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Subject page Contents The Nature of GAT 2 Components of GAT 2 Preparation for the Test 3 Test Results 4 Verbal Section 4 Quantitative Section 9 .

Verbal Section: (4 content areas) 1) Reading Comprehension: the test-takers are given passages and required to answer questions that relate to the passages. and D. Some of the questions in the GAT are non-scorable items and are not counted toward the score of the test-taker. they help maintain statistical reliability in composing GAT examinations in the future. 68 of these questions are verbal and 52 are quantitative. from the four choices given. Problem-solving behavior 4. The test-takers select the best answer and mark their choice on the answer sheet. All questions are multiple choice. It is available in both an Arabic Version and an English Version.  GAT General Aptitude Test . B. the test-takers must choose the word or words that best fit in the blank or blanks. 3) Analogy: a pair of words conveying a specific relationship is given and the test-takers are asked to choose the pair of words from the four choices that is closest to the relationship of the original pair. Logical relations 3. Both versions of GAT use language and mathematics to measure the following abilities: 1. The test-takers’ scores are calculated only on the 120 questions of the actual GAT test. The overall duration of the test is 3 hours. The Nature of GAT GAT is an acronym for General Aptitude Test. Components of GAT A. with four possible answers marked as A. The answer sheets are then machine scored. Inductional abilities The test consists of six sections. To enhance security there are 5 forms of each test. 2) Sentence Completion: the test-takers are given a short sentence or sentences with one or two blanks for missing words. Reading comprehension 2. Inferential abilities 5. C. Rather.

This section emphasizes problem-solving. GAT General Aptitude Test  . and contents through exposure. analysis and relationship. and are asked to select from the four choices the word that is closest in meaning to the given word. algebra. These skills have been acquired by test-takers throughout their education and through exposure to different experiences in life. 2. Preparedness is increased by: 1. procedures. One way to reduce anxiety is to be familiar with the test form. Reading texts and drawing from them ideas and conclusions as well as summarizing and making inferences from what has been read. They need only familiarize themselves with the publications produced by the National Center (Qiyas) about this test. Test-takers need to reduce anxiety which could hinder performance. The use of inferential and analytical skills. GAT is based on skills related to logical thinking. Quantitative Section: (4 content areas) Arithmetic. geometry. analysis. such as this brochure. this leads to good management of time while actually taking the test. B. logical reasoning. Inductive and deductive problem-solving. 3. Preparation for the Test Educational Preparation The General Aptitude Test (GAT) requires basic knowledge. either in isolation or in a sentence. Also test-takers should be sure to get adequate rest before the exam. however. and interpretation of graphs and tables. 4) Word Meaning: the test-takers are given a word. and induction. Psychological Preparation Psychological readiness contributes to success. studying all night or getting little sleep never helps and most likely will be a hindrance. it is not an achievement test because it is not based on a particular syllabus.

Scores can be obtained by any of the following means: 1. Following the sentence there are four possible choices for the missing word or words. Instructions Choose the best answer to complete the following sentences. Test Results Answer sheets are scored by machine. Each blank indicates that a word or group of words is missing. First you will find examples of the Verbal Section followed by examples of the Quantitative Section. A divorced / nephew B married / child C single / cousin D engaged / brother  GAT General Aptitude Test . A a child / movement B abroad / past C wiser / mission D younger / studies 2: Khalid is ……… now and has three children.qiyas. I always thought my classes were very difficult and feared that when I got older my ……… would be impossible. his oldest ……… is in high school. and mark your choice on your answer sheet. landline phone (920000696) 2. 1: When I was ……….org) 3. VERBAL SECTION Sentence Completion (SC) The test-taker will see a sentence with one or two blanks. the internet (www. mobile text message (SMS) The following examples are presented in the same format and with the same instructions used in the real GAT test.

