass the national exam given by the American Association for Medical Transcription or the AAMT earn the title Certified Medical Transcriptionists. it is highly recommended for the sake of credibility.A medical transcriptionist is a person whose task is to document what is said (if he is there in the room) or what is heard (if he’s listening to audio tapes). Most transcriptionists are those who are interested about medicine. These medical evidences also serve as medical bills indicating the compensations or benefits of the patient. document editing. Some countries offer a set minimum requirement of 6 months to a maximum two years-in-depth training for those who are interested to become medical transcriptionists. 2. The skills required from professional medical transcriptionists are: 1. medical transcriptionists are usually based in health care type settings like hospitals. clinics. Medical transcribers are the gadgets or devices used while conducting medical transcription. nursing homes. or home health care agencies. correct medical terminologies. If you are planning to be a medical transcriptionist. www. medical rules and procedures.) fluent writing technique. Medical transcriptions also serve as medical records. public health agencies. you must be aware of correct 24 | P a g e . They are medical transcriptionists by day and medical students by night. However. It is like hitting two birds with one stone. an “education” is obtained but these trainings or diploma programs can be done in a shorter period compared to a college education. physician’s offices. If you’re curious what the workplace is like.) the ability to write or type fast just in case the material is to be obtained from listening.michellecabiles. 3.) accurate documenting skills. You must have a background of the subject matter for you to write about it.) expertise on what he or she does. 4. and above all. There are no formal educational courses for medical transcriptionists. and most importantly. Obtaining certification for becoming a medical transcriptionist is optional. Some are even working students.

You can even try to send cover letters to MT companies since the boom of this industry made transcriptionists ever in-demand. Learn these other methods. 25 | P a g e . CMTs must attain continuing education credits in order to be recertified. job openings are posted on online medical transcription forums such as MTStars. and work-at-home blogs that post these telecommute job openings every now and then. MTetc. most Internet marketers have successfully learned direct sales strategy as their approach in selling their products. By practice. that allow Internet marketers to generate sales: E-mail marketing This method can be accomplished in various approaches. There are Internet marketers that create lead capture pages through AdWords or pay-per-click and directly sell the products that they are affiliates of through that lead capture page online forums. you must realize there are gazillions of competitions out there. many Internet marketers are now becoming more adept in other ways of selling their products. It can be a lucrative workfrom-home business depending on your effort and resourcefulness. and software.michellecabiles. You can either sell tangible products or info-products such as e-books.Every three years. the average salary for transcriptionists is around $ MTjobs. etc. As an Internet marketer. Aside from learning a bunch of information from the basics to updates about the MT industry. mostly indirect. However. One can start looking for medical transcriptionist job leads through job boards. According to the US Department of Labor. Internet Marketing Internet marketing is the endorsement of products through the Internet.

alone. One can start with using e-commerce site starter kits such as those provided by ASP. Of course. hire an email marketing company to help you. Datran Media. These will help you get the feel of e-mail marketing and will make you ready in no time to use more sophisticated e-mail marketing software if the need arises. it would be wise to use free e-mail marketing tools such as zookoda.). World Data and Xactmail. But if you can’t create your own www. Oftentimes. If you would like to do it all by yourself (which includes information on how to obtain e-mail addresses. credit card payment is allowed with these e-commerce sites to further augment good online shopping and feedblitz. a good budget will be required to be able to carry out the paid mode. For more advanced information about the e-mail marketing industry. how to make sure your e-mail list is targeted. either you buy an e-mail list from a very trusted source (be very careful or you’ll be accused of spamming). E-commerce Sites Many Internet marketers work on their own sites or hire help to set up their websites that include their products. there are two basic routes you can take – to hire a service provider or to do the e-mail marketing ala 26 | P a g e . With e-mail marketing. how to write a persuasive newsletter. To create an e-commerce site. A cart for online shoppers is also an important part of this site to facilitate shopping. Well-known email marketing companies include IDG Communications. Newsletters are then sent that contain links to products that the Internet marketer sells. or generate your own opt-in email lists through your blog or website. join the e-mail marketing conferences held by MarketingSherpa. basic knowledge of HTML or web development is etc. one of the prominent marketing research how to grow your list. To get started with e-mail marketing.

