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The ultimate way to reduce your

turn-up and troubleshooting time

UniPRO MGig1
Carrier-grade Ethernet tester

Intelligent loopback device

idealnwd. only one Engineer is .simultaneous  Network Stress Testing  Q-in-Q. And with its remote control function for loop-back and bi-directional testing. Multiple VLAN & MPLS  Cost Effective For All Telcos. A vast resource saving. Sub-contractors.Unattended are ironed out before testing can even begin. UniPRO MGig1 has a suite of tools that can frequently cut this time by half a day.Mobile Backhaul Carrier Service Turn-up Key Applications  Base Station to Control Node  E-Private Line (EPL)  Y. Utilities and Enterprise users The Time Saving Tester  One Touch to run Multiple Tests Many hours are wasted on-site while network configuration and patching issues Sequentially .1564 (NetSAM) and RFC2544  Small Cell and Microcell  E-Virtual Private Line (EVPL)  BERT and SLA-Tick  Traffic Offload WiFi  Provision Check For  Multi Services and Access Point Service Turn-up Bi-Directional tests  Radio Link Installation Test  SLA Dispute Resolution  IPv4 and IPv6 .co. Service Providers. Autotest allows multiple tests to be run unattended.

SHDSL Three different ways to access Metro Ethernet network.Base Station Controller Node B IDU IDU – In Door Unit 3G IDU RNC eNode B 4G-LTE Metro Ethernet Fibre network SGW 2G BSC BTS Modem Bonded copper Modem pair. The Node B links to RNC via microwave radio. idealnwd. . The BTS links to BSC via bonded copper SHDSL.BTS to BSC | 3G . management.1564 (NetSAM) Multiple Concurrent Service Streams with nested VLANs prove whether full committed information rates are achieved with separate VLANs having different priority levels under test (e. copper or microwave radio. UniPRO MGig1 bi-directional concurrent multiple service (stream) performance assurance tests • SLA-Tick and • Y.Ethernet Backhaul Performance Test 2G . Test Point Radio RNC – Radio Network Controller SGW – Serve Gate Way BSC .g.Node B to RNC | 4G/LTE eNode B to eRNC Whether the backhaul is fibre. data) and that priorities are correctly enforced. The eNodeB links to AGW via fibre. voice.Mobile Backhaul Base Station to Control Node .co.

uk .1564 (NetSAM) tests are ideal for bringing fibre. Used in pass-through mode. UniPRO MGig1 is unique amongst Carrier-Grade testers in offering SLA-Tick test results • PoE testing of available voltage and power. it can display the cell’s real-time power consumption. Macro Cell Radio Radio Radio Radio A B A B PoE Small Small Cell Small Cell Fibre Link Cell Access Gateway Radio Link Access Unit Unit idealnwd.Small Cell / Microcell .co. radio or copper links into service when installing small and micro cells.Backhaul Link and PoE Test Street Furniture | Wall mounted | In-building UniPRO MGig1’s • SLA-Tick and • Y. • Top 10 bandwidth users test shows the actual traffic on individual VLANs and cell users in through mode.

Used in pass-through it can display the cell’s real-time power consumption and bandwidth . Actual traffic for individual VLANs and cell users is shown by the • Top 10 bandwidth users test LE LE PoE and Ether link test in end point mode AP LE AP Link WiFi Equipment AP AP LE (LE) PoE and Bandwidth test in through mode Link WiFi Equipment AP (LE) WiFi Control Copper or Fibre Link Gateway Test Point idealnwd. UniPRO MGig1 is unique amongst Carrier-Grade testers in offering • PoE testing Power Over Ethernet (PoE) test results of available voltage and power.WiFi Access Point Turn-up and Maintenance In-building | Outdoor Use UniPRO MGig1’s • SLA-Tick for performance assurance on the backhaul link.

removing the need for a second Engineer. SLA-Tick and Y. In both cases the far end unit is remote controlled .co.1564 (NetSAM) E1 FE/GbE idealnwd.Carrier .Service Turn-Up EPL .uk . RFC2544.Ethernet Private Line Point-to-point testing over SDH ring-topology networks is simple with UniPRO MGig1’s conventional • BERT test • RFC 2544 tests Performing advanced multiple concurrent service (stream) tests include BERT (bit error rate test) results • SDT (service disruption time) with up to eight streams and nested VLANs up to eight-deep with UniPRO MGig1’s • Y. FE/GbE E1 MSPP RFC2544 test results E1 E1 MSPP SDH Ring MSPP FE/GbE FE/GbE Site A Site B MSPP Testing Ethernet over SDH ring with BERT.1564 (NetSAM) test suite Use the cost-effective UniPRO SEL1 intelligent remote unit for loop-back testing or a second UniPRO MGig1 tester for bi-directional tests.