D. 6: COLD : HOT A handsome : young B beautiful : ugly C summer : spring D complete : total GAT General Aptitude Test  . A awesome / obstacle B significant / harm C important / problem D crucial / imagination 5: It is hard to imagine how things were before ……… were invented. he especially likes ……… countries that are new to him. C. A hobby / visiting B assignment / familiar C sport / rough D recreation / remembering 4: One of the most ……… things in life is self-concept. and mark your choice on your answer sheet. Instructions In the following questions there is a pair of capitalized words followed by four choices marked A. B. we certainly couldn’t ……… information as easily as we can now.3: Samir’s favorite ……… is traveling. no ……… is too big to solve. with a positive one. Choose the pair of words whose relationship is most similar to that expressed by the capitalized pair. A computers / get B televisions / print C clocks / obtain D cars / build Analogy In these items the test-taker must select the pair of words given in the four choices that have the closest similarity to the relationship of the original words.

and mark your choice on your answer sheet. 7: EASY : COMPLICATED A elaborate : complete B simple : sophisticated C cheap : gross D costly: expensive 8: FRUIT : RIPE A flower : yellow B bee : honey C cheese : aged D motorcycle : car 9: SCHOOL : CLASS A flour : cake B apartment : palace C horse : animal D computer : mouse 10: POETRY : IMAGINATION A studying : chemistry B prayer : meditation C work : result D run : fast Word Meaning Instructions Choose the word closest in meaning to the underlined word. 11: The famous journey of Columbus led to the discovery of the New World. but his favorite game is football. A sportsman B player C competitor D professional  GAT General Aptitude Test . A exploring B unearthing C invading D finding 12: My brother has always been a natural athlete.

and mark your choice on your answer sheet. (2) “Why sir. His corn cannot improve unless his neighbor’s corn also improves. A bonuses B encouragements C successes D advancements Reading Comprehension Instructions Read the following passage. “How can you afford to share your best seed with your neighbors when they are entering corn in competition with yours each year?” the reporter asked. If I am to grow good corn.” From his answer it is clear that the farmer is very much aware of the connectedness of life. then choose the best answer to each of the questions that follow. the reporter discovered that the farmer shared his seed corn with his neighbors. GAT General Aptitude Test  . “didn’t you know? The wind picks up pollen from the ripening corn and blows it from field to field. cross-pollination will steadily lower the quality of my corn. A adjusting to B appreciating C comprehending D looking for 15: One of the greatest accomplishments for a teacher is to see her students making progress. I must help my neighbors grow good corn. (1) A newspaper reporter interviewed a farmer who won top prizes for his corn in the farmers’ festival year after year.13: Muhammad and Rashid are identical twins to the extent that their parents sometimes can not differentiate them. In the interview. A almost the same B exactly the same C close to the same D nearly similar 14: Getting used to living in a foreign country requires understanding its culture. If my neighbors grow low quality corn.” said the farmer.

(3) So it is with our lives. C the writer. for the value of a life is measured by the lives it touches. D the reporter. C the corn. 17: What does the farmer imply when he says “Why sir…” at the beginning of paragraph (2)? A Why don’t you know? B Why did you ask me? C Why don’t you do that? D Why are you surprised? 18: The phrase ‘the connectedness of life’ in paragraph (2) means: A the beginning and end. Questions 16: The possessive pronoun yours in paragraph (1) refers to: A the farmer. D the interdependence of things. B means of production. B the reporter. 20: The views expressed in paragraph (3) are those of: A the farmer. B the sequence of events. Those who choose to live in peace must help their neighbors to live in peace. And those who choose to be happy must help others to find happiness. C quantity. C the continuity of mankind. D the neighbors. Those who choose to live well must help others to live well. B the seeds. D use of pesticide. for the welfare of each is bound up with the welfare of all.  GAT General Aptitude Test . 19: We can infer from the passage that the competition involved: A quality.

Only one of them is right. and mark it on your answer sheet. If it takes the first car 9 hours to cover half the distance. B selfishness. how long will it take the second car to cover the same distance? A 18 B 16 C 14 D 12 GAT General Aptitude Test  .21: The farmer’s action exemplifies: A sharing. you are given four choices. 1 1 2 3 1 1: × × = 1 1 1 3 6 3 1 1 A B 9 6 C 1 D 9 2: Two cars started a journey on the same road from opposite starting points. Choose the right answer. C individuality. The speed of the first car is 120 km/h and the speed of the other car is 60 km/h. D independence. 22: The best title for this passage is: A The Wisdom of a Reporter B The Recovery of Wisdom C The Power of Sharing D The Virtues of Competition QUANTITATIVE SECTION Multiple Choice Questions Instructions In the following problems.