com 27 | P a g e . is good. Further link building techniques include submitting the site’s profile to relevant directories. too. Search engine optimization. off-site optimization requires considerable attention. too. Link development for the site requires an adept knowledge in how you ask for link exchanges from relevant and more established sites. Also. A blog provides fresh content that the potential buyers from the e-commerce site can make use of. After putting up your e-commerce site with all your products displayed. and PPC or paidper-click campaigns. forums. check the competition. will deliver well if started during the creation process of the e-commerce site. page-per-page. or the use of techniques to make a website gain good search engine placement for good traffic. After dealing with on-site optimization and Scriptlance. the next step is getting traffic to your site. you just have to sign up. Blogging about the products or information related to the products or services the e-commerce site offers is another way to make it take off. A website’s layout. A wide variety of traffic generation methods can be explored. A good navigation area. Paid-per-click campaigns such as Google AdWords and MSN AdCenter can be helpful to e-commerce site owners who have the budget and would like a wider reach of the market. it also helps build a community that will eventually support your e-commerce and see the ongoing rates for the ads you would like to be launched.ecommerce site. such as search engine optimization. For Google AdWords (http://www. Forums can be useful too if you have a product that requires support. can help in complementing a site’s future search engine visibility. A less-cluttered layout while allowing potential customers to find products easily can benefit a webmaster’s SEO efforts. freelance sites such as Elance. All processes that make an e-commerce site easy to navigate and help find whatever the user is looking for. which helps a site in maximizing its can help in looking for an expert that will make your dream e-commerce site come true. is an example of a search engine optimization move. the blog can serve as a way for products to get reviewed. Just note all your project expectations and wait for all those bidders to come pouring in. blogging.

If your budget permits. The Internet marketing part of this report should help you on this endeavor. The secret to excel in this industry is to have genuine interest and be updated with the trends. You don’t want to waste time on a good-for-nothing product that will of course. You should provide quality customer service either through e-mail or phone. Making sure that the benefits are tangible and not just exaggerations is a great way to make your sales letter work. When the product gets 28 | P a g e . If you have the money and you will be hiring people. especially on the needs of people who are Internet savvy www. you can’t just get an application developed or an e-book written without any research. If you can. you can either look for competent ones who are usually easy to search through keying in “software developer” or “e-book ghostwriter”. You can also offer upgrades that will make sure that you keep on earning from your previous customers. Constant communication between you and your contract worker will help ensure that you will get the best out of your arrangement. too. never sell. There are dozens upon dozens of ways Internet marketers can generate income. you can save money by doing it yourself rather than hiring developers for software and ghostwriters for e-books and reports. marketing it well should be your next focus. Info-Products One of the growing trends in Internet marketing is selling info-products in the form of software for generating or facilitating various online tasks or tutorials.michellecabiles. A well-written press release is useful. Many people recommend outsourcing the product creation work. You may find out about what topics are in demand through this site: http://inventory.overture. Pay and download is what makes marketing these products an easy task. especially video tutorials. E-books are a hit in this field too. get the highest bid for the keywords you would want your e-commerce site to show ads for. run an extensive market analysis research first. in making other sites or blogs give attention to your product. You have to make sure there is a market for that product or it is very If you have the skills and time to create your own products. However.

Enter a valid email account – one that you usually check. so quick – and best of all. if you are gearing towards a successful home business as an Internet marketer.michellecabiles. Creativity and some other computer skills won’t hurt. eBay Business Another work-from-home business that you can try is the eBay buy and sell business. It’s so easy. it’s free! When you’re a registered eBay user. you can shop on eBay and become part of the world’s largest online community of buyers and sellers. you would be asked for your basic contact information. You will be asked for your email because buyers and sellers communicate through this medium.or are relying on the Internet in doing their routine tasks. www. you must be registered. This is the first step to building a trusting relationship with eBay and the other users on the site. Upon registering. too. You just have to offer the right products and possess some e-Bay-selling skills to succeed in this 29 | P a g e . In order for you to buy or sell on eBay.

www. All you need is the right products to sell. there are two modes of purchases available. Choose one that can easily relate to the products that you are selling on eBay. Doing business on eBay is not daunting. If you’re buying on eBay. the brave companies will surely enjoy the attention. Really descriptive and often searched for keywords related to the product you are selling should be included to get the right people who are dying to buy your products. Since that item will gain lots of eyeballs. that is. This ID will serve as your identity on the site. Auctions are very simple and it’s really fun to participate in. The highest bidder of the item wins. an email address.You will be asked to create a user ID. You should also know how to properly label your items to increase sales. a computer. Research on similar products being sold on the site. If a buyer is interested. if you registered to make your own eBay business. After pondering on these matters. The title will serve as the headliner of your product. research and determination to succeed. The communication between you and your customer is being done online. If you are not a 30 | P a g e . that’s when you list your item. some capital. You can either go for the “Auctions style format” or the “Buy It Now" which is fixed price format. do your homework first. If you are planning to sell on eBay. usually the useless ones or those without value is one way that companies market their businesses. you will be informed via email. Learn to appraise your own products for better negotiations. here’s one tip that will make you want to still bid: bidding on weird items. You have to fill up a Sell Your Item form.

