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NB: If you have a touchscreen enabled device please disable before logging in.

Revision: 0818

This will create the first line for your enrolments. You have the option to choose ‘Unknown’ from the calendar if the candidate has not provided a date of birth.trinitycollege. or by using the mass enrolment you Enrol You should create your Order Within your order you will see a section titled Enrol Individual Enrolment Video: https://www. which enables you to collate information that you can then cut and paste directly into the mass enrolment page on Trinity Online. The boxes highlighted in red are the bare minimum required to save your enrolments. some exams have a minimum age and for these a date of birth must be entered. You can click into each box in turn to enter details. For information on using the mass enrolment spreadsheet see: www. At the top left of this section click on ‘New’. For example. Revision: 0818 .com/CreateAnOrder Enrolling Candidates There are two ways to input solo enrolments: By entering candidates one by one directly into Trinity Online. Both options are available from the ‘Enrol Candidates’ tab within your order. and Shift-Tab to move back from right to left. but please consult your syllabus to ensure that you are aware of any particular requirements for the exam you are entering. or you can use the Tab key on your keyboard to move from left to right. see: www.

If you enter the Product Code then the Exam Suite and Product will automatically populate under the relevant fields. or Individual Acting Skills Grade 2 is ‘02IAS’. You may enter any school name for any candidate. You may use the Product Code on its own if you know it. The applicant column may be used to keep track of who has entered each candidate. This is normally two numbers plus two or three letters. If you have used the centre portal before 2018 then you may be used to having to add School names as Associated Organisations of your centre before they can be printed on candidate certificates. Revision: 0818 . Alternatively you can select the Exam Suite from the drop down list (see right) and then select the exam you need from the drop down list in the Product column. For example. The applicant and school columns are optional. Product and Product Code columns are a little different from the others. The candidates enrolled are broken into ‘pages’ of fifty candidates at a time to stop the system slowing down. the code for Piano Grade 5 is ‘05PNO’.The Exam Suite. This is no longer necessary. If a School name should be printed on the candidates’ certificates you should also tick the School on Cert column. From September 2018 teacher names may no longer be added to certificates. These pages can be clicked through using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen.

and also important to do this if the candidate has a re-entry permit or voucher to use. otherwise connection problems may cause data loss. The enrolments then show on screen with a padlock symbol next to the information to indicate that these are saved. for more information please see the separate guide: www.trinitycollege. Diploma Enrolment Diploma exam enrolment works slightly differently from most Revision: 0818 . At this point you can exit the system without any risk of losing the information and you can continue to add candidates into the order at a later stage. This can be entered in the appropriate column and then if you click on the question mark and down arrow in the ‘Existing Candidate?’ column the system will retrieve the candidate’s details. Trinity Online will create Candidate Numbers when the enrolments are saved. In the absence of a candidate Number you can enter an existing candidate’s name and date of birth. We recommend saving after every two or three candidates. At this point candidates may be freely deleted or added to your order. in which case the system will attempt to match these details against existing records when you click the question mark. After you click on Save Enrolments a box will pop up to tell you your data has been saved. It is important to do this to avoid creating duplicate data. Existing Candidates If a candidate has taken an exam with Trinity before you may have a candidate Number for them.Please always remember to click Save Enrolments on a regular basis as you work.

you can then Submit the order using the button near the top of the screen.After Enrolment When you have enrolled candidates and saved you may select the ‘Enrolment Details’ tab to see your order with pricing information included. See these guides for further information: www. They will issue an invoice for your enrolments and process the order ready for you to timetable your candidates. Video: https://www.trinitycollege.trinitycollege. See the separate guides below for information on what you can do on this tab: www. Please be aware that after Trinity has raised an invoice for your order it will not be possible to remove If you run a private centre then you will now need to email your Trinity contact before going any further. See the guides linked above for further information on timetables. and can then start on your After enrolment is complete.trinitycollege. and once any re-entry permits or discounts have been www. Revision: 0818 .com/Timetables If you run a public centre for Trinity you will be able to Invoice and Process the order yourself from the Enrol Candidates tab.

please enter the candidates’ names. for instance for a Trumpet exam the exam suite is Brass. Please choose from the drop-down list. either by using both Exam Suite and Examination/Product Name.Enrolment Columns in Detail Mandatory columns First. Some exams have a maximum or minimum age limit. Middle and Last Names: These columns are self explanatory. Information added here is for your reference only and will not appear on the appointment slip.trinitycollege. Venue: If you use several venues and wish to organise your timetable via this method you can add the venue name.: Tick for the school name to appear on the certificate. Product and Product Code: There are two options for entering the Examination details. or leave unticked if the name is not to be shown on the School: Please enter the school name for the candidate here.  Product: Please enter the subject and grade of the exam from the drop-down list. and in this case the date of birth must be included. Only appointment slips for timetabled candidates will have the venue allocated for their exam.trinitycollege. or Individual Acting Skills Grade 2 is ‘02IAS’.  Product Code: Please note that the code should be the grade followed by the subject. For applicants only the first and last name will appear on the drop-down list. Gender: Please choose M or F option. If the date of birth is not known you can leave blank.  Exam Suite: It is best to think of this as the syllabus. These extra details may be entered on the Candidates & Contacts screen but will not appear in the drop-down list to save space on the screen. Applicants will need to be added to your centre to be recognised. for example Guitar Grade 5 should be ‘05GTR’. OR you can just fill in the Product Code. Exam Revision: 0818 . see the separate guide for how to do this: www. see the separate guide for how to do this: www. If the candidate does not have a middle name please leave blank. middle names or post-nominal qualifications will be omitted. Date of birth: Please make sure the date of birth is entered in DD/MM/YYYY format. any titles. School on Cert. Venues will need to be registered on your centre to be recognised. any variation will produce an error. Optional columns Applicant: Entering an applicant name can assist in keeping track of who entered each candidate for their exam.

Some columns are titled ‘Leave blank’. Rock & Pop or Drama exams. Ethnicity: This is not mandatory and may be left blank. See the separate guide on groups for further information: www. Consult your syllabus for further Minimum Age Verification: If the exam requires a minimum age then the age of the candidate should be confirmed and tick included in this column to confirm they are old enough.Other columns. Rock & Pop and Drama exams never require this information. External ID: If you wish to include your own reference number then you may do so here. so leave blank. Leave these columns blank. Do not delete these columns. therefore please leave blank if you do not have the information. Ensemble Name: Only used for Pair and Group exams. First Language: This information is required for some exam types. All columns to the right of Venue may be left as they are. For exams where there is no minimum age this is not relevant. Music.trinitycollege. and do not hide these columns. but not for others. ULN (Unique Learner Number): This is not mandatory. Revision: 0818 . There is no need to complete any of this information for Music.