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By participating in the WatchGuard Trade Up Program, you ensure your network is protected by the
very latest in security, reliability, and performance – without hurting your bottom line.
The Trade Up Program is available to current WatchGuard customers.

Trade an earlier-generation WatchGuard appliance and move up to a new WatchGuard solution at
up to 25% off the standard purchase price. The program includes options to trade up to a physical
appliance or to a virtual appliance.
To activate Trade Up products, the owner must retire an earlier generation WatchGuard
By retiring a WatchGuard product, it no longer appears among your managed products; it is not
capable of upgrades, add-on activation, or software downloads; and ownership cannot be
Not all devices are eligible for all Trade Up appliances. The Eligibility Charts on page 2 list eligible
WatchGuard devices. Appliances purchased through WatchGuard’s HA (High Availability) promotion
are not eligible for trade up.

How to Purchase a WatchGuard Trade Up Product
If you have an eligible product you would like to trade, simply purchase the unique Trade Up part
number that corresponds to that product. Trade Up part numbers are available through any
authorized WatchGuard Reseller. The discount of up to 25% is built into the price so you see the
savings instantly.

Activating Trade Up Products
During product activation, you are required to identify the product to be replaced within your account.
(To verify that the device you wish to replace is active and registered to the correct account, log on to
your Support account at (formerly called LiveSecurity Service account). Under the
Manage Products heading, go to Your Products.)

Once the eligible device has been identified, it will be retired and the new box will become active.
 Retired product will be removed from the customer’s Support account
 Retired product will not be eligible for upgrades, support, or software updates
 Feature keys are not available for retired products
 Retired products cannot change ownership and should never be sold to another party page 1

XTM 2520  Trade Up options include Basic Security Suite or Total Security why wait? Find out more about WatchGuard’s Red Instead Competitive Trade In Program. 535  XTM 545   XTM 810. trading in a competitor’s appliance for the award-winning technology from WatchGuard couldn’t be easier. 515     XTM 510. 26     XTM 33    XTM 330      XTM 505. 820. Not a current WatchGuard customer? There are many reasons to look at upgrading your current security firewall. 25. Whether your network calls for a next generation firewall or full UTM security. WatchGuard reserves the right to deactivate a new Trade Up product if the Trade Up product is determined to have been activated in violation of the Trade Up Program’s Terms and Conditions (see page 3). And with special pricing. Eligibility Chart for UTM Hardware Trade Up* Trade Up to this Firebox Model T30 T50 M440 Trade Up From T30-W T50-W T70 M200 M300 M400 M500 M4600 M5600 XTM 21. Learn more at http://www. 1525  XTM 2050. 860. 22. Now.530.   1050 XTM 1520. WatchGuard offers both physical* and virtual solutions to meet your needs now and into the future. page 2 .watchguard. 23.   1050 XTM 850. 525    XTM 520. 830/F. 870/F.

22. 2. 330   XTM 505. 870/F. loss of specific partnership benefits as deemed appropriate by WatchGuard. Distributors or resellers found to be abusing the WatchGuard Trade Up Program may face penalties from WatchGuard. 1050   XTM. and/or exemption from participating in any or all WatchGuard promotions and/or programs that benefit partners and/or end users. 830/F. 545    XTM 810. 820. 520.watchguard. 860. Eligibility Chart for Wireless Access Points Trade Up Trade Up to this Wireless Access Point Trade Up From AP120 AP320 AP100   AP102   AP200   AP300   Terms and Conditions General 1. 1525  XTM 2050. Learn more at http://www. 535. 3. which may include but are not limited to: termination of partnership status. 23. 525. WatchGuard reserves the right to change or cancel any aspect of this program at any time. 1520. 33. 25. XTM 2520  XTMv Small     XTMv Medium    XTMv Large   XTMv Datacenter  Trade Up options include Basic Security Suite or Total Security Suite. 1050   XTM 850.Eligibility Chart for FireboxV (Virtual Appliance) or Firebox Cloud Trade Up Trade Up to this FireboxV or Firebox Cloud Model FireboxV / FireboxV / FireboxV / FireboxV / Firebox Cloud Firebox Cloud Firebox Cloud Firebox Cloud Trade Up From Small Medium Large XLarge XTM 21. 530    XTM 515. 26. page 3 . WatchGuard Technologies reserves the right to deactivate a Trade Up product at any time if found to be in violation of program guidelines.

Inc. Appliances purchased through WatchGuard’s HA (High Availability) promotion are not eligible for WatchGuard’s Trade Up Program.206. the WatchGuard logo. and LiveSecurity are registered trademarks of WatchGuard Technologies. 6. Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.613. Trade Up is restricted. All rights reserved. © 2017 WatchGuard Technologies. WatchGuard. All other trademarks and tradenames are the property of their respective owners. 5. In order to be eligible for the Trade Up Program. • North America Sales: 1.watchguard. WGCE66753_0322117 Web: (formerly called LiveSecurity Service account) that the new Trade Up product will be activated in.800. 7. Review Eligibility Chart for qualifications. Part No. 4. Device being traded up must not have been previously retired or otherwise deactivated prior to activation of new Trade Up product. Fireware.089 page 4 . the device being traded up must be activated in the same Support account at watchguard. For certain products.734.9905 • International Sales: 1.