virtual assistants become more in-demand as ever. cellular phones.michellecabiles. Before setting up a home office to become a virtual assistant. there is an estimated 5000 to 8000 virtual assistants. or what is simply called as VA. and emails are just a few of the many communication media that the Internet can offer. the need for virtual assistants increase. Email. The common mode of data delivery and communication with virtual assistants includes the use Internet. As the Internet industry grows. That is why they are deemed as virtual. And as many online entrepreneurs start a-popping.Virtual Assistant A virtual assistant. Worldwide. Most of the 31 | P a g e . technical. Virtual assistants often work from their own home office. Chat rooms. videoconference rooms. contemplate on the following bits of advice to gain a sturdy ground on the requirements of www. or creative assistance to the company’s clients. they provide their services to other entrepreneurs like lawyers and realtors. File Transfer Protocol or FTP and fax machine. is an independent contractor who provides administrative. and telephones also helps VA’s in establishing communication links with their clients.

Be technologically-updated. 3. 8. 5. Come up a business plan and monitor if your business is achieving the goals you have set or whether you have to be more flexible and alter it from time to time. Avoid stretching yourself too thin or allowing yourself to slack off. Financial planning is a must if you don’t want to just operate a business with a trial and error cash flow. 6. knowing your local area’s needs and doing your homework on what works for the virtual assistance industry will arm you more in running this business. 32 | P a g e . Don’t start without covering all the financial and legal steps required. 2. word of mouth will always be helpful in securing you more projects. Upgrading your equipment and other business tools should always complement your client’s needs not just hurt your finances. 1. 9.working as a virtual assistant. Focus on just a few business aspects. 4. Aside from having a good online presence. It will be wise to always run a market analysis before venturing into any business. Before going any farther in extending your services. Determine if you want to work part-time or full-time.michellecabiles. Having a record of your clients’ contact information and knowing their needs will give a great edge in keeping your clients. 7. If you have a timeline for your venture it would benefit your goals. Check if your background can support these services. These are referenced from Elite Office Support’s founder. www. 11. Don’t be a jack-of-all-trade and a master-of-none. Market like there’s no tomorrow. You must know the type of services you want to offer.

Text-Link-Ads. Other ad networks are Chitika. One of the most popular ad networks that many probloggers sign up for is Google AdSense (http://www. you are basically a blogger who earns from your own blogs that you have set up yourself. you might be hibernating too long. Professional bloggers earn a profit just by writing posts for these sites based on the posting interval issued by the blog site owner. If you are an individual problogger. This is a contextual advertising network that displays ads depending on the content of a blog or 33 | P a g e . Adbrite and more. So. used to be referred to as online journal. you can definitely assume that the blog owner is trying to earn from his blog. Performancing. It is usually advised for bloggers to use a combination of these www. Problogging or professional blogging is simply getting paid to has become one of the most loved online media with which people with same interests commune. YPN.michellecabiles. A blog or web log. a secretarial background and customer service support experience can help immensely in this field.Since working as a virtual assistant is about providing support to clients. Professional bloggers are those who post on blog sites either owned by a network or how does a blog generate income? Here are various ways: Online Ad Networks If a blog is slapped with ads from ad networks. Professional Blogging If you don’t have a blog. It is said to be a place where people spill all their angst and other worldly thoughts.

This also goes true for the ad networks. affiliate programs require bloggers to include links. The more targeted and the more traffic your blog receives. each of these networks Terms of Agreement and Service should be consulted first before using any of them as any violation might cause headaches. CPM (cost-per-thousand-impression). However. usually in the form of banners. To earn well from this method. www. you must have a good traffic flow or a high number of targeted visitors to convert. It would be worthwhile to study data related to CPC (cost-perclick). the better chances of profiting. Payment methods of each ad network vary. usually every week. Blogs with technology and business theme often get sponsors. Affiliate Programs Similar to putting ads. on a blog’s content to earn from this ad networks to get the most out of a blog’s earning potential. a wider variety of blog themes is starting to attract more sponsorship attention. specifically known as referral links. These sponsors are also regularly mentioned in blog posts. but with the success of many niche blogs. and CPA (cost-per-action). Sponsors Blogs with considerable traffic may benefit well from sponsors. This is just like running online ads. Conversion is the process that transforms traffic to customers if your goal is to 34 | P a g e .

