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Bangladesh 11st July, 1984 Male Married 1

PROFESSIONAL PROFILE: To be a part of a highly professional and competitive team dedicated to the implementation, operation and maintenance of mission-critical infrastructure.


January 2010 to Present

SOCIAL ISLAMI BANK LTD Chittagong, Bangladesh Officer, IT Assisted in troubleshooting user problems. User rights and permission, disabling and enabling accounts, file and folder permissions and configuring security templates as per need. Solving and maintaining all kind of IT related operation for all the branches of Chittagong zone

September 2008 to January 2010

SOCIAL ISLAMI BANK LTD Bangladesh, Junior Officer, IT Solving and maintaining all kind of IT related operation for all the branches of Chittagong zone. LAN setup, Server and Backup server setup, Providing online status reports for troubleshooting as well as Maintenance, (WAN connection, fiver connectivity, VSAT ) Providing training for new server in-charge’s their daily, monthly and yearly responsibilities (Like, Day start and day end process, Month closing process and relevant operations ), Computer hardware maintenance and troubleshooting,

Bangladesh 2008. 1 day On-line. Dhaka. Providing platform to run the existing software (PCBank2000). 1 day ICT Operations Training Institute of SIBL. ALAMGIR HOUSE NO 452(5th FLR)/6A. DIT Road.MD. Motizhil. Bangladesh 2009. Sc. CHOLKBAZAR •CHITTAGONG • BANGLADESH • 880-1815636331 • zicoctgbd@gmail. 4 days. Khilgaon. West Rampura. GAZI SHAH LANE. West Rampura. 3 Days IT Operation Of AKTEL (Mobile Operator) AKTEL Chittagong. Dhaka. 15 Days Cisco Router Configuration And Maintenance New Horizons Chittagong Learning Center(New Horizons CLC) Chittagong. Dhaka. Dhaka. new device’s and installing them in branches. Providing update information about new software’s. Modina Tower (3rd floor) 464/1. Pre-requisite) CCNA (Diploma Course) SPECIALIZATION: . 14 Dilkhusha C/A. Dhaka. EDUCATION: 2005 to 2007 INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY Chittagong. Bangladesh 2005. Bangladesh 2005. Bangladesh 2010. Bangladesh 2010. West Rampura. Modina Tower (3rd floor) 464/1. DIT Road. Bangladesh 2010. Khilgaon. Bangladesh Degree: Bachelor of Science in Computer Science And Engineering OTHER QUALIFICATIONS: TRAINING: ABABIL Software Training -2 Complete Banking Software Training Training Institute of SIBL. Khilgaon. remittances across banks and their branches Brac Training Institute. 15 days Online Transaction with Ababil to PcBank2000 Training Institute of SIBL. 6 months Foundation Course in Banking ABABIL Software Training -1 Eldorado: The Remittance System ICT Operation in Social Investment Bank Ltd(SIBL) Industrial Training (B. Banking Procedure of SIBL Training Institute of Software updating and troubleshooting. CHOTTESSORI ROAD. DIT Road. Modina Tower (3rd floor) 464/1.

GAZI SHAH LANE. Bangladesh Phone: 01199143555 Email: soeb15@yahoo. My B.MD. Dayend and Monthclosing.Dhaka. CHOTTESSORI ROAD. Street#38. 15. software setup. Phone: +974-582 6052 /553 0165 Md Zahangir Khaled EVP & Zonal In charge Social Islamic Bank Ltd Agrabad Branch. Connecting and sharing devices etc) Cisco/ Switches/Routers : Cisco Router/switch Basic Configuration (Assigning IP in the interfaces and securities) Windows XP/2000/ME/98/Windows 2000/2003 Server(s) : Microsoft OS’s (Windows all versions) Installation and configuration and user privilege setup etc.37 Quaderi Chamber Agrabad. Sc. Expert in Logic design. ICT Department Head Office Social Islami Bank Ltd. Final Project was on “Online Medical Consultancy System”. CSS/PHP/ HTML/DHTML/ DreamWeaver: WEB design. Typing Speed 20+ wpm. Dilkhusha. ALAMGIR HOUSE NO 452(5th FLR)/6A. develop and Hosting (Both Dynamic and normal) Banking with PCBank2000: daystart. Motizhil C/A. CHOLKBAZAR •CHITTAGONG • BANGLADESH • 880-1815636331 • zicoctgbd@gmail. Salwa Industrial Area Post Office Box 3036 Doha Qatar. yearclosing process and other operations. REFERENCES: MONSUR ALAM Technical Professional Stimulation & Conformance Halliburton Worldwide Ltd Gate#47. Eldorado System : Remittance Transfer and User maintenance with Eldorado System Banking with ABABIL: Banking Transaction and User maintenance with Centralized Software . Hard • • • • • • • • • • • Computer Hardware: Computer hard ware and software setup(Assembling. Logically Improved and quick learner. MSWord/Excel/PowerPoint/OneNote: Preparing presentation and other office documents in MS Office. bios setup) LAN/WAN : LAN Physical connections ( Soeb Ul Islam FAVP. Chittagong Bangladesh Phone: 01819313181 Email: khaledzahangir@yahoo.

MD. ALAMGIR HOUSE NO 452(5th FLR)/6A. GAZI SHAH LANE. CHOTTESSORI ROAD. CHOLKBAZAR •CHITTAGONG • BANGLADESH • 880-1815636331 • zicoctgbd@gmail. MD ALAMGIR Phone: 01815636331 .com UNDERTAKING: I hereby declare all the information stated above is correct and complete.