All tests in • RFC 2544 can be performed from UniPRO MGig1 the more advanced suite of Bi-directional .and a UniPRO MGig1 controlling them at the near end. or a remote controlled UniPRO MGig1 tester.1564 (NetSAM) tests with multiple concurrent services (streams).EVPL . Use a UniPRO SEL1 remote controlled intelligent loop-back unit. copper (including xDSL) or wireless link is simple. Service #1 Service #1 Service #1 VLAN 1 VLAN 1 VLAN 1 Metro Ethernet network Branch 1 (IP/MPLS) Service #1 Service #2 Service #3 Service #2 Service #2 Service #2 VLAN 1 VLAN 2 VLAN 3 VLAN 2 VLAN 2 VLAN 2 Branch 2 HQ Service #3 Service #3 Service #3 VLAN 3 VLAN 3 VLAN 3 Test point HQ (multi services) to multi points (Branches) QoS with loop back each site Branch 3 idealnwd.1564 • SLA-Tick and (NetSAM) test results • Y. Only one Engineer is needed to perform all the tests.Ethernet Virtual Private Line Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint testing of Ethernet Virtual Connections over fibre. at the far end .

Perform • Priority label check on QinQ or multiple VLANs.Provision Error-Check on Access/Edge Network Equipment for Service Turn Up. • A single dual-port UniPRO MGig1 can test on port A whilst the Traffic Generator on port B can generate ‘user’ traffic for performance assurance of the configuration under . Checking VLAN priority set in Y. idealnwd. Use UniPRO MGig1 to test that the network has been correctly configured for customer service turn-up. check Label.1564 (NetSAM) colour Customer site Central Office (CO) Access Metro CPE Rx Tx Port A Port B Receiving traffic Generating traffic Port B generates traffic to the access equipment and port A receives traffic to check provision errors of the configured services. Class and TTL for MPLS plus Layer 3 QoS tags ToS and

uk . UniPRO MGig1 gives you firm evidence and under test generates the opportunity to sell the customer a bandwidth upgrade. Customer site Central Office (CO) Access Metro LAN CPE CPE demarcation point check Mid span check in pass through mode in pass through mode SLA dispute at demarcation point of customer site or mid span interface with other operators in CO by using real time traffic monitor and identifying top 10 bandwidth users via VLAN. idealnwd. In many cases you’ll be able to demonstrate that the customer has come to rely on EIR (excess information rate) Streams with nested VLANs traffic because usage has grown well past the CIR (committed information rate) level. or when you need to check that bandwidth regulation is operating correctly.Carrier Troubleshooting SLA Dispute Resolution and Bandwidth Up-Sell When a customer is challenging delivery under the MAC or IP address. UniPRO MGig1’s • Top Ten Bandwidth Users test is ideal for checking the actual bandwidth being provided and which of the customer’s ‘users’ (PCs or servers etc) are consuming Multiple Concurrent Service the bandwidth.

Network or device under test (local) VLAN priority setup Port A Port B Testing port A with SLA.whilst lower with simple Pass/Fail results priority traffic is discarded in the correct order according to stream priority configurations. UniPRO MGig1 allows you to be certain by performing a full multiple concurrent service (stream) • SLA Tick-Test on the link . Extra traffic injected to network or NetSAM device under test from port B idealnwd. Multi-stream SLA-Tick test UniPRO MGig1 checks delay. frame loss and other parameters to ensure that high priority packets are not impacted .whilst using the instrument’s • Independent Traffic Generator on its second port to inject additional traffic into the Priority Stress Test Are service (stream) priorities on the link under test correctly handled under the impact of excess network traffic? If . customers could loose high priority traffic during network busy times.

DSCP support unmanned at far end  Smart target detection and  IPv4 & IPv6 simultaneous loop control  Multi service test up to 8 support  Independent target and services (streams)  One press Autotest key for service setup  BERT test for Layer1 to multiple test items  SLA-Tick test with multi Layer 4  PoE test services idealnwd. MPLS and ToS/ LAN. Multiple tests can be pre-configured enabling a Technician to run a full suite of tests from a single Autotest key by simply ticking the required The ability to remote-control either the UniPRO SEL1 intelligent loop-back unit or a second UniPRO MGig1 tester means that only one Engineer or Technician is needed for the vast majority of tests .even when the ends are on different continents. UniPRO MGig1 gives you a suite of configuration tests that can frequently reduce time on site by half a day.UniPRO MGig1 and UniPRO SEL1 Key Facts Compact. MAC (NetSAM) and RFC2544 . rugged and ergonomically designed for easy hand-held use UniPRO MGig1 is the affordable Carrier-Grade tester for any Engineer or Technical involved in service turn-up or troubleshooting.  Top 10 bandwidth users by  Bi-direction test for .1564  VLAN. IP. Saves time on site Many hours on site are spent troubleshooting network configuration problems and mis-patching within the network.

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