Creative Weblogging. However. bloggers must establish themselves as experts. and infuses his own opinions. You have to be very passionate about the topic you are blogging about. So. Some of the most prominent blog networks include b5media. Just like any profession.. you don’t just have to think about the direct money-making potentials of professional blogging. Sending sample posts that are related to the blog topic you are applying for is also a common practice among blogger headhunters. it is not usually required to be an experienced blogger to get hired as a blogger for blog networks. A blogger researches and scours the subject delegated to him on the web and from news sources. www. The life of a professional blogger is more than just putting words on a page. and Know More Media.Another professional blogging stint is through writing for blog networks that are either focused on just one niche or have a wide array of topics. Weblogs Inc. Some people get book writing offers because of their blog’s success. Comfort in using the computer and Internet will 35 | P a g e . Applying for the blog topic is the usual drill on getting into a blog network. He takes notes of all information and summarizes it on his blog post.michellecabiles. It can increase a person’s credibility and open doors for better opportunities.

Below are tips on how to NOT be easily convinced by exaggerated marketing strategies of some home-based business opportunities or work that is currently being promoted in the market: 36 | P a g e .Chapter Six Anatomy of a Work-From-Home Scam Exaggerated Sales Pitch (Earn Without Working Style) While most people juggle more than two jobs at a time to meet the rising cost of living in today’s world (whether one may be an office work and another a home-based job). many capable individuals can stay at home and not worry a beat about earning. you must first check the validity and legality of the work. But before you engage on various types of work from home jobs.michellecabiles.

although not all who have such policies are scams. Upfront Fee Requirement For Kits. etc.michellecabiles. it would not need rigorous marketing because a lot of people would already have heard of it and that the company would have more than its share of list of probable members. www. Pyramid scams are the usual sources of these kinds of marketing requirements.000 without lifting a thumb. “In 1 day. Price Differences If the products you are required to sell or services involved are of very low quality but are being sold at a price higher than its real value. chances are. it probably is. Pays Just By Recruiting If the project is what it tells itself to be. Not only would the probable consumers be deceived.Guarantees Large Income with Very Little Effort It’s easy to know if a home business program is trying to victimize you.” If it’s too good to be true. Manuals. Another way to check if a home-based business opportunity might be a fraud is when an upfront fee is required for any product that the business will provide. which your intuition should inform you. you must be wary enough not to engage yourself on such work. but also such work does not last and would only be an unstable source of income for an individual. you will earn $ 37 | P a g e . Let it put your senses on red alert. Check its sales pitch page and look for a too-good-to-be-true pitch like. Not all work from home projects that are advertised over the Internet are legal or free from scam.

Upfront Payment for Manuals and Kits An example would be asking for an initial payment for manuals. which in turn really have very little or no use at all for the startup work. They would try to masquerade as a businessperson in certain companies that you can fully trust. which at first glance may look like equal to the amount paid by the individual. These manuals are said to contain instructions on how to go about the business or work and other information that are said to be relevant to the project. chances are. many of them are. Phishing Phishing is an activity of criminal act through techniques of social engineering. people who engage in phishing. this may be a scam that would offer no good. The person concerned would think that he or she really has not lost the money because it had been repaid or returned in the form of said products. tries to fraud sensitive information that they have acquired from other people. attention over the fees are often deviated by giving away kits.michellecabiles. Just be very careful and trust your gut instinct. Although not all home business opportunities that require upfront payment is a fraud. For crafting or selling of certain 38 | P a g e . Phishers.Initial fee for joining If a work-from-home job requires an individual to pay a certain amount that would serve as a membership fee or payment for various fees and other miscellaneous items. Such information may include credit card details and passwords. Experienced work-from-home workers inform those who would like to test the waters of doing any job at home to take any upfront payment as a red flag. www.

