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1. Put the verbs in brackets into Future Continuous:

a) At three o’clock tomorrow, I ___________ ( work ) in my office.
b) At five o’clock tomorrow, you ___________ ( lie ) on the beach.
c) Next Monday at noon, he __________ ( wait ) for the train.
d) By this time next week, she _________ ( shop ) in New York.
e) I _________ ( play) tennis at 10am tomorrow.
f) They ___________ ( not/watch) TV at 9pm tonight.
g) What _________ ( you/do ) at 10pm tonight?
h) She ___________ ( not/sleep) when you telephone her.
i) We _____________ ( have ) dinner when the film starts.
j) Take your umbrella. It __________ ( rain )when you return.

2. Imagine that you're a businessman with a busy day tomorrow. Write on a sheet of paper 5
things that you will be doing tomorrow. Start with 8 am. E.g.: "I will be going to a conference
tomorrow at 10 am."






Choose the best answer for each sentence:

1. I wish that I could explain things ____________ my teacher. I always understand what he
says in the class.
a) as clearly as
b) clearly
c) clear.
2. I want my children to behave _____________ to every person that they meet.
a) nicely
b) nicily
c) nice.
3. The group found their hotel ___________ after they bought the map of city.
a) easy
b) easily
c) easly.
4. The girls had to finish their work __________ because the teacher told them to stop.
a) quick
b) quicker
c) quickly.
5. When he was a child, Tony spoke very _________ and his friends couldn’t understand
a) quiet
b) quietly
c) quiter.
6. Angelina is a _________ student. She is kind and pleasant.
a) love
b) bad
c) lovely.
7. Do you think men drive ________ women in our country?
a) more dangerously
b) more dangerously than
c) dangerously.
8. We ask our teacher to speak more __________ because we couldn’t hear her at all.
a) loudly
b) loud
c) quietly.
9. Sara __________ completed her Master’s Degree in Business. Isn’t that great?
a) success
b) badly
c) successfully.
10. The dog was _________ injured in the accident, but it recovered and is healthy now.
a) seriously
b) serious
c) hard.