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Course Syllabus for Level VII-VIII

Course Date: April - August 2018
Time/Location: 07h00-09h00 Room 205
Teacher: Mgt. Mónica Tamayo
Class materials: Big Picture Upper Intermediate Coursebook and Workbook.
Bilingual Dictionary.

Course Description and Methodology:

This is a fast-paced approach course designed to help students develop their language skills (listening, writing, speaking, and reading).
The core method to be used is Presentation, Practice and Production “PPP” supported also by other language teaching methods. Classes
will be conducted in English all the time; hence, students should consider it as an opportunity to develop the language. In order to
enhance student reading skills, a reading book will also be part of the learning materials. At the end of the course, the students will be
able to understand texts in various forms, interact with an acceptable degree of fluency with native speakers and produce texts on various

Class Participation:
Participation will be either in groups or individually in oral and written tasks. An active participation is expected in each class and has to be
strictly in English. Each student is expected to contribute positively to the learning environment of the English classroom. Your
participation in class is an important aspect of creating a stimulating learning environment and developing strong English communication
skills. You will take part in communicative activities including: role-plays in various authentic situations, debating various issues to
strengthen the ability to expression points of view, information gathering activities concerning time, place, cost and personal descriptions,
group project and pair-work activities to increase communication practice. Every single activity performed in class will be graded. In case
of absence, students will miss the grade given to it. You are expected to take responsibility for your own success in class, listen
attentively, work independently, do your class work efficiently and carefully and bring your materials to class for each meeting, including a
The course grade for English is made up of two components (quizzes/exams and daily work) that measure different student skill sets.
Generally speaking, the test component measures how much class content was understood and retained and can be explained back to
the teacher. Each unit has a test. Students who turn in every assignment, completed correctly and on time, will earn a score in daily work.
Additionally, students will take exams after the completion of four units and a final exam (First Certificate in English FCE). Students are
also required to prepare one presentations on the assigned topics in class


Each student is responsible for all material and assignments presented in class and is expected to maintain regular attendance at all class
sessions. Absences will be accounted for in the attendance element of your grade. Each class participation will be graded. If you miss a
class, you´ll also lose points. If you miss an exam, because of an excused absence (usually resulting from illness, a medical/dental
appointment, a death in the immediate family, or a school-sponsored trip) you must fulfill the requirements in order to take a make-up

Rules and Reminders:

This level is an “English only” zone. Class starts on time. You can enter the room 10 minutes max after the class has started with no
penalty on your attendance. If you arrive more than ten minutes late, one hour of absence will be registered. Please, be punctual.
Do not use your cell-phone in class. If you happen to be expecting an important call that you absolutely can not miss, please put your
phone on “vibrate mode” and leave the room quietly to answer your call. Avoid behaviors that disturb the learning environment which
include: acting disrespectfully to classmates or the teacher, criticizing, laughing at, or putting down other students, leaving classroom
without permission, answering a phone call or texting in class, failing to pay attention and follow directions, and eating during class time.