PayPal account. Never ever transfer or forward money coming from your personal accounts. Do not trust official-sounding business names immediately. www. Authentic and legal companies do not need these things. Before you transact anything concerning the job or fill the contract on job placement.Most of the phishing techniques are accomplished through the use of deceiving technical designs creating a link in an email which looks like it belongs to an organization. Do not send your personal information. Any legitimate job will transact in to wire transfer using the company’s account and not yours. This is one of their tricks in luring victims to trust on their scheme.michellecabiles. If you are in doubt of the job. 4. We have to be smart enough to take time in observing whether they are scams unless you don’t care about losing money. A legal employer does not ask employee’s bank account. wherein everything looks 39 | P a g e . 3. They will just directly deposit it to your account. a little understanding is the only thing you need in order to avoid being fooled by phishers. Some of those are real and legal while some are not. or even credit card. Many home-based jobs are available nowadays. The prominent tricks are misspelled address of the websites and utilizing subdomains. There are scammers who operate using long-standing and reputable firms. Some of the precautionary measures are already given out. 2. There are ways in which you can protect yourself from opportunistic phishers. These types are quite difficult to handle since they will direct any user to register or sign in at the attacker’s bank or own web page. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is one agency in which you can ask to assure your financial safety. but in reality. that organization is not authentic. go and ask your country’s agency on labor. there are tips you need to follow: 1. Suspect if the business will require you to wire money. especially your financial accounts. Another method on phishing is through the use of a service's own scripts or bank against the individual to be scammed.

org) for the assessment of the company you are planning to work with. The BBB has revealed two things based on its experience after answering to the scheme of stuffing envelope. which is also known as BBB. In worse scenarios. The BBB also offers tips and advices on how you can avoid being scammed. as scams not only cost thousands of dollars and countless of hours with no return. Aside from checking BBB rating section (http://search. the most common pattern of a scammer’s scheme is receiving the information through the Internet and the newspapers.michellecabiles. You can inquire at their site through sending questions that will be answered as soon as possible by the agency. you may get accused of perpetrating a fraud. The consumer will either end up receiving no reply from the said firm or they receive an instruction telling them to post advertisements just like theirs. but they may also tarnish your reputation because of inadvertently selling nonexistent products or services. 40 | P a g e .bbb. police. luring the consumers on big income that they can receive through joining. They report and collect information to help people who call to their agency make decisions.Chapter Seven Ways to Distinguish Scam From Real Better Safe than Sorry: Consult BBB The Better Business Bureau. making your potential employer or source of home business opportunity answer the following questions will be of great help: www. According to them. The organization works with other agencies. and the government to be of assistance to the people and make them informed. BBB informs people to be very discerning when looking for work-from-home jobs or business opportunities. They will gain income here through encouraging others to join and send you money then instruct them to do the same thing also. is a non-profit and non-government organization supporting the objectives and ideals of bureau and stands as the link between business and consumers.

it works for other people. Here are some ways for you to know a scam in a blink of an eye: 1. Some of which ask you to give money all for the promise of getting rich quickly. We are our own bosses. and financially. it probably is. about your employers. Other Background Check SOP Sure. retirees. But how do you know whether these are legitimate or not? Always. This connection may be too shady for most people. always proceed with caution. The most difficult thing about working-at-home opportunities is that the contact is mostly done online or over the phone. mentally. One problem regarding working at home is how sure you are. You must always check the company’s address and number. Because of the inter-connectedness brought by the 41 | P a g e . and disabled people actually rake in cash by taking on work-at-home opportunities.) o Will I be paid a salary or will my pay be based on commission? o Who will pay me? o When will I get my first paycheck? o What is the total cost of the work-at-home program.o What tasks will I have to perform? (Ask the program sponsor to list every step of the job. Surprisingly. so many schemes are out there waiting to lure gullible people in. we would all love to work at home.physically. equipment and membership fees? o What will I get for my money? The answers that you will get from your potential employer will help in rounding up whether the opportunity will meet your expectations . Double check that they are listed and that their offices aren’t simply post office www. as the employee. emotionally. If the offer sounds too good to be true.michellecabiles. We can get up at any hour we want to. including supplies. Work-at-home opportunities can actually be pursued full time. moms. In fact.

