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Mobile Number: +91-8977346226
Pragjna Nallapaneni


I am seeking a challenging technical position in a pleasant working environment,
which will permit me to start my career also expanding my skill set, knowledge. I am
equally comfortable and qualified in networking As well as software field.
I will utilize my knowledge and skills in the best possible way for the fulfillment of
organizational goals.



M.Tech St.ann’s college of
engineering jntuk 2010-2012 68

Nalanda Institute of
B.Tech-IT Engineering & Technology JNTUk, A.P 2006-2010

Intermediate Vidyakendram junior B.I.E, A.P 2003-2005 71

10​th​ class Adarsa vidyanikethan SSC 2002-2003 77


Cisco Certification : CCNA (Scored 936 marks)
Computer Hardware and Networking : Hardware(A+), N+
Databases : Oracle.
Languages : C, C++, Java
Markup languages : HTML

IGRP. VLSM on IPv4 and IPv6. ● One of the active members of our student association CITADEL. Telnet. English Address : H. April.​Software skills: Knowledge of Core JAVA Knowledge of C++. ● Trained in Computer Hardware. FTP. ● Knowledge of Basic Wireless and VOIP networking. ● Knowledge of SNMP on devices to allow for network management Application and alerting tools. IS-IS. ● Participated in many group discussions. ● Knowledge of Wan Link – E1/T1. ● Knowledge of basic Cisco device security – SSH.Hyderabad PassPort No : H0892733 DECLARATION: I hereby declare that the above-mentioned information is correct up to my knowledge and I . N+. RIP Ver1 and ver2. mode/level Password’s. ● Knowledge of selecting Cisco IOS for router’s and switch’s according to requirements.uppal. ● Knowledge of L2 Switching . ● Knowledge of Cisco 1800/2600 model Router’s and 3750 model Switch’s. PERSONAL DETAILS: Nationality : Indian Marital Status : Married Date of birth : 16.srinagar colony. ● Knowledge of DHCP.35/G703 Links . DNS. ● Knowledge of Managing Cisco Device through SDM. ACL’s. Serial V. Inter Departmental & College Events and receive good appreciation. ISDN - BRI.C Knowledge of Database Management Systems(Oracle 10G Basics) Network Skills: ● Knowledge of Routing Protocol Static and Dynamic . ISL & Dot1q trunk. ● Knowledge of IP Subnetting. 1988 Languages known : Telugu. EIGRP. ● Knowledge of NAT/PAT. CCNA By ​HCL​ ​CDC and recruited as Trainee​. VLAN. Achievements: ● First prize in mini project exhibition in our college for “Solenoid” in my b-tech First year. and TFTP.Spanning serial.No: 2-11-127/b/2. VTP.

bear the responsibility for the authenticity of the above-mentioned particulars. Place​:Uppal Date: ​ (Pragjna N)​ .