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Certification and how it gives

you a competitive edge in the

Presented by Maureen Gribble

What does certification mean for
• Credibility
• Enhances professional reputation
• Personal accomplishment
• Supports continued professional development
• Demonstrates a high level of commitment to the field of practice
• Demonstrates a certain level of knowledge and skill
• Increases opportunities for career advancement and/or
increased earnings
• Increases and/or validates skills and knowledge

What does certification mean for your employees? • Improved customer satisfaction • Increased safety • Increased competence level of employees • Used in making employment decisions • Provides professional development opportunities for employees • Ongoing enhancement of knowledge and skills • Increased confidence in employees abilities • Demonstrates employers commitment to competence .

What does certification mean to your customers? • Helps in identifying qualified service providers • Increases confidence in service providers • Can provide cost savings that can be passed on to the customer .

• Exam content is all-inclusive • Program is not tied to any commercial ventures- unbiased and developed by practitioners • ANSI accredited . Why the CMRP certification? • The #1 credentialing program for certifying the knowledge. skills and experience of maintenance and reliability professionals.

Business Management • Strategic planning • Working with stakeholders • Measuring performance • Managing risk • Budgeting .

Manufacturing Process Reliability • Ensuring safety • Managing process and equipment change • Understanding standards and specifications .

Equipment Reliability • Measuring performance levels and identifying gaps • Establishing. enforcing and reviewing maintenance strategy • Avoiding production down time .

Organization and Leadership • Assessing employee competence • Defining organizational structure • Developing employee skills • Communicating .

Work Management • Identifying work processes • Developing work-plans and schedules • Documenting current procedures • Maintaining historical records • Planning capital projects • Using information technology .

schedulers. Who are CMRPs? • Over 2. technicians. reliability engineers. supervisors. operators • Found in over 40 countries across the globe . plant managers. mechanics.800 of your peers • Maintenance planners.

1 Romania 1 Brazil 4 Philippines 1 Spain 7 Chile 1 Singapore 3 Africa & Middle East UK 7 Columbia 259 Trinidad 5 Bahrain 1 Ecuador 3 Yemen 1 Botswana 1 Honduras 1 Kuwait 1 Australia 64 Jamaica 3 South Africa 72 New Zealand 8 Mexico 40 UAE 8 Peru 9 Qatar 14 Puerto Rico 9 Saudi Arabia 1 Suriname 1 Zambia 1 Uruguay 1 Venezuela 9 .G. CMRPs around the world USA & Europe Canada Belgium 1 USA 2.049 France 2 Asia Canada 128 Germany 2 India 2 Iceland 1 Latin America Indonesia 10 Ireland 1 & Caribbean Japan 2 Italy 2 Argentina 3 Malaysia 2 Netherlands 12 Bolivia 1 Papa N.

Ready to sit for the exam? • 110 multiple choice questions • 2 hours • 5 areas of BoK are covered equally • Offered here at this conference! • Sample tests available .

000 SMRP members world wide • Network and share ideas • Learn best practices. Expand your network • Join our family of nearly 4. standards. and benchmark .

benchmarking Electronic Job Board Certification Membership Directory Networking Database Benchmarking Study And much more!!! 15 .Benefits of SMRP Membership Individual. Executive & Industry Partner Members Solutions Newsletter Annual Conference FREE Educational Workshops Best practices.

ON CMRP exams locally Houston Indiana Contribute to CMRP exam validation Northeast Florida through question generation South Louisiana Pacific Northwest The Role of Chapters: Carolinas Compliments SMRP national benefits California and provides opportunities for M&R SE Virginia professionals to learn and network with Nebraska-Iowa each other locally. SMRP Chapters Current Chapters Benefits of Chapters: Central Ohio Mid Ohio Valley Chapter leaders gain experience for Middle Tennessee career and future leadership roles Chicago-Land Education and networking Dallas opportunities on a regular basis and Detroit-Windsor locally – No travel! Hamilton. 16 .

Education SMRP offers various educational opportunities to our members such as: Annual Conferences Plant Tours FREE 1 to 2 day workshops Executive Member Meetings (for executive members only) Chapter Meetings and Presentations Discounts on publications Benchmarking study Access to all past conference white papers 17 .

WI Topics from previous SMRP conferences: Driving Reliability in the Mature (Old) Equipment Environment Root Cause Problem Elimination for the Frontline Strategic Planning – Optimizing the Critical Path Reduce Costs and Increase Process Reliability by Eliminating Rework 18 . The Annual Conference One of the largest pure Maintenance & Reliability conferences in North America with nearly 1000 of your peers attending. Mark your calendar for 2010! SMRP Annual Conference October 18-21 in Milwaukee. Making it the place to network and learn.

com • Employers Can: • Job Seekers Can: – Post jobs – Review Job Postings – Browse/Search – Submit Resume Resumes – Online application – Manage Posts (apply for jobs online) – Resume Email Alerts – Job e-mail alerts – Reporting – Tell a Friend & Save this Job Feature . Job Board www.smrpjobboard.

org Membership and Component Relations Coordinator Erin Quinn 703-245-8011 Membership and Component Relations 20 .org Manager 703-245-8011 Certification and Education Director 703-245-8011 Nicole Tertulien mgribble@smrp. CMP Executive Director 703-245-8011 Ali Sturman bdunlavey@smrp. SMRP Staff Contacts Barb Dunlavey. Certification 703-245-8011 Maureen Gribble asturman@smrp. Associate Manager.

Questions?! .