Terms of agreement must be spelled out in writing. This condition makes it easier for both parties in the legal sense. www. 4. It can be posted on their website or they could send you a brochure. what the employee earns vary from month-to-month. Always make sure that you are in close contact with a person that is responsible for your payment. Not only must the home worker track his expenses. But it must not be just any simple website with a splash of words here and there. that’s one assurance that they are legal and they will not dupe you. If they have a website. Get their contact information and keep in touch with them as much as possible. There must be further details on what exactly you should be doing for the company from your home. but that doesn’t have to mean that it must also be work-at-home for them.boxes. You must be responsible in tracking down your expenses. Therefore.michellecabiles. you are an independent contractor and you wouldn’t be getting the traditional employee benefits.athome business opportunities pay their employee on a project basis. Having terms in writing makes it easier for the employee to have some sort of evidence when he is in a dispute with his employer. so that he will get paid for these correctly. Just make sure that whatever transaction and action are going on between you and your employer are legitimate. It is fair enough that you get paid for the work you do. it is then your duty to get your own health insurance or any form of compensation that is attributed to a regular employee. Some work. 2. Ask them first-hand when you can accept your paycheck. 3. If you finally have these in writing and your mind is set on working for them. at least you have something to show when called 42 | P a g e . he must also keep a record of the work he is doing. You can find countless work-at-home ads out there promising hundreds and even thousands of dollars a month – all at your home. Now as a home worker. It may be a work-at-home opportunity for you. For that reason. A website shows professionalism on the employer’s part.

and since you will be working from home. link exchanges. email marketing. Such specific laws that must be taken in account include zoning laws. and other online marketing efforts. the license. The basis behind any online promotion campaign for your website is to get more visitors. not doing so may result to your business being shut down or worse. increase sales and enhance profits are through blogging. These laws may vary from one city to the next.michellecabiles. more visits will equate to more sales. forum participation. your business is most likely a sole proprietorship or a partnership if you have someone with you in your business.Chapter Eight Other Important Aspects of Working From Home Basic Legalities If you are putting up a home business. This can only be done by getting the address of your site “out there” thus making it more visible to possible customers. After you have registered. www. If it is good enough. how are you going to market it? Most people think that online advertising is the only answer to this 43 | P a g e . getting severely punished by the government. search engines. banner ads. If you will hire regular workers. podcasting. But there are other ways. A home business operator is required to pay the appropriate tax. There are various forms of businesses. It is also important to manage the business in accordance to the laws in your area. registration is essential. pay them the wage that is due them. article marketing. and the clearance. Online Presence for Your Home Business If you have a market business. you need different documents like the business permit. Techniques to generate business traffic.

people may simply re-read the content but never visit the site again. By using many document type items such as the invoices. Podcasting is also helpful in getting the word out about your home business. stories. As long as your company name and telephone numbers are included on podcasts. This is a great idea as it gives potential customers the chance to learn more about your company. Many people prefer to print out larger webpages with tutorials. The larger. Get these articles submitted on article directories for other web publishers to get hold of them and post them on their sites. It also allows them to know how to contact you. write relevant articles that either chronicle your business through a series of how-to’s or other instructive write-ups. www. Here you can also obtain ideas from the consumers. they can actually bookmark your site for future reference. Without your URL on the banner. Newsworthy stories are those that appeal to readers of the media publications you submit your press releases to. just in case the need for your services and the demand for your products arise in the future. faxes.If you trust banner ads. These sections of the media must at least be connected to your type of industry in order for you to reach your target market better and increase the possibility of success. By participating in forum boards. articles. Then if they choose to. It hits “two birds with one stone”. People may be curious to check out your site. As for article marketing. and the like so that the customers can read the information later. Publicity is always good. Press releases or news releases about your business can be sent to various sections of the media. your URL will also be visible to potential clients. you could also promote your business. products packaging and business cards.michellecabiles. This must be placed at the top of every page with your website address clearly visible. You can also put your website’s URL on all day-to-day business items. using a large one such as 468 X 60 or larger can help. Don’t forget to include in the resource box your business website’s URL and a brief but meaty description of your products and/or services. 44 | P a g e . more people will know about your business. the better.

Recharge your batteries. If it’s summer. just seize the free time and rest. though. an employee is expected to work for a minimum of eight hours a day. relaxing and enjoying yourself. Nevertheless. Occasionally. especially if there are additional bills to pay. You must discipline yourself to leave office work in your home office. and you’re also learning more about the industry – what your competition offers to their’re spreading the word about your business. But if there’s no reason to. you have to bring work 45 | P a g e . Work/Life Balance There are so many things you can do after work. To prevent stress and a gap between you and your family. go out for picnics or drive to nearby beaches. and mental aspects. Do not extend your working hours when in fact you should already be unwinding. and how you can top it. it can greatly affect your physical. Working overtime is sometimes necessary and oftentimes unavoidable if you are trying to make a home business take off. www. if you make this a habit. social.michellecabiles. reserve weekends for family outings or bonding time with your loved ones. engage yourselves in outdoor sports or any activity that could relieve your mind from thinking about office concerns. Sometimes. On average.

