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Product Announcement

March 2004

New product DVG-1120S

D-Link VoIP Gateway
The DVG-1120S is a SIP-based VoIP Gateway equipped
with two standard phone ports, one lifeline voice port for
fail-over to standard phone services, one WAN Ethernet
10BaseT Port, and one LAN Fast Ethernet 10/100BaseTX
Port. With the integration of both voice and data, the DVG-
1120 offers Small-to-Medium-Size Businesses (SMB) or
home users the ability to replace the soft phone solution
using the computer with a headset with the possibility to
use a standard analog telephone for convenient calling.

The DVG-1120S is compatible with xDSL and Cable-
Modem Broadband service providers with built-in sup-
port for DHCP Client, MAC Address Cloning, PPPoE, and
multiple auto-provisioning methods.

For Internet connection sharing in your home the DVG- Functions and Features
1120S offers support for up to 32 IP devices. Services offe-
red to the internal home network are DHCP Server, Network - Allows use of standard analog telephone in VoIP
Address Translation (NAT), and IPSEC pass-thru. solutions
- SIP protocol
The DVG-1120S has voice support that includes hardware - DHCP server/client
based Quality of Service (QoS), voice compression (popular - NAT
voice CODECs G.711-G.729e), echo cancellation, dynamic - IPSec VPN pass-thru
latency (jitter) buffers, silence suppression, and comfort - Quality of Service for voice support
noise generation. - Web-based management

The DVG-1120S features can be remotely configured using
the convenient and secure Web-based Interface. For
diagnostics features, the DVG-1120S has management-at- The box includes:
a-glance LEDs on the front panel, and over 100 real-time
statistics. - DVG-1120S VoIP Gateway
- User´s Guide on CD-ROM
- AC Power Adapter
- Cat 5 Ethernet Cable
- RJ-11 Phone Cable

EAN code: TBA

D-Link Benelux D-Link Norway D-Link Sweden
Ordering Information
Phone: +31 10 282 1445 Phone: +47 23 89 71 89 Phone: +46 (0)8-564 619 00
VoIP Gateway Fax: +31 10 282 1331 Fax: +47 22 30 90 85 Fax: +46 (0)8-564 619 01

D-Link Denmark
DVG-1120S SIP based VoIP Gateway
Phone: +45 43 96 90 40
Fax: +45 43 42 43 47

D-Link Finland
Phone: +358-9-2707 5080
Fax: +358-9-2707 5081
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