000009 B 0.009 5: If 27 x = 9 x + 3.03% of 1000 = A 0.03% of 0. the remainder is 6. What is the remainder when six times this number is divided by 9? A 0 B 1 C 3 D 6 7: The width of the rectangle a b c d below is equal to one third of its length. 3: In the triangle below.0009 D 0.00009 C 0. What is the area of the shaded parts in square centimeters? A 84 a b B 96 C 124 D 192 d c 10 GAT General Aptitude Test . what is the value of x? A 2 B 3 C 4 D 6 6: When a number is divided by 9. what is the value of ( aْ + bْ ) ? bْ aْ A 120 B 180 C 240 D 270 4: 0. and its perimeter equals 64 cm.

and finally directly North for 60 km. how much does Ali have? A 18 B 20 C 24 D 36 11: What is the area of a circle n. If the three of them have 134 Riyals. 3)? A 5� B 10� C 25� D 50� n GAT General Aptitude Test 11 . which of the following is correct? f +m y +1 x− y f A m= B m= x− y f y +1 x+ y f y −1 C m= D m= y +1 x+ y f 10: Ahmad has 4 Riyals less than double the amount of what Walid has. then directly East for 40 km. What is the shortest distance between the points where he stopped and where he started? A 60 B 55 C 50 D 45 x−m 9: If y = .8: A man starts a journey by driving directly South for 30 km. Ali has one third of what Ahmad has. whose perimeter passes through the point (-4.

What is the sum of the other four numbers? A 33 B 63 C 84 D 117 Questions 14 . 12: The price of a TV in 1970 increased by 300% in 1980.18 relate to the following graph. Education Budget of Four Economic Groups of Countries 14: Which group spent more on education during the first period (1981-1985)? A G1 B G2 C G3 D G4 15: The approximate percentage of increase of the education budget by Group 2 from the first period to the second period is: A 40% B 46% C 51% D 55% 12 GAT General Aptitude Test . By what percentage did the price increase from 1970 to 1990? A 500% B 600% C 900% D 1100% 13: The average of seven numbers is 12. The price of the 1980 model TV increased by 200% in 1990. and the average of three of them is –11.

which group needs to spend more money on education? A G1 B G2 C G3 D G4 Comparison Questions Instructions In the following problems there are two values. and mark your choice on your answer sheet. followed by four answers. (C) The two values are equal. 19: Compare: Column A Column B 1 1 1 1 1 1 1  1  × × × –  ×  –  2 3 7 5 9  6 35 1 1 (A) The value in column A is greater. (D) The given information is not sufficient. Choose the right answer. what amount will be spent? A 150 B 160 C 165 D 170 18: Spending on education is associated with progress. the group which spent more on education than any other group is: A G1 B G2 C G3 D G4 17: If there is a 20% increase in the education budget for Group 3 in the coming fourth period. one in column A and the other in column B.16: On the average. (B) The value in column B is greater. Accordingly. GAT General Aptitude Test 13 .

(C) The two values are equal. (B) The value in column B is greater. compare: x z m y Column A Column B The length of xm 9 cm (A) The value in column A is greater. If m is the midpoint of zy. (C) The two values are equal. (B) The value in column B is greater. 14 GAT General Aptitude Test . compare: Column A Column B y 4 (A) The value in column A is greater. the length of xy is equal to 16 cm and the length of xz is equal to 2 cm. 21: In the figure below. (D) The given information is not sufficient. 20: If 4y – 3 > 13 . (D) The given information is not sufficient.

(D) The given information is not sufficient. GAT General Aptitude Test 15 . (B) The value in column B is greater. (C) The two values are equal. compare: Column A Column B 1 1 x y (A) The value in column A is greater.22: If x + y > 0 and y > x .

No. 1 D 1 D 2 B 2 A 3 A 3 D 4 C 4 B 5 A 5 D 6 B 6 A 7 B 7 B 8 C 8 C 9 D 9 B 10 B 10 C 11 D 11 C 12 A 12 D 13 B 13 D 14 A 14 C 15 C 15 B 16 C 16 C 17 D 17 A 18 D 18 A 19 A 19 B 20 C 20 A 21 A 21 C 22 C 22 D 16 GAT General Aptitude Test . Answer Key Verbal Section Quantitative Section Question Question Answer Answer No.

GAT General Aptitude Test 17 .

Notice: Some colleges or universities require their applicants to take the GAT (General Aptitude Test . . Students must refer to their intended schools and ask about their conditions for admission. The Center’s Mission To help in establishing fairness and equity in Higher Education and in improving the efficiency of its institutions.English Version).