Locate other small-business owners. and strike up a partnership so you can buy your supplies in bulks. Maximize your purchases. Be on a lookout for businesses that offer services or products that complement your own. Take advantage if such an opportunity arises. 2. 3. 5. even if they are not home-based. Become a member of warehouse buying clubs and do not pay retail price to a supplier without asking for the wholesale rate. giving him your word that you will be buying from him consistently over a long period of time. or their booth samples can be sold at discounted rates. 6. money saved is also an increase in profit. you will be able to save money.michellecabiles. 1. Trade and barter. In a business. as well as the shipping. 4. There are stores where they sell discounted furniture. There are exhibitors who offer discounts. Negotiate discounts if you are buying long-term. Used furniture can be bought for a portion of its original price. Remember that the value of the www. Recycle furniture. You can even do repressions or trade-ins. In that way. Make sure that you are clear with the details and come to an agreement on the amount of whatever you are trading in. be it a corporation or home-based. If you feel that you will regularly go to a place for a particular item that you cannot buy in bulk because of the lack of storage space. you can ask your supplier for the bulk rate.Save Money while Running a Home Business People opt for home-based businesses because of the low overhead – but that does not necessarily mean that they don’t have trouble with financial concerns as much as other industry 46 | P a g e . Buy from trade shows. Browse through newspaper ads and inquire from furniture dealers. Here are ways how you can pinch your pennies if you are managing a homebased business. then you can suggest trading. Purchase wholesale products and ask if you can have commercial discounts.

Use public relations and promotion techniques so that you can gain exposure for your company in your community. By getting together with other small businesses that target the same niche. Your itinerary must span activities for not only days. ask for a reasonable price. Consider how much you can save when he says “yes. health) automatically. and methods in doing so. Suggest how you can save money. Ask for an efficient price.” 9. Sure. Insurance companies introduce new products targeted to home-based business markets. you asked right. Have your accountant’s second opinion.” At least. This is very effective and less expensive than advertising. you must carefully plot out the 47 | P a g e . Form marketing alliances. Promote yourself. You can also join barter exchange. 7. months. You have the right as a consumer to do so. Do not renew your insurance (automobile. an organization that regulates bartering among its members. Have an agent review the coverage of your insurance and if you can. Do not pay bills until you have to. www. It's ironic that the best deal for you the year before may be topped by something else the following year. 12. 11. Worst-case scenario is the supplier saying “no. you have to take care of your credit rating by paying in full and on time but do not pay early if there is no reason to do so. This is wordof-mouth. When you’re shopping for any product or service. you can combine all your marketing efforts and save more. 10. and even years.goods and services is taxable. Part-Time versus Full-Time If you’re considering starting your own business.michellecabiles. Shop for insurance once a year. but also for weeks. You must always capitalize on the cheapest yet most effective marketing method if you are running your own home-based business. reaching out to your target. strategies. conduct a risk assessment. business. 8.

especially if your work is a priority. you have to distinguish the advantages and disadvantages of each – regarding time management. you will be more familiar with company policies and procedures. You may receive bonus packages and monetary compensations for your excellent services. you are also rated in accordance to your performance. With working at home. Drawbacks of a Full-time Work 1.michellecabiles. If your immediate supervisor sees topnotch performance. 3. Rewards of a Full-time Work 1. you will be on the rank for a promotion. there is limited growth for you in this environment. If you are the type of person who does not have the courage to take on bigger responsibilities. Hopefully. There is also great opportunity for your speedy growth with regard to positions and benefits that you are entitled to. With full time work. However. You will not have the opportunity to land a second job if you have fulltime work. You do this to make sure that each task is done right.” It must be attained through hard 48 | P a g e . You have to consider the amount of time needed on a task. 2. Chance of a promotion is more likely to take place. you would have figured out which of the two options is most suitable for you.Time management is the act of budgeting your time according to your preset activities. Having a full-time work requires a sense of dedication. There is a sense of good job recognition. www. 2. as well as the work-at-home opportunities. There are businesspersons who allot most of their time in the business with the hope of increasing the rate of their revenues and performances. This is applicable for office ventures. Success is not “easy does it. you can devote many hours in order to further your business. It is crucial to do so considering that there is steep competition between companies with similar products and services. Since you are spending most of your time working anyway.

www. Part-time means you still do stuffs in between. the growth is not as gradual as opposed to working full time. 2. 2.michellecabiles. success depends on the hours of the work. Drawbacks of a Part-time Work 1. There is slower 49 | P a g e . You have supplementary income if you have part-time work. You can keep pace with the growth of your career because you are the master of your time. 3. Part-time status is also difficult to maintain.Rewards of a Part-time Work 1. Of course. as more companies are on a look-out for full-time workers. You are your own boss and you can monitor how much you can make in a day depending on how much work you did. That being the case. There are fewer hours compared to full-time work. 3. Most people who have a lot of financial responsibilities often have a secondary job in order to supplement their major income. Professionalism is compromised because there are some businesses that will not take your offer seriously since it’s just for part-time.

you own the business and you work for yourself. Practically anyone who needs to work but still stay at home can benefit from a work-at-home arrangement. The only common thing about them is that they are both done at home. great possibilities have also been made accessible to a growing number of people. thus. While in the previous century. by an employer.Conclusion Working From Home and Fulfillment With the great advancements that have been made available to people living today. Work-from-home opportunities are quite different from home businesses even though they seem to be rather connected. with work-from-home. today’s people can easily work without having to leave their house. More and more opportunities to work from home are emerging everywhere and these allow people to do what they love and earn at the same time. With a home business. the average person is bound to go to work in an office or some other place away from home. Thus work-from-home might be a good option for those who want to work at home but not necessarily operate their own business. Usually moms who have to take care of their kids and do some chores would benefit from work-at-home opportunities.michellecabiles. www. you are still employed. you are 50 | P a g e . One of the remarkable options that are now available to more people is working from home. On the other hand. whether directly or indirectly.

The home office. and effort because there is no need to commute. or eat out for work. work-from-home has its own set of pros and cons.michellecabiles. Other work-fromhome opportunities include virtual assistant services and professional blogging. You can also go about e-bay auctioning and sell stuffs. which helps people connect instantly and cheaply with their clients. and other people involved. www. You can also delve into Internet Marketing and take advantage of the power of the Internet to reach millions of people. Working at home these days has been made quite so easy because of the various tools that are now available. which is usually comprised of a computer and a phone. lawyers. scanners. Like any job opportunity. you are more vulnerable to distractions like kids and spouses. Perhaps the most indispensable tool is the Internet. you can earn by doing things that you love instead of doing tasks spurted out by the bureaucracy. You save a lot of time. People might think that there are only few opportunities for working at home. These people can take advantage of the things that they love and make money out of them. and copiers. By working at home. There is also the possibility of losing your social life because work would be very much integrated to 51 | P a g e . People working at home may also fall victim to scams that target people who work independently. money. People with disabilities are also given the chance to generate income by working at home. you can be more productive and profitable as more time can be spent on working and you work at your own comfortable pace and time.Retirees who are already tired of working in offices may also like to earn by working at home. No fussy bosses can hamper your productivity. Other office devices that could greatly make working at home easier would include printers. Best of all. dress up. among other tools. web cams. when working at home. and other clients. but the work-from-home job search yields a lot of breaks. bosses. A good work-fromhome opportunity would be data entry or transcription where you can type paperwork for doctors. also makes working at home a breeze by providing the modern conveniences of technology. However when working at home.

Many people also find it hard to manage their finances. Lastly.With work-at-home schemes however. since they seem to be now intertwined. To know veer away from scams.michellecabiles. With all these.7 million people have decided to work at home. There are also legal issues. it is important to consult legitimate websites or learn from people who already have experience working from home. Like any job opportunity. More Abundance and Love To You! www. it is important to remember what work-from-home is all about. With this comes fulfillment. Scams usually employ too-good-to-betrue statements and they often ask for unreasonable upfront fees to start working. There are difficulties involved in marketing your services or establishing an online 52 | P a g e . there is the difficulty of balancing work with your personal life. primarily about taxation that can be quite so inconvenient. work-from-home schemes pose certain obstacles. It is about doing what you love in a place where you feel loved the most. There are those who are having difficulty deciding whether to work at home part time or full time. Scams can easily be spotted by knowing the anatomy of these malicious schemes. which is probably why over 20. you should be careful in order to avoid falling for a scam.

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